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Welcome back to Command Creativity’s video series about selling with Selz! In Video 5, Kyle of Command Creativity explains how you can use discounts and coupons to promote your online store and increase sales.

Creating Discount Codes

First, Kyle walks viewers through the process of creating discount codes using Selz.

Our platform enables you to create specific discounts, ranging from storewide, to category-wide, to single-item promotions. Naming each discount code helps keep your discount codes organized, which is useful for busy entrepreneurs.

Promotional discounts can backfire if they’re applied to unstocked items or if a customer finds them after the desired date. That’s why you can set inventory limits and date limits for discount codes when you create them.

For example, if you want to provide a 30% discount on fifty books to reduce your inventory, you can choose for the discount to only apply to fifty books. Afterwards, the discount code will be invalid for shoppers.

Similarly, you can set start and end dates for promotions. You might want to offer time-limited discounts over a holiday weekend, or at the end of a financial quarter. Setting a solid end date creates a sense of urgency, while establishing a solid start date allows you build hype and generate excitement around upcoming promotions with your marketing efforts.

Want a little more insight before you dive into creating discount codes? Ecommerce Discounts and Sales: Your Authoritative Guide provides a great overview, while The Psychology Behind Deals and Discounts looks a little deeper at how these types of promotions tempt and convert customers.

Professional Outreach Options

Secondly, Kyle talks about how to use Selz’ built-in email outreach features. Check out our plans that allow you to send abandoned cart emails and custom receipts.

You can use this email feature to let customers know about your upcoming deals and discounts by editing and updating outgoing emails. Abandoned cart emails have already proven to be effective, but it never hurts to sweeten the deal with added incentives.

Increase Visibility With SEO

Kyle then gives a little insight into how Selz uses SEO to help your products appear in organic search results. Offering discounts is a great marketing strategy, but at the end of the day, you need to gain visibility online to increase sales.

Taking the time to briefly go over the SEO section for each product listing is a great way to increase traffic to your products, which in turn leads to more sales.

Bonus: Promote Your Discounts With Social Media and Email Marketing

On that note, we’d like to go a little more into depth about something that Kyle mentions early on in the video: promoting discounts and deals on social media.

I can’t tell you how effective promoting discounts on social media can be.

Not only are you able to reach an audience that’s decidedly interested in your products, but you greatly increase the chances of growing your customer base, or at least your social media following. That’s because people tag, comment, and share relevant content with their friends on social media platforms.

Another highly effective tool for promoting your discount is email marketing. Including upcoming sales and discounts in your newsletter is a great way to engage your established customer base. Remember: repeat customers are the key to a brand’s longevity.

There you have it! Stay tuned for Kyle’s next video, where he explains how to set up a Facebook Store using Selz!

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