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We’re back with another video from Kyle of Command Creativity. In Video 4 of Kyle’s series, he walks viewers through the process of designing a beautiful, user-friendly online store with Selz.

This is a great chance to see exactly how our store builder works and get a sense of the customization possibilities. Kyle shows you how to rearrange page layouts and implement branding throughout the site. He also explains how to find unique, free stock images provided by Pexels within the store builder itself, and on Unsplash.

Branding is critical for your online store. That’s why Selz enables you to customize all the colors and fonts in your online store.

As Kyle explains in this video, Selz uses Google Fonts, so you can save time to visiting them directly and finding the best fit for your brand, if you haven’t already decided on one.

From blocks to buttons, this video shows you how to work with the online store builder to achieve the look and tone you want.

Once you’ve created a beautiful online store, go ahead and create your About Us page, fill out your Contact Page, and take a moment to customize your Privacy and Terms of Use pages.

These pages help to establish your business’s authority and tell your story, as well as making it easy for customers to gain information and get in touch with you.

Make sure to enable the search function, so that customers can find specific products more easily. You’ll answer want to take some time to edit and upgrade your product descriptions and images before launching your online store.

Don’t forget to head over to Command Creativity and check the wonderful Selz demo store resource folder. You can use these resources to make your store look just like the one in the video!

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