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Whether you’re already selling personal training online or still just planning to sell workout plans online, you’re probably wondering, “How do I get more personal training clients?”. If you’re wondering how to get online personal training clients, you’re probably also looking to find how to increase personal training sales. The two go hand in hand and this simple 7-step guide will help you get more clients, sell workout plans online and increase your personal training sales.

How to Get Online Personal Training Clients:
Step 1: Build your brand
Step 2: Find your niche
Step 3: Talk to other online personal trainers
Step 4: Get social
Step 5: Stay current
Step 6: Establish what makes you unique
Step 7: Don’t be afraid to start

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We’ve outlined the 7 major steps to getting started as an online personal trainer and increasing your clientele. Now let’s break each of these down further to understand how you can get more online personal training clients and increase your sales today.

1| Build your brand

What is your mission statement? Every successful company has a pitch that sums up the product or service being offered.

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Make sure you are ready to pitch to potential clients about how your personal training services can help them in a few sentences.

2| Find your niche

Don’t be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ personal trainer. Your niche is your area of expertise. Figuring out who you want to work with will help you market to your ideal clientele.

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Do you love working with the stay-at-home mom or the high school athlete? You will find that your training philosophies and personality jive best with a certain population. Market your personal training services to a minimum of three types of clients.

3| Talk to other online personal trainers

What are other online personal trainers doing that makes them successful? Most people will be more than happy to talk to you if you reach out to them. Ask them how they got their first clients and what methods worked best for them. One day you will be able to pay the favor back to other aspiring online personal trainers.

4| Get social!

Being visible on social media is essential to acquiring clients. Social media is a great way to showcase your services and explain exactly how you can help them.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or a blog, utilizing technology is in your best interest. Try to stick with two or three platforms to avoid becoming overwhelmed!

5| Stay current

Make sure you remain relevant by posting content regularly. Blog posts, articles and videos that offer advice and education in your area of expertise or interest will build trust with potential clients. Giving out free information shows that you know your stuff and you’re willing to share. You will be creating significant value that will leave potential clients wondering how much more great information they will get if they pay you!

6| Establish what makes you unique

We all have something special to offer clients. Maybe your customer service skills are top-notch or you are a stellar listener. Identify what makes you stand out from the competition. The online personal training industry is highly competitive and potential clients need a reason to hire you for the job.

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By being able to articulate what makes you stand out, you can ensure that people will want to work with you. It’s important to always be authentic and honest. If you prioritize upholding a high level of integrity, you will have to start putting clients on a wait list in no time.

7| Don’t be afraid to start

Putting yourself and your business out there is the first step to being a successful online personal trainer. If you are too scared to take that risk, you will never get anywhere. You might disappoint your first few clients or even lose some. If that happens, you need to pick up and keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and know that it will take some time to perfect your business model. Keep working hard every single day and you will be successful!

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  1. Martin

    This list of tips are very short and punchy just what I like, good post as some I have read are long-winded and not half as useful as this one. I totally agree with uniqueness as there being so many out there setting yourself away from the herd will get you noticed. Thanks

    1. Bryce Patterson

      Hey Martin, thank you for your kind words! It’s totally true that standing out in your niche is the key to making any business work online. Thanks for checking us out and commenting!

  2. Jessi

    Wow, with these tips it sounds easy. I considered to do it next to my regular job. You think this might work?
    It´s also good to have a checklist, I use it for almost everything and try to find more on a regular level just like I found this one. So, thank you for this one;)

    1. Bryce Patterson

      Hi Jessi- glad to hear that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! We really try to simplify things so you can balance a new hustle with your existing job. Thanks for checking us out and commenting.

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