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We’re back with another video from Kyle of Command Creativity. In Video 3 of Kyle’s series, he explains how to get paid with Selz.

As a Selz merchant, you have two payment gateway options: PayPal and Selz Pay, our own payment gateway. Let’s compare the two.

With Selz Pay:

  • It’s built directly into your account
  • Selz can send batched payments to your bank account daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the pay schedule you select
  • Selz Pay handles and converts multiple currencies seamlessly
  • No transaction fees
  • 2.7-2.9% processing fee + $0.30 depending on your pricing plan

With PayPal:

  • You can use your own preexisting PayPal account
  • PayPal sends funds to your PayPal account
  • Fees: PayPal specific fees + 2.7-2.9% processing fee + $0.30 + Selz plan specific rate (2%, 1%, or .5%)

Both options are SSL secure, with post-checkout redirect options. They’re also both incredibly quick to set up, as Kyle shows in his video.

Can’t decide which is the right option for you? No worries, you can offer both PayPal and Selz Pay as checkout options for your customers.
To learn more about payment gateway fees, check out Selz Plans and Pricing.

Stay tuned for Kyle’s next video, in which he shows you how to create a beautiful online store with our online store builder!

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