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If you’ve decided to take advantage of the rapid growth of ecommerce, you’re probably trying to figure out which is the best ecommerce platform for small business.

You know that choosing how and where to sell is a big decision. Backtracking on this decision can mean a waste of your time, energy, and resources.

When you’re starting off, it’s important to seek the features and functionality that will set your online store apart from the rest. Furthermore, you’ll want to avoid the issues and limitations that can arise on certain ecommerce platforms.

Today, we’re breaking down why Selz is the best ecommerce platform for small business.

Six Reasons Why Selz is the Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business

1. Independent Online Stores
2. Beautiful and Flexible Designs
3. Easy Social Media Integrations
4. Affordability
5. Room to Grow
6. The Support You Need

1. Independent Online Stores

Many marketplace sites such as Etsy and Amazon take a one-size-fits-all approach to users’ online stores. In the long term, this approach limits your brand. It’s easy for your potential customers to listlessly click away from your store to browse similar options.

The vast array of products from different sellers make it easy for a customer to become indecisive and overwhelmed, leaving great small businesses overlooked and forgotten. The best ecommerce platform for small business isn’t a marketplace, but an independent store.

Marketplace stores also don’t look as professional as a customized store. Stand apart from the crowd and establish a stronger bond with your customer base. An independent online store lends a sense of authenticity, dedication, and professionalism to your brand. 

Your small business is unique, so your online store should be unique as well. It’s more than just a frame for your products. It’s a customer experience that can take your brand to the next level with a polished design, engaging blog content, and easy to use interfaces.

The best ecommerce platform for small business is built to make the whole process simple and powerful.

Yellow lemon slices, with one bright pink lemon slice set apart shows how Selz advertising services can help your small businenss stand out.

2. Beautiful and Flexible Designs

You most likely already have a clear vision of how your business will operate, how it will impact your life, and how your brand aesthetic will speak to potential customers.

With Selz, you don’t have to be a developer or a graphic designer to make that happen. In fact, you don’t even need to hire one. Selz gives users unprecedented creative control over the look, feel, and operations of their online stores.

The Selz online store builder provides a wide array of beautiful pre-designed templates and themes. Selz’s design options are more flexible than platforms like SendOwl or Squarespace. Once you have chosen a theme that looks great to you, you’ll have an abundance of customization options to tweak and improve its appearance.

There’s even the option to add content via a built-in blog, so you can share your story.

The online store builder is designed to be intuitive and straightforward for users, so anyone can achieve stunning results. This helps you make your ecommerce vision a reality while giving you complete control of the final outcome and keeping your total costs lower than other ecommerce platforms.

3. Easy Social Media Integrations

We’ve all heard that small businesses grow by word of mouth. But right now the idiom could be that small businesses grow by likes, shares, and follows.

Social media allows you to connect with your target audience on a level never before possible. You already know that social media is a useful tool to spread awareness about your new business. It can help solidify your branding, communicate with customers, and it’s a great way to increase product visibility.

Maybe you’re ready with a full-fledged branding strategy for your dream company. Maybe you just want to reach peers through your personal accounts as you get your side business off the ground. Either way, Selz gives you multiple channels to sell to your followers. 

Selz users have the ability to add buy buttons and widgets to various platforms. You can incorporate them into your social media accounts, pre-existing websites, and even your WordPress blog.

And these features aren’t limited to WordPress the way that WooCommerce is. This essentially upgrades any platform from an editorial space to a transactional hub and converts your audience into new customers. 

If all that isn’t enough, Selz Managed Advertising makes it simple for your business to run targeted paid advertising run by ecommerce marketing experts.

A woman using social media in a remote location shows how important multichannel selling is from the experts, Selz ecommerce

4. Selz Pricing

One of the biggest concerns as you’re growing your business is your budget. Selz provides a cache of valuable tools, and yet it is still very affordable compared to other online store builders.

A small fee per month gets you a gorgeous online store, but you can actually upload a handful of products and test selling on social and your website for free.

Selz plans are a fraction of the cost of other platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce with no barriers to entry. Once you sign up for a Selz plan, you instantly have the ability to add unlimited products to your store.

Meanwhile, other ecommerce platforms limit your products in lower tiers. Selz enables you to quickly scale your selection, so you’re free to keep creating wonderful things to sell.

More cash for you is part of why Selz is the best ecommerce platform for small business growth.

5. Room to Grow

As your new venture grows, you’ll want to adjust how you run your business. You will likely want to choose the best ecommerce platform for small business to make upgrades to your online store, integrate time-saving services, and reduce your transaction costs.

Selz makes it easy with a top tier membership that allows for enhanced customization options, and simple, powerful app integrations to help with everything from accounting to newsletters.

Every paid plan also completely waives transaction fees.

Since your products are flying off the shelf at this point,  you don’t need that extra cost slowing you down. Most Selz plans also include custom receipts, real-time shipping rates, and tax invoices.

You’re all set to impress customers, provide a simplified checkout process, and handle tax time. This ability to seamlessly scale means that the best ecommerce platform for small business will grow with you.

If you run a business selling digital products or services, platforms like Big Cartel, Ecwid, and Gumroad don’t have all the options Selz does for security, bandwidth, and features.

6. The Support You Need

All the cool features in the world don’t mean a thing if you can’t get them to do what you want. Starting a small business is a lot of work, but you don’t have to tackle every problem alone.

The best ecommerce platform for a small business like yours will offer everything you need for customer service. Selz offers top-notch 24/7 customer support, with options like email support, live chat, and personal appointments.

Selz has incredible 24/7 customer service. When using Selz, you’ll never find yourself interacting with a robot or waiting ages for a response.

If you prefer to tackle the problem yourself, the Selz Help Center provides valuable resources. Finally, if you want to read up on best practices, tips, and tricks, Selz is here with informative articles.

Once you’re done stressing about technical issues, you can get back to building your business. Focus on exploring new features, optimizing your design layout, and fine-tuning your product descriptions. Know that you will have the support you need, should any issues arise.  

Team fist bumping after reaching a goal together after choosing the best ecommerce platform for small business.

Every new venture is unique and has a particular set of needs. From the very beginning, we built Selz to be the best ecommerce platform for small business, set to scale along with your growing enterprise.

From our low costs to our dedicated customer support, we are invested in the success of the businesses that choose to work with us. Sign up for a free trial of Selz and experience the best ecommerce platform for small business.

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