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Your website and online store is an extension of your brand. We’ve gone over how important font choice is on your website, and how typography can represent your company, and even increase sales.

As Jessica Safko says “Choosing your fonts takes patience but remember to not take yourself too seriously. Choose 2-3 fonts to include in your palette. It’s best to choose one as your main header font and add an accent font, then your body font. Think of them as different elements all working together in perfect harmony to create a brand image that you and your potential clients will love.”

We know how important font choice is when creating your website, so we gave you additional typography options when building your Selz Store: hundreds of new fonts to choose from, and three customizable font choices for your site.

Typography Features:

Selz gives you the ability to choose 3 different fonts for your store.

Body Font:

The body font is your main font for your store. This is what you’ll want to use for paragraphs of copy, descriptions, quotes, etc.


Headings are used on your main header, as well as anywhere you want to highlight sections or callouts.


The accent font is our newest addition. You can use the accent font to highlight certain text or to add a little extra style to your store.

Hundreds of Fonts to Choose From

Selz is using Google fonts, which means you have hundreds of fonts to choose from. We know, this may make it a little hard to choose one, but we love giving you options. Every font is shown within the picker so you don’t have to guess, you’ll see a font preview right away so you can decide if it’s the right font for your store.

How to Use Typography

When you’re in your Selz, go into the store editor. On the left-hand side, choose “Typography.” This will open up your three options. When choosing a font, you may need to wait a second or two for the preview to load. Once it does, you’ll see the preview of the font.

You can also choose the font weight, bold or normal. The final option is if you want to enable font smoothing for Mac users. This is to ensure that the font looks clean on retina screens for Mac computers and phones. It is default checked, but you can turn it off if you want to.

If you need a little extra inspiration, head over to this font tool to see combinations that will help you choose the right fonts for your store. If you need assistance getting your store set up, reach out to [email protected] Happy typing!

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  1. Theresa M.

    This is awesome, I have been wanting to add an accent font to a few parts of my store. I love using the font dancing script to add a little touch of whimsy!

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