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When it comes to growing your business online, consistency is key. This is what branding and design is all about since the visual cues of your website is what appeals to your buyer on an emotional level. We’ve made it super simple for your branding to remain consistent across your website and Selz store though our custom store color settings.

Here’s how to customize your store colors:
sign into your Selz account
click on Store at the top right corner of your account
in the lefthand panel, click on the Design tab
choose your Button color, Button text color, Link color, and Background color
when you’re happy with the color, click on save and you’re done!
3 Simple Tips For Successful Branding

Stick to 1 or 2 fonts, tops
There’s nothing worse than a website or online store that uses multiple fonts. Not only is it confusing for the buyer, it also takes away from the consistency that doesn’t help your brand stick out. Take a second to think of your favorite brands and note how they tend to use only one or two fonts. Here at Selz, we use two versions of the same font for our platform: a normal version and a bold version.

P.S. make sure your fonts are easy to read. So many business owners choose a font that appeals to them, but is difficult to read. You’ll want something that is easy on the eyes, so avoid any cursive fonts or overly unique fonts. A safe bet for fonts are Arial, Helvetica / Helvetica Neue, Tahoma, and even Avenir, which is the font we use.

Stick to 3 to 5 branding colors
To stand out online, it takes guts. It also takes consistent branding colors. If you’re creating social media and store images with all the colors that speak to you that day, you’re not showing your buyers that your business is consistent. You want buyers to look at your store and see that your products and services have consistent fonts and colors. It’s such an easy way to impress your buyers on an emotional level, but it’s typically something beginning entrepreneurs don’t even think to consider. To impress your buyers from the get go, you’ll want to have at least two main design colors like we do as well as neutral font colors.

Pro Tip: As you’ll see, there are options to customize your store’s font type, font color, and add banner images. Install our Store Pro app and fully customize your store’s branding and add pages, images and videos to your heart’s content.

Be consistent with your branding efforts
When creating new content, products, and marketing materials, remember to use the fonts and colors you chose for your brand consistently. You want your buyers to recognize your content while they’re scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, or when they receive an email newsletter from you. Being inconsistent is a surefire way to blend in, so commit to your fonts and colors and be consistent!

Pro Tip: Design and branding definitely doesn’t need to be expensive! We’ve got a nice handful of 15 free tools to set your store up for success, including design resources.

Onto you!

What are your thoughts about branding? Leave us a comment below to add your thoughts.

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