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The world thought that digital business was one of many ecommerce trends, a quick fad that would disappear like pet rocks or Tamagotchis. But digital business has proven its strength, and according to Forbes, 89% of businesses plan to start or have already implemented a digital-first business strategy.

Leaders, visionaries, and traditional business owners are all selling digital products today. The power of selling digital products online will continue to grow, and if you’re wondering how to grow your small business, you should think about digital products.

Selling Digital Products: Your Ultimate Guide

1. What is a Digital Product?
2. Digital Business Security
3. Bring Your Digital Business to Life

Selling digital products online is still the new frontier for many, and in five years or less, businesses without a digital presence will fall behind.

Digital business provides massive opportunities. It’s a way to combine traditional and tech offerings, and a way to monetize niche skillsets.

Digital business has a more discerning customer, and it lets you create a dream experience for any product: immediate, easy, and accessible.

Digital business infographic for an article about selling digital products from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

What is a Digital Product?

Digital business is revolutionary in one more way; the option to sell digital products. Most of us are familiar with digital products like Photoshop and Netflix. You may have a friend who has monetized their YouTube channel.

But where do digital products come in if you’re looking for how to grow your small business?

Digital business changes fast, because the internet has changed the way that we experience time and what we do with it. It’s best to organize your business around your existing skills.

We’ve included a list for selling products online that includes the most popular digital products below, so you can see where your skills fit in the tech landscape.


eBooks are the most popular digital product, and they’re also a great tool for promotion. There’s never been a better time to self-publish a book. A successful eBook can be about anything: baking pies, sage business advice, or a collection of adventurous short stories.

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It’s easy to forget when you’re starting a digital business, that audio is much more than music. You may not have the knowledge it takes to create the original music and samples that you can find online.

Instead, you can earn money selling digital products like exclusive podcasts, guided meditations, sound effects, or foreign language lessons. Free tools like Audacity and GarageBand make it easy to record and edit sound from your home computer.

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Photoshop, Photography, and Design

Another popular digital business revolves around digital products for the visually inclined. Help your customers make their communication more attractive, personal, and professional.

There is a world of digital products that a designer, artist, or photographer can create to earn passive income with a digital business, and they’re more than ecommerce trends. Some options include digital downloads like:

  • Photoshop plugins
  • Stock photographs and illustrations
  • PDFs
  • Templates for wedding or baby shower invitations
  • Resume or email templates
A picture of two women in a dark living room making a video illustrates an article about video as a digital product for your digital business. Selling digital products with Selz is the best option to grow your business online.


Video is the most viewed media online today. If you have a message, video is the medium your customers are most likely to view and interact with. Your digital product could be a training video, for instruction in any and every subject you can think of.

Savvy digital business owners are also selling videos for specific topic niches. If you have an interest in old samurai films or contemporary Danish lit, chances are there is a community hungry for your videos. A smart strategy for selling products online is to offer your videos in a subscription format. This will give you repeat income for your digital business.

Website Themes and Software

If you’re a wiz with code you’re a natural fit to transition to a digital business. Digital products in this area might involve advanced visual themes or writing complex scripts for businesses like Yuzool.

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Classes aren’t the only services that people buy online. Your digital business might sell tickets to virtual or in-person events, meet-ups, or experiences in your community. The possibilities are endless!

Still looking for digital product ideas? Check out this list of over 40 small business ideas for digital products.

Digital Business Security

A digital business selling digital products is also a seductive option because of the low start-up cost. But one big factor that can eat into your profits is a lack of security. Search engines like Google make it easy to find digital downloads that people are happy to use for free if they can.

You’ve created digital products worth paying for, so as you transition your growing business online, take every precaution to secure your digital downloads.

Selz license keys are easy to add and easy to use, which is why you should use Selz e-commerce for digital downloads

Strategies to protect your files when selling digital products online include:

  • Create an opt-in email form and collect buyer information. Scammers are less likely to steal downloads with a sign-up process.
  • Utilize digital encryption, like a stamp or watermark, for your files
  • Use license keys, also sometimes called activation keys, they are a unique code generated for your customer at the time of sale. License keys are an effective and simple option to protect you as you sell your original digital files.
  • Add a separate “Read Me” file to your download with instructions and terms of use. You may want to create a zipped file to make this file easy to download with your digital product.
  • Include your copyright in any file names to reinforce your ownership of your digital product
  • Set limits for download sharing. Think about what options will be best for your customers. Is a limited amount of time the right fit for your customers? Or do you want to limit the number of downloads per customer?

Bring Your Digital Products to Life

Now it’s time to bring your digital business online. It can be tempting to go to large marketplace sites like Udemy, Etsy or Amazon, but sellers often lose a chunk of profits because of subtly added costs.

Selling independently with an ecommerce store gives you control of how customers see your digital business and how it operates. Do you want to sell from Facebook and build a community on social media? Sell directly from your blog? Or build an independent ecommerce site?

Things to prioritize in an ecommerce store when selling digital products include:

Digital storage limits, bandwidth, and delivery options

These details are extremely important for selling digital downloads, especially videos.

Shopping cart options

Abandoned shopping carts are common, and shopping cart options and tools like built-in email templates can make a big difference in your sales.

Integrations with web tools

In your digital business, you’ll be sending emails, building a sales funnel, and connecting with a range of customers. Integrations in your ecommerce store can simplify complicated processes.

Customer experience

Customer experience is the first priority in selling online. Make sure the Ecommerce platform you choose has 24/7 customer service for you. You’ll also need options in the platform to help you respond to your buyers.

Discount options

Limited discounts and special sales are great motivators for hesitant buyers. They also make great lead magnets and will be an important way to motivate return customers.

Discount code illustration from Selz ecommerce for business growth

Marketing tools

Marketing is of premium importance for your growing business, so an ecommerce platform with built-in tools and expert services for marketing, like SEO, is essential.

Upselling options

Wondering how to grow your small business? Many digital business owners have reaped big rewards upselling and cross-selling. Upselling and cross selling are sales strategies where you replace or add bonus offerings to the initial customer selection to create a more profitable sale.

Selling digital products puts passive income within your reach

The internet is an incredible place. There are digital business options that no one imagined in the beginning. Your only limit is your imagination.

Ready to get started? Try Selz free for a 14-day trial. Watch your digital business soar.

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