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Recently, we reached out to Kyle of Command Creativity to see if he’d be willing to create some video content for us.

Kyle is a long time Selz user. He is also incredibly talented, so we were thrilled when he agreed to work with us on a seven-part video series.

Selz and Command Creativity Video Series: How to Sell Online

Create a Store with an Online Store Builder
How to Promote Your Store with Discounts and Coupons
Why Selz?
Selling Digital Products
How to Get Paid with Selz
How to Sell Online With a Facebook Store

Create a Store with an Online Store Builder

In this first video, he walks viewers through the process of designing a beautiful, user-friendly online store with Selz.

This is a great chance to see exactly how our store builder works and get a sense of the customization possibilities. Kyle shows you how to rearrange page layouts and implement branding throughout the site. He also explains how to find unique, free stock images provided by Pexels within the store builder itself, and on Unsplash.

Branding is critical for your online store. That’s why Selz enables you to customize all the colors and fonts in your online store.

As Kyle explains in this video, Selz uses Google Fonts, so you can save time to visiting them directly and finding the best fit for your brand, if you haven’t already decided on one.

From blocks to buttons, this video shows you how to work with the online store builder to achieve the look and tone you want.

Once you’ve created a beautiful online store, go ahead and create your About Us page, fill out your Contact Page, and take a moment to customize your Privacy and Terms of Use pages.

These pages help to establish your business’s authority and tell your story, as well as making it easy for customers to gain information and get in touch with you.

Make sure to enable the search function, so that customers can find specific products more easily. You’ll answer want to take some time to edit and upgrade your product descriptions and images before launching your online store.

Don’t forget to head over to Command Creativity and check the wonderful Selz demo store resource folder. You can use these resources to make your store look just like the one in the video!

How to Promote Your Store with Discounts and Coupons

In this video, Kyle explains how you can use discounts and coupons to promote your online store and increase sales.

Creating Discount Codes

First, Kyle walks viewers through the process of creating discount codes using Selz.

Our platform enables you to create specific discounts, ranging from storewide, to category-wide, to single-item promotions. Naming each discount code helps keep your discount codes organized, which is useful for busy entrepreneurs.

Promotional discounts can backfire if they’re applied to unstocked items or if a customer finds them after the desired date. That’s why you can set inventory limits and date limits for discount codes when you create them.

For example, if you want to provide a 30% discount on fifty books to reduce your inventory, you can choose for the discount to only apply to fifty books. Afterwards, the discount code will be invalid for shoppers.

Similarly, you can set start and end dates for promotions. You might want to offer time-limited discounts over a holiday weekend, or at the end of a financial quarter. Setting a solid end date creates a sense of urgency, while establishing a solid start date allows you build hype and generate excitement around upcoming promotions with your marketing efforts.

Want a little more insight before you dive into creating discount codes? Ecommerce Discounts and Sales: Your Authoritative Guide provides a great overview, while The Psychology Behind Deals and Discounts looks a little deeper at how these types of promotions tempt and convert customers.

Professional Outreach Options

Secondly, Kyle talks about how to use our built-in email outreach features. Check out our plans that allow you to send abandoned cart emails and custom receipts.

You can use this email feature to let customers know about your upcoming deals and discounts by editing and updating outgoing emails. Abandoned cart emails have already proven to be effective, but it never hurts to sweeten the deal with added incentives.

Increase Visibility With SEO

Kyle then gives a little insight into how Selz uses SEO to help your products appear in organic search results. Offering discounts is a great marketing strategy, but at the end of the day, you need to gain visibility online to increase sales.

Taking the time to briefly go over the SEO section for each product listing is a great way to increase traffic to your products, which in turn leads to more sales.

Bonus: Promote Your Discounts With Social Media and Email Marketing

On that note, we’d like to go a little more into depth about something that Kyle mentions early on in the video: promoting discounts and deals on social media.

I can’t tell you how effective promoting discounts on social media can be.

Not only are you able to reach an audience that’s decidedly interested in your products, but you greatly increase the chances of growing your customer base, or at least your social media following. That’s because people tag, comment, and share relevant content with their friends on social media platforms.

Another highly effective tool for promoting your discount is email marketing. Including upcoming sales and discounts in your newsletter is a great way to engage your established customer base. Remember: repeat customers are the key to a brand’s longevity.

Why Selz?

As Kyle explains in the video, there are a few reasons why Selz is a better fit for his business than other platforms.

1. Better options for free and pay-what-you-want products

Like so many savvy digital entrepreneurs, Kyle offers a ton of free downloadable resources on Command Creativity. This is a great way to show customers and clients what you’re capable of and make a compelling argument for why they should pay more for your products or services.

Most ecommerce platforms don’t support free products, but Selz does that and more.

We offer a pay what you want pricing feature. It’s the same idea as a suggested donation, which allows customers to pay whatever they can afford or are willing to pay. Of course, you can set a minimum payment amount for these products as well.

These non-traditional payment options are a great way to engage new, hesitant customers. It’s also truly effective for reaching customers who might find your products just beyond their budget.

While this feature might not be relevant for some physical products, it’s great for digital products because there is no cost associated with delivery and you don’t need to replace items once they sell.

2. Better options for digital products

Because Kyle sells digital products, Selz is a perfect fit for him, and not just because of flexible pricing. Selz supports merchants selling digital products in ways that most other ecommerce platforms fail to do.

Our merchants can sell videos, PDFs, software, and more. Customers can download or stream digital products. And we’ve worked very hard to ensure proper security for digital products so that our merchants don’t have their products exploited.

Read: How to Sell Digital Products and Keep Them Secure

It’s easy to think that these features only apply to developers and designers, but there are more sellers every day. We’re seeing small businesses and entrepreneurs incorporating digital products into their offerings, from eBooks to video tutorials.

3. A streamlined and manageable approach for new and growing businesses.

Generally speaking, most online store builders fall into one of two camps. They might provide beautiful, but rigid, design templates that offer no room for customization. Or, they are so flexible that they require a professional developer to create anything even vaguely resembling an online store.

This is why Selz is such an important option for new and growing businesses: we fall between these two extremes. Our elegant pre-designed themes are highly customizable, and you don’t need to code to make changes.

The Selz online store builder provides highly intuitive drag and drop functionality, allowing you to quickly make whatever changes you need with a few swipes of the trackpad or mouse. Our developers have done the heavy lifting here so that you can save time, money, and other resources.

This matters long after you finish setting up your store. The legwork required to make simple aesthetic changes to online stores using other platforms can take days or even weeks depending on the process.

With Selz, you don’t need a developer or designer to update your online store. You have all the power.

Speaking of free resources, you can download a folder of free tools to design a gorgeous Selz store directly from Command Creativity!

How to Get Paid with Selz

As a Selz merchant, you have multiple payment gateway options, including PayPal and Selz Pay, our own payment gateway. 

With Selz Pay:

  • It’s built directly into your account
  • Selz can send batched payments to your bank account daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the payment schedule you select
  • Selz Pay handles and converts multiple currencies seamlessly
  • No transaction fees
  • 2.7-2.9% processing fee + $0.30 depending on your pricing plan

With PayPal:

  • You can use your own preexisting PayPal account
  • PayPal sends funds to your PayPal account
  • Fees: PayPal specific fees + 2.7-2.9% processing fee + $0.30 + Selz plan specific rate (2%, 1%, or .5%)

Both options are SSL secure, with post-checkout redirect options. They’re also both incredibly quick to set up, as Kyle shows in his video.

Can’t decide which is the right option for you? No worries, you can offer both PayPal and Selz Pay as checkout options for your customers.
To learn more about payment gateway fees, check out Selz Plans and Pricing.

How to Sell Online With a Facebook Store

In the final video of Kyle’s series, he breaks down how to sell on Facebook with Selz and dives into customizing your domain name.

First thing’s first: setting up your Facebook store. Building a Facebook store from scratch can take a very long time, but the Selz Facebook integration enables you get off the ground in no time.

Simply go to “Channels,” on your Dashboard, then go to “Facebook,” and then click “Connect.” You’ll then sign into your Facebook Business page and answer a few questions to migrate all the information from your online store to the Facebook platform.

Once your Facebook Store is complete, Facebook users will be able to browse and purchase by clicking on the “Shop” tab on your Facebook Business page.

Another thing that Kyle talks about in this video is choosing a custom domain. You can get a free domain, or choose a custom domain name.

Your domain name is a critical component of your branding. After all, it’s the first impression that your ecommerce customer will have of your brand. Take the time to make sure that it really speaks to your unique business and the service it provides.

A big thanks to Kyle of Command Creativity for making this fantastic, informative video series!

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