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We’re back with another video from Kyle of Command Creativity. In Video 6 of Kyle’s series, he breaks down how to sell on Facebook with Selz and dives into customizing your domain name.

First thing’s first: setting up your Facebook store. Building a Facebook store from scratch can take a very long time, but the Selz Facebook integration enables you get off the ground in no time.

Simply go to “Channels,” on your Dashboard, then go to “Facebook,” and then click “Connect.” You’ll then sign into your Facebook Business page and answer a few questions to migrate all the information from your online store to the Facebook platform.

Once your Facebook Store is complete, Facebook users will be able to browse and purchase by clicking on the “Shop” tab on your Facebook Business page.

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Another thing that Kyle talks about in this video is choosing a custom domain. You can get a free domain, or choose a custom domain name.

Your domain name is a critical component of your branding. After all, it’s the first impression that your ecommerce customer will have of your brand. Take the time to make sure that it really speaks to your unique business and the service it provides.

A big thanks to Kyle of Command Creativity for making this fantastic, informative video series!

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