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It’s time for you to start getting your passive income.

You’re ready to work smarter, not harder.

You’ve been telling yourself this statement for a while, and you’re ready to commit to it loudly!

You’re ready to stop joking about making money in your sleep, and actually start counting cold-hard-cash.


That’s when you find the motivation, the passion, the fervor, to really begin the brain storm.

To allow yourself to have a Beautiful Mind moment: laptops, tablets, dry erase and poster boards, notebook’s, Sharpies and pens, are brought out to host the master plan session.

That’s when racking your brain – and the web – begins.
The organization of your expertise finds its way into bullet points.
Soon a roadmap of skills you need to begin your journey to Passive Income becomes clear.

Your hours of research have led you to one answer: AFFILIATE MARKETING!

This is the way.
The first step to your empire building.
A source of income you can do from home.
All you need is your laptop and the hottest SEO key terms.


You’ve made love to the idea of a successful affiliate business.
You’ve shared the idea with your friends over drinks and even toasted to your future success.

Now, you gotta figure out who you’re going to get into bed with.
What products and brands are you going to be affiliated with?

This answer doesn’t come as easily.

It’s time to think about daily life.
Yours. And, your customers.

What product or service niche are you genuinely interested in?
How are you solving a real-life problem for your customer?

David McSweeney has a cinderella story when it comes to the intersection of these questions.

He spent 234 hours, in four months to build an affiliate marketing website. By his sixth month, he was making just under $4,000 every thirty days!

This fairy tale coming true has a lot to do with David’s understanding of genuine, first-person, recommendations – in a very specific product range. Finding this intersection is his genius after 15 years in the industry.

Shon Hyneman is another Passive Income hustler whose whose affiliate choices are inspired by the day-to-day needs of the audience he caters to through Kairos Social.

Kairos Social is how Shon empowers his community. From churches, to mom-and-pop shops, and entrepreneurs, he wants them to all adopt a beneficial digital strategy.

One of Shon’s commitments is to help nonprofits, and brick-and-mortar businesses, the opportunity for more cash flow through e-commerce.

Like most products or services he suggests to his audience, he tries them out himself. Shon has been a Selz customer for 2 years, and has since become one of our most successful affiliates.

Both of these success stories are rooted in the initial approach.
David and Shon are enjoying the well mannered side of Passive Income.
Their smooth experience with Affiliate Marketing is a direct testament to the time these men took to decide on a genuine hustle.

Sure, you can throw a bunch of random products and links on a website. It will look busy, forced, and set off your customer’s B.S. meter (which we will cover in the next article).

You want to build a relationship with Passive Income that will love you back, as much as you love it.

Don’t pour love into the details, and your pockets will dry out. This is key to dealing with the finicky business of Affiliate Marketing.

Start with a niche, stick near it as much as you can.
It’s easy to sway away from it when you find yourself in the red.
When the line on your chart begins to dip down, make love to your niche, instead of abandoning it.

Find more SEO terms that bring you closer to it.
Update your content by describing another benefit.
Refresh visuals on your website, stay curious to what your customer is experiencing.

This is the journey of finding your Passive Income sweet spot.

A place in the market where you are needed, and your recommendations are trusted.

Respect the process of finding your place in the market.

Seth Godin says: “Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

passive income
Next up in this series we are going to talk about your customer’s B.S. Meter – how to NOT set it off.
We’ve become immune to advertising, and starved for connection.
When you’re lazy, your customers can feel it.

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About the author

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz

Sahar Paz is the CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy firm. She is also a keynote speaker and has delivered inspirational keynotes at organizations including HBO and Facebook.

When she is not inspiring others, Sahar loves to salsa dance!


  1. Shon Hyneman

    I love this blog, Sahar! The Selz affiliate program is the best! I always tell my clients that Selz is the best e-commerce site to use for their business. I’m sharing this across all my social media platforms now. I have a speaking engagement coming January, 21 and I’ll discuss the importance of using Selz like I do!

    1. Sahar Paz

      Thanks Shon!! Looking forward to the 21st!! Enjoy the holiday’s.

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