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Starting any kind of website is a challenge, but opening your first online store is a whole other story.

There are so many details to worry about: order management, payment processing, storage and bandwidth, analytics, secure checkouts, and more.

The range of ecommerce solutions doesn’t make it any easier. It’s paralysis by analysis. The more you look the more confusing it becomes with the different solutions, features, transaction costs, and plans available.

What if there was a solution for growing businesses that are tight on time, but ready for their first online store?

How to Create Your First Online Store in 20 Minutes or Less

Your first online store should be simple to set up with a few clicks of the mouse. Your first ecommerce site should require a minimum amount of investment upfront.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling digital downloads like ebooks or learning how to create an online store to bring your bricks-and-mortar clothing store online. You want to be able to create a professional online store yourself with minimum effort and cost.

You can have a professional online store in less than 20 minutes with Selz, the ecommerce platform for growing businesses.

Is Selz Right for You?

Opening your first online store with Selz is a streamlined way to start selling online.

Selz is simple to use, but it also has a host of features and benefits that will help you expand your business.

  • Offer your customers a secure, professional checkout
  • Choose from a selection of clean, modern templates if you’re building an ecommerce site from scratch
  • Start selling on social with a free Facebook store
  • Use buttons and widgets to embed a store on your blog or current website
  • Get repeat business with free integrations
  • Get help anytime with world-class free customer support
  • Track your performance with free built-in analytics

Convinced Selz is right for you? Selz offers a 14-day free trial.  Want to learn more?

How to Set Up Your First Online Store with Selz

Read here for instructions on how you can start your first online store in minutes, no technical knowledge required.

Step 1: Sign Up with Selz

Sign up for free. Create a username and password, or log in with your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

Step 2: Add Items for Sale

Once you’ve logged in to your Selz dashboard, you’re ready to add an item to your first online store.

  • Look to the left navigation panel, then click Items > All > Add an Item. Choose whether you’re selling a physical product, digital product, or service.
  • Once you’ve selected what kind of item you wish to sell, add the title, description, price, and quantity for your item.
  • For pricing, you can set an original price, make your item free, or allow buyers to set their own price (and set a minimum price if you like).
  • You will sell more products with images, and you can add up to 8 images and 1 video or audio file to your item listing.
  • Select a category, then variants and licenses if they apply to your item.
  • You can go back and edit your item at any time.

When you’re finished, click Save and you’re done!

For more detailed instructions, click here.

Step 3: Set up Your Store

For instructions on how to use the Selz store builder, watch this short video.

Step 4: Launch Your Store

That’s it, your store is live and you can start accepting your first orders. Now you need to focus on attracting people to your store. The Selz blog is full of useful free tips to help you grow your online store and promote your business.

Grow Your Business with Selz

You can register with Selz for 14 days free today! See for yourself how Selz can help you create your first online store to successfully sell online.

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Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


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