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It’s always a great time to start creating Facebook ads to drive customers to your store. The Selz Facebook pixel is a powerful tool for targeting your advertisements based on advanced analytics so you reach potential customers that are already interested in your product.

Creating Facebook Ads for Your Online Store: The Ultimate Guide

How to set up a Facebook Store with a Pixel
How to create Facebook ads optimized for maximum effectiveness
Creating Facebook Ads for your Audience

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So what is a Facebook pixel? Here’s Facebook’s definition:

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. You can use pixel data to:

  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people
  • Build advertising audiences
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

It’s a powerful tool that, used right, can be exactly what your store needs for a successful holiday season. This week on Selz, we’ve got a guide to setting up a Facebook store with a pixel and creating Facebook ads for your online store that are built to convert.

How to set up a Facebook Store with a Pixel

1. Click on the Facebook tab in your Selz dashboard

screencap of how to start creating fcebook ads

2. This will trigger a pop-up modal to connect your store

Facebook step image for Creating Facebook Ads
A screenshot example of steps to take when creating Facebook ads for your online store.
Screenshot image of connecting your Facebook for Pixel when Creating Facebook Ads.

3. Click “Connect”
4. A modal will pop up for you to connect your FB Store

5. Connect your store and choose your advertising Pixel (if you don’t have a Pixel, they will create one)

All done! Image of completed process for Creating Facebook Ads

6. Walk through the ads process with Facebook. This is where you need to do a little work to create beautiful images and ads to show.

Once your Pixel is set up, you can start creating Facebook ads.

How to create Facebook ads optimized for maximum effectiveness

Start with great imagery

Your ads will be competing for attention, and need to stand out. As much as possible, avoid text in the visual part of your advertisement. Facebook can recognize text-heavy images and will penalize ads that they see as including too much text in their visual elements.

Facebook used to allow 20% text on your image, but they’re cracking down even more. Whenever possible, don’t use any text, and focus on a beautiful, visually appealing image instead. Adding your logo in a corner is helpful, and shouldn’t be docked as text.

If you’re not using images specifically of your product, you can find great visuals by digging into stock photo sites like Unsplash. Otherwise, check out our fantastic guide on getting picture-perfect images for your store.

Taking steps to creating Facebook Ads, featuring handbags

Write razor-sharp copy for each part of the ad

Facebook ads generally have three distinct elements, and each part should be eye-catching and persuasive. These sections are:

Ad copy 1

The initial bit of text that appears above the image. This part of the ad should address the main pain points of your audience- i.e. “Spending too much time on ___? With ____ you can focus more on the things you love.”


A short headline that appears below the image. This text will appear in bold and should be short, sweet, and only use a few words.

Ad copy 2

The “body” copy, which explores your topic in a little more detail. Here you have a chance to get into a little more detail about your product(s).

Pro-tip: Start by listing out some of the major selling points, with a focus on both the benefits and the negatives avoided.

Next, try writing out a few different versions of your copy, pulling the best aspects from each to get a sharp, eye-catching ad.

You’ll likely want to A/B test a couple of ads to get a sense of what connects best with your audience and drives the most sales.

Creating Facebook Ads for your Audience

Your ads can be well-written and gorgeous, but if you’re not targeting the right people, they won’t make a difference. Make sure you’re choosing the right age group, the right location, and language, and then define some pieces of your audience.

For example, if you’re selling jewelry online, you may want to target it specifically to women if it’s for women. Figure out which age group is appropriate for your jewelry too. Then find some of their interests.

Facebook has an in-depth system for determining what its users like, so take advantage of it. You can start by typing some things that you think your audience would be interested in, and it will give you some suggestions.

Selz ecommerce and managed advertising is a Facebook agency partner

And there you have it! Creating Facebook ads for your store is a great way to connect to a new audience for your products and grow the reach of your business beyond your local area. This year, try using the power of social media to grow your sales.

Looking for more strategies to make the most of your Facebook ads? Check out this article!

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