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Starting any kind of website is a challenge, but opening your first online store is a whole other story. There are so many details to worry about: order management, payment processing, storage and bandwidth, analytics, secure checkouts, and more. The range of ecommerce solutions doesn’t make it any easier. It’s paralysis by analysis. The more you look the more confusing it becomes with the different solutions, features, transactions costs, and plans available.

What you want with your first online store

What you want for your first online store is to be simple to set up in minutes with a few clicks of the mouse. And requires the minimum amount of money to be spent upfront.

It doesn’t matter whether your selling digital downloads like Ebooks or Photoshop brushes, or creating an online store to compliment your bricks-and-mortar store to start selling clothes online. You want to be able to create a professional good looking online store yourself with the minimum of effort and cost. You don’t want to spend $’000s with web designers.

Luckily, Selz fits the bill. The options Selz offers means you can have a professional looking online store as a website easily in a few minutes.

Is Selz Right for You?

Opening your first online store with Selz is an easy way to start selling online in minutes.

Not only is Selz simple to use, but it has a host of features and benefits that’ll help you grow your online business.

1. Choose from a selection of clean, modern templates.

Choose from one of the professionally designed store themes that are modern and clean with the focus on your products. They’re designed to be responsive so your buyers can shop on their tablets or smartphones.

Customize the look of your store you don’t need to learn to code or spend hours configuring options to get a beautiful, professional-looking online store with Design and Pages, which comes included in the Plus and Pro plans. Just add your items, choose a theme, customize the colors, add your logo, and start selling. You can personalize the look of your store by editing the theme CSS or create your own store theme. It’s up to you.

2. Offer your customers a secure, professional checkout.

Your Selz store comes with the SSL certificates your savvy online shoppers are looking for. The professional-looking checkout means you can keep your customers on your site 100% of the time. You can choose to accept credit card payments as well as PayPal. Selz handles the payment processing for you and then pays you into a PayPal or chosen bank account.

3. Track your performance with free built-in analytics.

Your Design and Pages dashboard includes easy order management and analytics for your shop, making it easy keep track of sales. It also integrates with Google Analytics so you can easily get a better understanding of your business, sales, and customer acquisition. Selz also integrates with Google Analytics Ecommerce reporting, so you can make better-informed decisions about where your most valuable customers are coming from.

4. Get repeat business with free email list integration.

Selz allows integration with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber, allowing your customers to subscribe to your email list during checkout. Keeping customers engaged on your email list is a fantastic way to foster greater loyalty, to get referrals, and repeat business.

5. Get help anytime with world-class free customer support.

Selz makes it simple to start selling online, but if you happen to get stuck, Selz’s will get you going again with their email support. If you’re on one of the Plus or Pro apps, you have access to Priority support, too. They also provide a support center with plenty of articles, FAQs, and even video tutorials to help you get started selling

6. Get Social with built-in sharing on Twitter, Pinterest, and a free Facebook Store

We live in a world where social commerce is increasingly important. Selz enables direct selling on Twitter and Facebook in a few clicks. Plus you can add a free Facebook store to your page that automatically syncs with your online store so never needs to be updated. Here is a complete list of all the features for Selz

How to Set up Your Online Store

Convinced Selz is right for you? Here’s how you can start your first online store in minutes, no technical knowledge required.

Step 1: Sign up With Selz

Go to, and click “Sign up for free.” Create a username and password, or log in with your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account.

Step 2: Add Items for Sale

Once you’re logged in, click on Items in the left-hand panel, then on the “Add an item” button at the top of the screen. Choose whether you’re selling a physical item, digital item, or service.

The only information required is the item name and price, and the files you’re selling if it’s a digital item. You can also add a description and upload a preview image, video, or audio, or add a video from YouTube or Vimeo.

Set the number of items available, or check “Unlimited.”

For pricing, you can set an original price, make your item free, or allow buyers to set their own price (and set a minimum price if you like). You can also add a field for discount codes, and for physical items, you can set shipping options and variants such as color or size.

You can go back and edit your item at any time.

When you’re finished, click “Save.” If you’d like, you can share your item via a link on social media, or embed a “buy now” button or a widget on an existing website.

Step 3: Set up Your Store

With every new account, we provide a 14-day free trial. Click on “Themes” at the bottom of your edit page to choose a theme for your store, and click on “Publish.” Your store is now live!

Step 4: Customize Your Store

Whenever you log in to Selz you can go to your store by clicking “Store” in your dashboard. From here, you can customize the colors of your theme and add a logo by clicking on “Themes” on the menu on the left of the page. You can also rearrange your store and items by clicking on “Pages” in the toolbar.  If you want a specific look for your store you can go under the hood and edit the CSS code to completely customize your theme.

Edit Theme CSS in Store Pro
Editing Store Theme CSS code

Launch Your Store

That’s it, your store is live and you can start accepting your first orders. Now you need to focus on attracting people to your store. Here are some useful posts with ideas on how to promote your new store, 7 tips for using outreach to grow your audience organically and how to pitch your story to journalists.

Getting Started

You can register with Selz for 14 days free! And see for yourself how Selz can help you create your first an online store and sell online.

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