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Your online store is what represents your store as a whole, and what you put on it can affect your sales significantly. Not only that, you want to make sure that the look and feel of your online store represents you and your products, so it’s important to have the ability to customize your store to fit your brand.

If you’re using the Selz Store Editor, you can now completely customize your ecommerce website with our custom blocks. That means that you can add your custom text, images, audio, video, HTML, grid, map, blog posts, items, and categories.

Hop on over to the store editor and check out these new features:

Customize Your Online Store

The grid is first and foremost the most important block to understand in the Store Editor. When you use a grid, you can add multiple columns within one row. If you want to use text, images, or anything else in columns, you must first add a grid. Once you add your grid, you can customize what goes in each column, and you can even choose how many columns, and what size they are, within settings.

We love using the grid feature for testimonial text, multiple images and blog posts on your online store.


Adding a text block gives you a row of text. You can fully customize this text so that you’re able to use it as a header, subheader, or even a large block of text if you’re writing about yourself and your online store.


You can add a single image to a block with this setting. If you want to showcase multiple images, then make sure to add a grid first. If you want to use an image as a background, then you’ll actually do that in the block setting itself. This feature is for adding a single image into a block.


Do you have a cool podcast you want to share? Or maybe a sample of the song you’re selling? This is where you’ll want to add an audio block. You can upload your mp3 here and turn your block into a media player.


Just like audio, you can embed a video on your website. You can either upload your own video, or you can embed one from YouTube and Vimeo. If you’re using YouTube and Vimeo, all you need is the URL of the video. If you’re using your own video, you can also pick a poster image that the video will display until the user presses play.


Got your own HTML? You can insert custom HTML into a block and it will pick it up. This is great if you’re using a signup form, survey, or another service that gives you custom code to insert.


Use a map to tell customers where you’re located. This is a great way for customers to see your home base, or if you have a physical store alongside your online store, or where you’re shipping products from. All you have to do is insert your address and the map will populate using Google Maps.

Blog posts

If you spend a lot of time writing your blog, then, of course, you want to showcase your posts! When you use this block, it will feature all of your most current blog posts. If you want only specific posts to show, then you can sort them by tag (but you’ll have to make sure they’ve been previously tagged to sort them correctly). You can also determine how many posts you want to show up in the block. Get to writing and showcase those babies!


Want to showcase items in a category? Use an item block. When you choose this, you’ll get to decide which category you want to showcase, and it will populate your items in a grid. If you only have one item in a category, it will only show that item.


If you want all of your categories to be available on the homepage of your online store, choose this block. This will show a grid view of every category you have. When your customer clicks the category, it will take them to that specific category page and show all of the items within it.

Are you ready to enhance your store and make more sales? Get creative on your store editor and customize your store to fit your brand. Read more if you need some creative inspiration, and you can always reach out to us for help!

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