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You’ve done the research. You know what you want to sell, you’ve got access to the products, and you’ve set-up your online store.

Bring on the shoppers, right? Not necessarily. You need to attract interest and build up buzz around your store. Blogging for your online store is a great way to create content that converts visitors into buyers and establishes you as a reliable resource for information as well as quality products.

3 Ways to Create Content that Converts

1. Show Your Personality
2. Give Sneak Peeks
3. Introduce New Products

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1. Show your Personality

Content marketing is a key way to draw customers into your brand, then to your store. Your potential customers may know what you’re selling in your online store, but a blog with some related content will help you connect with potential buyers on a more personal level.

For example, say you sell plant products in your online store. Consider writing about different types of plants for the home or office, the best kinds of potting soil, or even how often to water certain types of plants.

Laptop in a room with green plants for inspiration while blogging with content that converts with a Selz blog not a Wix blog

A blog for your online store is a tremendous opportunity for you to introduce your customers to your brand’s story and goals.

Whatever triggered your interest in starting an online store should shine through in your blog. Personality helps to establish trust and makes your store stand out from larger chains and more anonymous marketplace-style platforms.

2. Give Customers a Sneak Peek into your Online Store

Customers love to know more about the products they buy! Where does the product come from? How is sourced? What kinds of alternate uses exist for it? These are all valuable pieces of information.

Buyers are curious about how you choose (or create) the products you sell in your online store. Behind-the-scenes shots and stories from your online store are also engaging ways to show off your process and how you run your business as a whole.

Giving a sneak peek is also a great way to build the hype for giveaways, upcoming sales, or even new products. Use blogging SEO to get the most out of your exclusive content.

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3. Introduce Customers to New Products

Rather than telling potential customers to “buy this item,” use your blog to entice readers into learning more about the products in your online store.

Content that converts includes a call to action that empowers your readers to “learn more” is generally much more effective than saying “buy now.”

Sharing your new products on your blog before they even hit your virtual shelves is an exciting way to build up buzz for your online store.

When a new product launches, overall sales are likely to increase so use your blogging to your advantage and highlight other related products.

Entice readers to learn more about your products and how they can be used in their daily lives. Establish a sense of value for the customer. Build demand before the product even hits the virtual shelves.

Building a blog for your online store is just one way to increase and educate your customer base. Make sure that you are posting relevant information for your online store and doing so on a regular basis. Show your brand’s personality consistently and you’ll quickly see an increase in engagement and in sales.

When you’re ready to grow your audience even more, try guest blogging.

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Creating content that converts is easier than you think. Attract more buyers to your store by showing them what your business and products are all about.

Add a blog to your online store to grow your business with Selz. You can add a blog in seconds to your Selz store, and get started with your new content plan today!

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