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We’re back with another video from Kyle of Command Creativity. In this video, he breaks down how to sell digital products online with Selz.

First, Kyle walks through how to sign up for a free Selz trial and start building your online store. The Selz approach to ecommerce design is very balanced.

Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to hire a designer or developer. You also have the freedom to customize your store extensively, even without coding experience.

We provide a variety of design templates, which then feature interactive customization options. You can fine-tune all the details of a page, and then rearrange elements with the drag and drop option.

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Next, Kyle shows how to upload a digital product for sale. Creating products is one of the most important steps of setting up an online store, and Selz is one platform that makes it easy to sell digital products.

Sell digital products online with multiple file types

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling videos intended for streaming or PDFs intended for download. Selz is a powerful option that supports multiple file types.

Take the time to write clear, effective your product descriptions. Be informative, persuasive, and don’t forget to keep them SEO friendly.

In this video, Kyle explains how Selz supports SEO for each product you upload, making your products more discoverable through Google.
He also quickly discusses the pricing options available for your products.

Digital product pricing

We don’t necessarily recommend some pricing techniques for physical products or services. However, they are great tools to get your digital products into more hands if that’s part of your growth strategy.

They can also be good if you’re hoping to provide resources to a particular niche. For example, Amber Kane uses pay-what-you-want pricing for her lesson plans, because she wants to support the teaching community.

Speaking of free resources, you can download a folder of free tools to design a gorgeous Selz store directly from Command Creativity and follow along with Kyle’s crash course.

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