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Email marketing is one of the most beneficial tools available for marketers to use. It is an effective way to gain customers without a high price tag. Getting started with email marketing can be tough, especially when considering how the design of your website plays a role.

While it might seem subtle, email marketing can play a significant role in your site’s design. After all, this is one of the primary points of contact, something that’s essential to your business. And while it might seem like an afterthought to most, today I’m going to explain how to have it help you increase your revenue tenfold.

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Know Where Your Industry Stands

Find out your current email open rates and how they compare to your industry’s average. For example, according to SmartInsights, the average open rate for the ecommerce industry is 15% while the hobby industry is 28%.

Once it’s determined if your emails are being opened more or less than others in your industry you can form a plan to maximize your email open rate.

Things to Consider When Making Your Plan
Are you A/B testing multiple titles?
Do you have your website’s logo in your emails?
Could you better position your newsletter signup on your website?
Could the graphics for your lead magnet be improved?

The reason a lot of others in your field don’t do as well with email marketing boils down to a simple thing: they follow what others are doing. While that might sound silly, you’d be surprised the amount of folks that regurgitate the same lines on their site as they’ve seen on others. Not only is this lazy, but it doesn’t give you anything to work off of regarding improvement. Instead, take a look at not just what your industry is doing, but how more successful industries are landing their customers. This could be a number of things, from not enough investment in design, bad call-to-action, or even not having your sign-up be visible for users to actually want to interact with. Web design is half aesthetic and half action, so it’s important to consider what you’re trying to go someone to do.

Make It The Focal Point of Your Call-To-Action

One of the most underrated tactics in increasing your open rates is having your email signup be the primary call-to-action on your page. While most might think this an afterthought or something to include because others do it, email engagement is actually one of the best marketing tools you have. In fact, according to HubSpot, 54% of marketers say increasing email engagement is a top priority. And whether you’re after a new customer list or having folks fill out a survey, ensuring your users follow through is vital.

To start solving this issue, one of the easiest steps you can take is visit your site and ask yourself would you sign up? If not, why? Granted, it can be hard to be objective when it comes to something that you’ve created, so maybe having outside feedback or a focus group would be beneficial as well. Additionally, consulting with a web design firm or looking at other designs for inspiration could serve your purpose too. And finally, it’s never a bad idea to start glancing at templates in seeing how there might be an easy API to implement to your page.

Do Your Follow-Ups

After you’ve implemented how your email service is going to look, it’s time to start digging into how to keep it consistent. To be honest, this can be a pretty big challenge for marketers, especially when it comes to creating original content. However, email marketing is one of the most beneficial strategies you have as a business and one you should embrace in helping you grow.

Honestly, there are a lot of factors to consider for your email campaigns that you should try to drive back to your site. For example, according to the DMA, the highest open rates come on Monday at 13.3% versus on Friday at 11.9%. While most of us could’ve probably guessed this statistic, a lot of times we get caught up in so many of the other aspects of making our campaigns great that we overlook the simple nuts and bolts. Overall, the basic goal here is to come up with a strategy you can execute consistently and follows along with your greater marketing goals.

As you start to compile a plan to how your website and email marketing strategies work in tandem, how do you plan on increasing your open rates?

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