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If you want to expand your business and make money with your skills, think about selling services.

We all have areas of expertise that can be helpful in creating a great service business. There are businesses out there that can learn from you and are willing to pay for the privilege. You can help them and build an income at the same time if you start selling business services.

It will surprise you how simple it is to sell your service. This article will walk you through the important steps as you learn how to sell consumer services.

7 Steps to Create and Sell Business Services on Your Website

1. Create Your Service

2. Format Your Business Services

3. Build a Brand that Sells Your Consumer Services

4. Make it Easy to Purchase Your Service

5. Add Your Business Services to a Website

6. Promote Your Services

7. Track Your Sales

Business services for gardening include creating vitrines full of gorgeous plants, read more in this article from Selz the ecommerce platform to grow and scale your business

Read on for a comprehensive guide to creating business services and selling services online.

Ecommerce is gaining momentum, and small businesses that sell online are moving up. In fact, experts expect global ecommerce sales to double between 2018 and 2023. 

Note: While you can absolutely sell your services from a niche marketplace, there are serious benefits to selling from your own site.

Selling business services directly gives you more control, independence, and a greater percentage of sales. Your website can also help build your authority and improve engagement with your audience. Those interactions help to build that essential email list of leads who want to hear from you.

Want to learn more about the value of selling direct? Check out this smart article

Creating a service can be both daunting and exciting, so we’ve put together a guide to creating and selling business services on your site.

1. Create Your Service

This will likely be the most difficult and fun part of the process. 

Decide on your service

Personalized services can include custom consultations, custom planning documents, live meetings and more. Customers will pay more for these personalized products that you can create just for them. You may also want to write eBooks, PDFs, or create videos.

Think about what your business sells and what services would help your target audience save time. You also need to have a unique offer. 

A great way to get a sense of how your audience will respond to your new service is to look at your blog posts and social media posts. The topics that get the most comments or shares are a good place to start.

Before finalizing your topic, do some research on the existing market. Look at potential competitors already selling online.

The best business services feature a leader with professional experience. Why? A personal story is more engaging than dry instructions. You want to show your expertise and build a relationship with your customers.

Consider how your story and unique experience can help you stand out. 

Come up with a killer pitch

When selling business services, your pitch can change everything. Be specific.

In this video, pitch master Willie G gives a memorable overview of what makes Party on Demand a must-have service. 

Try this handy tool to test headlines before you promote your new service, and check out this post on Hubspot for how to create a great elevator pitch. 

Make the materials for your service

Slideshows, presentations, outlines…the key to selling business services is to make your offer simple and clear. People will buy your service because they want to learn to do something. Start with the desired outcomes (improved small business marketing, a blueprint for better health, better presentation skills) and then work backward.

Create a structure and then organize your materials around that outline. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you don’t have to build your entire service in one sitting.

Set deadlines and focus on one piece at a time – you can find more tips on project management for your service here

Here are a couple of our favorite free tools for project management:


Overcoming fear of failure

At some point, this may happen. You’ll realize what you are taking on, your heart will start beating out of control, and you’ll be afraid to move forward. There are two ways to get unstuck that work for me.

Think about who you are offering this service to. How do they spend their time? Where do they live?  How will your service help them? Think of your consumer services as a challenge or an escape for that person.

Another way to calm down and get back to work is to recognize what you are feeling in the moment. It can sometimes be helpful to make a list of the worst things that can happen if something goes wrong. Trying something new is a risk, and it would be crazy if you didn’t have a moment of hesitation. Recognizing this can help you keep moving.

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If you are already selling products from your store, a smart way to expand your offer is to sell consumer services, like this photographer doing custom framing

2. Proofread Your Business Services

Before you start selling your business services, take a look at the materials you’ve put together. Do a round of editing on your own- check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If a customer sees minor errors it can distract them from how well you’ve communicated your offer.

Reading aloud is a fantastic way to catch errors that you might miss once you’ve spent enough time creating your service. You’ll also get a better sense of how well your product description covers the details of your services.

This simple guide explains how to avoid common formatting mistakes. Formatting is important for readability, so you’ll want to make sure that you have this step down when you start selling consumer services.

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Get feedback before you go live

So you’ve given it everything you’ve got and you have a finished draft. Don’t make the mistake of giving it to your significant other or best friend for edits. Find an unbiased coworker or professional colleague who isn’t too worried about hurting your feelings. Don’t take offense if they recommend deleting whole sections of your service offer.

Remember: You want a simple and clear explanation of your business services and the value they provide. 

Cleaning houses is a great business service and there are many upsells for business services

3. Build a Brand that Sells Your Consumer Services

Creating a brand for your services is key. 

Start with imagery 

Prospective shoppers will choose services based on your product photo. Wondering why this is important? The human mind processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. 

Check out this example of an attention-grabbing product image: 

You can absolutely take your own photos with your smartphone or a DSLR camera. If you really want to create product photos yourself, I’d recommend a tool like Canva. Adobe Spark and Ripl are great tools for quick product videos.

If you don’t feel confident about your photography skills, you can also buy photos from an image library. Be sure to pay attention to the license for each image. There are also sites that offer free images that don’t require attribution- check out Unsplash or DeathToStockPhoto to start.

Be sure to use images that look like they belong together to help build your brand. 

Write a detailed product description

You’ll want to write a thorough product description for your site that shows how you will provide the service and the benefits of your service. Your service description copy is a teaser that entices readers to buy your services.

Creating a great headline is important in a top-selling product description. Think about what problem your services solve for your customers and find a way to make it easy to understand! 

Pull it all together

Now you’re ready to put all the pieces of your service together. Unless you have some skills in graphic design, I would suggest finding someone to create product graphics for you. Don’t forget: once you start selling consumer services, you’ll be able to quickly recoup this extra business cost.

Here are a few other elements of great services branding:

  • Choose a simple, easy to read font
  • Make the title a different color than the background

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Moving services or art handling services are a great add on to any gallery or home services company

4. Make it Easy to Purchase Your Service

Correctly formatting your consumer services is essential for selling services online.  

The next step is to decide how you will deliver your services. Do you want to live stream your sessions? Pick a few different options to make access convenient to your customers, or select just one or two that you feel comfortable with. Create a username and profile that reinforces your brand.  

Chat tools like Slack or Skype can also be helpful. If you want to share presentations in your live meetings, you’ll want to prep these in advance. There’s nothing like a good PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to add images and flow to your presentations.

The simple way to start selling business services is a meeting link. You can learn how to use Selz to sell live sessions here.

If you’re selling services like instructional eBooks or videos, it may make sense to sell your services as a digital product. You can sell your eBook as a secure PDF and sell or rent videos directly from your site. With Selz, these products can be available to your buyers immediately as part of the purchase transaction. 

When you are selling from your own store you can easily have multiple formats available for your customers to choose between.

Selz dashboard is where you run the ecommerce for your small business

5. Add Your Business Services to a Website

Now it’s time to build a website and add your business services.

Using the simple and powerful tools of the Selz store builder, upload your service files with a great product photo. Add your description, set your price, and then add the new service to your online store.

Selz provides a ton of useful features for selling business services from your website:

  • Quick set up with powerful features
  • Easily automate deliveryRent or sell videos
  • Secure, expiring download links for PDFs
  • Customizable buy buttons, and the ability to embed an entire online store
  • Sell as much content as you like, with no extra charges for hosting or bandwidth
  • Secure processing for credit card and PayPal payments without any changes to your website
  • Quick checkout for your customers 
  • SEO optimization so your products are easier for customers to find
  • Integrates with Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, making it easy to provide proof of service

Sign up for a free 14-day trial yourself to start selling from your website with Selz.

6. Promote Your Services

It’s important to immediately spread the word about your business services. Get ready to put in some time and effort for marketing before and after the launch of your service. Create anticipation in new and current customers and use that buzz to create sales.

Many new entrepreneurs think that small businesses have it easy when it comes to marketing, but that just isn’t true. It’s always important to hit the ground running when you launch a new service or product.

One way to do this is to write a handful of guest posts for sites that your niche follows. To find these readers, look at the most popular keywords in your niche. You may also want to take a look at other authors in your niche. Run a Google search or check a tool like Ahrefs to see which blogs are most popular for each author.

These posts aren’t for SEO or backlinks, they are to help build awareness. You don’t need to directly mention your business services, but the subject for each post should connect to your service. You want to get someone interested enough to come to your website and then consider purchasing your services.

Think about offering free service trials to bloggers in your niche. Ask them to share with their network if they enjoy the outcomes. Don’t overwhelm people with review requests or social shares without building a relationship first.

Try live streaming to build excitement around your new offer. Use social media channels like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to build interest with your followers, and don’t forget the incredible value of your email list.

Take a look at some great ideas for promotion here. Want a little help to really drive sales? Try paid advertising.

7. Track Your Sales

This is easier than it looks. If you’re using our platform to sell business services, you can log in to your account. From the Selz dashboard, you can see how many sales you’ve made and where they are coming from. 

Want to dig more into analytics? You can learn about how to make data work for your business here. For detailed data, you can connect your Selz store to Google Analytics. 

Wrapping up

Creating business services takes work, but it’s also rewarding. It’s a chance to share your expertise while increasing your passive income. Ready to get started? Sign up for your free 14-day trial of Selz and start building your online store today.

About the author

Jana Rumberger

Jana is a writer and Content Manager at Selz. She has expertise in ecommerce strategy, selling products online, and small business solutions. Jana combines diverse experience in education, design, and manufacturing to craft engaging content.

In addition to her writing, she is a visual artist and foodie in Portland, Oregon.