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Selling digital products with Selz is a great idea for your growing business, but what happens on the other end of the checkout?

We’ve always put buyer experience first – you know that we love a slick checkout with a beautiful interface that gets the job done seamlessly. We’ve made a few improvements due to popular demand that make buying digital products from you even easier.

With more options and flexibility for your buyers, you’ll have happy, repeat customers and more control over their shopping experience. To get a sense of what you can do with digital downloads and Selz, check out this short video.

Here is what you can do when selling digital downloads and streaming for digital products.

1. More digital downloads and streaming views

Selz offers the chance to individually set the download and streaming limit for each product in your store to an unlimited number of downloads or streams for any file. That means that you can personalize how many chances your customer has to download your file, or can view your streaming mp4 video.

2. More time to view your digital products

You can also decide if you want to include a time limit that your customers have to get their downloads or enjoy their streaming. It’s up to you how many days you want to give your customers to download or stream their purchase, and again you can go as high or low as you’d like.

These time period options are great for those that want to offer longer-term video streaming rentals to their customers, or if you’re selling a course that goes for a specified amount of time.

3. A better understanding of your digital product customers

To help you better serve your customers, we’ve made it easier for you to see what actions they’ve taken. You have a full view of how many times they’ve downloaded or streamed a file, and which specific files they’ve downloaded or streamed.

You’ll find this new info on the order page for each sale you’ve made. If they’ve run out of time, views or download attempts, you can reset these for a fresh start as long as you’re comfortable doing so.

If you need a refresher, learn how to manage your digital download limits here.

Keep your digital products ideas coming!

None of these changes would have happened without your feedback. If you’re selling digital products and have suggestions for improvements or new features, let us know in the comments below. Every little bit counts as a vote to what we build next.

This post was originally published in January 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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About the author

Melissa Whidjaya

Melissa is the co-founder of Bloombox Co. Bloombox Co works to connect flower growers and flower buyers, creating a distribution system that reduces waste, improves profitability for growers, and removes barriers to consumption, providing flower lovers with a fresher, more sustainable product than ever before.


  1. Jacob

    Hi Selz,
    I have just recently started using your platform for my products. In general, I have found it to be a great tool. I would have a suggestion though to help make things easier to manage customers as a seller.

    – It would be great if digital products could have a bit more security. Instead of simply sending customers a download link in email form, I would wish that customers could create a login for their purchase and could then access their products at anytime through their own dashboard.

    – Then if their product download limit has expired, they could simply click a button to “request the limit be reset.” This would then send me an email that I could simply click “approve” or “decline.”

    This would save me tons of time manually finding orders or having customers request their download links again because of lost emails, etc. This feature would be awesome! :)

    1. Kristen

      Hey Jacob, thanks for stopping by and welcome to Selz :) I love the idea of making it a one-click request for resetting download limits – that would definitely save a lot of time. Do you typically find that your customers need more than the 50 attempts to download / stream over 90 days? Customer accounts might be something that we look into for the future — we originally decided against it to make the checkout process even faster, but I can see how it can be more simplified to easily access your products anytime :) I’ll definitely pass your ideas onto our product manager for the future. Cheers!

      1. Jacob

        Hi Kristen,
        Thanks so much for the response :) It’s great to know the feedback is being heard.

        Perhaps as sellers we could choose between the customer portal or to opt out if we would rather have download links and faster checkouts. Everyone wins haha

        The 50 download attempts is plenty for sure. The trouble though, is that the links can be accessed by anyone, aka shared across the internet. So the 50 downloads scares me for that reason. Which is why for my products, I have opted to have between 5 – 10 downloads, but over the course of 90 days.

        With the products I am selling though, they require updates about every 3 months and so I will be updating files after 90 days. Would this automatically reset the customers downloads on those files? Or would the new files that I upload allow a new 90 days and 5 download limits? If not, that would be the case where I would have to go in and manually reset all of the customers downloads who purchased those products.
        Thanks again!

  2. Thomas DePrima

    Amazon’s ability to provide one-click service in purchasing and delivering a book directly to their customer’s Kindle account is their most important selling point. To even begin to compete with them, Independent eBook sellers need to make the process as simple as possible. Disregarding the entering of credit card or PayPal data, I need to make the rest of the process as simple as possible. Do you provide any way for a customer to have the purchased eBook uploaded directly to the customer’s Amazon Cloud account if they provide their Kindle email address and enter a Selz address in their Approved Email Senders list?

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