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Large blue v-neck T-shirt or small green crew-neck T-shirt? Maybe one of each. Powerful product variants help you sell more. That’s why we just released our powerful new product variants feature, giving you total control over how product variants work in your store.

Add Variant

When you’re in the add/edit item page, click on variants in the top tabs, and click the “Variants Enabled” box.

When creating variants, you must choose a variant name and value, for example: size (variant) – small, medium (values). You can also select a variant from a predefined list if you have common variants like color, size, style, etc.

Add Values
If you have more than one value, you can add multiple. Just separate them with commas to identify the different value.

Pricing on Available Options
You are able to set a price on your available options. For example, if you offer both tank tops and t-shirts, but tank tops are more expensive, then you can set a higher price for those separate from the t-shirt pricing. If you don’t set a specific price, it will default to the price of the main item.

If you’re using our new SKU feature, you can set individual SKUs for each available option.

Customer Experience
We made sure that this new variant feature makes your customers’ experiences even better. Once all of your variants and values are set up, then your customer will have all of the available options. Here’s what it looks like for them:

When your item has variants, your customer can choose from the available option. Each variant is provided as a drop down box. The price will adjust with each variant they choose if you have differing prices for products. If you have a specific variant that is sold out, then it will show when they have that variant chosen.

***Note*** If you already have variants added to your products, items with existing variants will continue to be processed as normal but on editing an item, you will need to update the variant options in line with the new formatting. The attached screen shots show a before release and after release for the variant section for an item. So you’ll just need to add a name for the option, in the attached example it would be ‘Color’.



Please make sure to update your theme to ensure that the new variants feature works with your store!

We hope that this new feature makes your selling experience even easier! We’re always listening to your feedback and want to make Selz the simplest way to manage and sell your amazing products. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below! If you have any questions about how to use variants, please email [email protected]

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Molly Corless

Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.


  1. Mary Ogunjimi

    For cosmetics, people will like to see their options,like variety of colors to choose from, this will not work for me, on Ebay when I post an item when customer click, they will see what they’re buying, hopefully it will fix soon

    1. Molly Corless

      Hi Mary, I understand what you mean. Selz does allow 8 images to preview your product, so you could easily add in the colors you offer with image samples so your customers can see what they’re buying. If you have additional questions about it, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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