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With the leaves just starting to change colors in the northern hemisphere, Winter may seem pretty far off, but don’t be distracted- now is the time to start thinking about the best selling products for the holidays! Plan now for a successful season. Whether you already have an online store and are looking to add a couple new offerings for the holidays, or want to start a brand new business to cash in on the holiday rush, these products are must-sells. 

Best Selling Products for the 2018 Holidays

  1. Phone and Laptop Accessories

  2. Cozy creature comforts

  3. Gifts for plant parents

  4. Patches and enamel pins

  5. Candles

  6. Handmade Holiday Cheer

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1) Phone and Laptop Accessories

In an age where everyone is plugged in, smart phone and laptop accessories are the perfect gift. They blend utilitarian function with style, making them useful and expressive. Whether it’s a whimsical, kitschy USB drive, or glamorous take on a current fashion trend as an iPhone case, these are perfect gifts.

A person taking pictures of a christmas tree on an iphone. Phone and laptop accessories are among the best selling products for the 2018 holidays. Selz makes selling online seriously simple.

2) Cozy Creature Comforts

Winter’s on the way, so get hygge with it. Super soft clothing, accessories and home accents are just what the doctor ordered for these chilly months, and always popular gift options. If you run an online clothing store, make sure that you’re fully stocked up on luxe hoodies, thick socks, and cozy knit caps. For those of you running businesses catering to the home, be sure to invest in cozy throws with on-trend fabrics. While it’s good to offer competitively priced items, consider adding top end, luxe products for a higher price point, and niche market. You may be surprised by how easy it is to work out a dropshipping arrangement with artisan textile artists.

A basket full of yarn, waiting to be crafted. Cozy knits are always best selling products in winter. Selz makes selling online seriously simple.

3) Gifts for Plant Parents

One interior design trend stands tall above all the rest: indoor plants. While they’ve been popular for years, millennials are particularly obsessed, and now every house tour seems to involve either a massive ficus, or an array of cute little potted ferns. And why not? They clean your air and bring color to your room like nothing else can.

Get in on this trend by offering pots, planters, plant stands, macrame hanging baskets for when their plants won’t fit on the plant stands anymore, and, obviously, terrariums. Give the people what they want with these best selling products and make a little green yourself.

Creative planters for houseplants. We're predicting these will be best selling products for the 2018 holidays, that any creative can easily craft. Selz and FounderU make selling online seriously simple.

4) Patches and Enamel Pins

Current fashion trends may point to a back-to-basics wardrobe, but don’t despair. Self-expression still abounds. While the hunt for the perfect, timeless denim jacket is on, so too are ways to use it as a blank canvas.

Patches and enamel pins have been a huge trend over the past few years, and they’re a great gift because there are so many options. As a gift giver, these are fun options because (unlike some other best selling products) they allow the recipient to make a creative choice in how to use them. Basically, they’re just really fun, and an affordable option for thoughtful gifts.

A flatlay of Enamel pins, one of the best selling products for gifts. Selz makes selling seriously simple.

5) Candles

If there is one thing that consumers cannot resist, it’s seasonal scented candles. It starts off right about this time of year, when thousands of Americans cave and buy pumpkin spice scented candles, and the trend continues throughout the winter. While it may seem like seasonal scents are always on trend, the truth is that the colder months make a warm, glowing candle just a little bit more appealing than an essential oil diffuser or even incense.

So with everybody already buying scented candles, how will you find a niche? Well, many consumers are becoming a lot more health conscious, and thinking twice about buying cheap, artificially scented candles. This is where your sense of enterprise and creativity can really come in handy. By making candles with a higher quality wax (like soy, or beeswax), and infusing that scent from quality essential oils, you can offer customers a much cleaner product. It’s still possible to be price-competitive with some of the more luxurious candles as well, which come with a high markup by the time they hit the shelves of fancy boutiques. So, enter a winter wonderland with conifer scents like spruce and pine, or nostalgic baking scents like ginger, clove, or nutmeg.

A woman lighting many candles. Selz and FounderU make selling seriously simple.

6) Handmade Holiday Cheer

A beautiful, bespoke Christmas tree ornament is a great gift option for anyone celebrating the holiday. If this sounds like a fun project to you, why not start the festivities early this year? It’s totally possible to get everything crafted and uploaded as a product to your online store in time to make a tidy holiday profit. Check out these Christmas ornament projects for inspiration.

Ornaments are just the beginning. There’s a reason that everything from platters to table decor are plastered in Christmas and Hanukkah themes throughout December- they sell! So get creative. Maybe you know you could put those store-bought gingerbread house kits to shame, with a stunning kit to recreate a mid-century modern ranch (complete with a Christmas palm tree). Or maybe, you can create a beautiful, reusable wreath with minimalist sensibilities. You’ll be surprised by how successful original holiday decorations can be.

A handmade Christmas decor sign. Founder and Selz make selling online seriously simple

All it takes is a little craftiness, hard work, and a great online store builder to help you generate a side income this Winter. While everyone else is lamenting the state of their holiday spending, with these best selling products, you’ll be starting the New Year off on a financial high note! 

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Tara Storozynsky

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  1. Jose S

    I really like the candle idea! Do you think they’re hard to make?

    1. Tara Storozynsky Selz

      Tara Storozynsky

      Hi Jose! Thanks for your question. Candles are actually pretty simple to make, they just require a few supplies to get started! Check out this helpful guide for more info! Thanks for reading FounderU, and have a great day!

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