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Designing a fantastic ecommerce site means creating incredible landing pages. Keep reading to check out 20 more of the best ecommerce landing pages online.

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20 more of the best ecommerce landing pages online:

Tell people what to look for

You tube landing page for an article about the 40 best ecommerce landing pages from Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

One of the most popular sites on the web is also an example of landing page best practices.

Left-Side navigation and big search bar up top help newcomers find what they’re looking for. As you scroll down the page, the tiled design highlights a mass of content to browse without overwhelming the eyes.

The amazon landing page is one of the best landing pages for ecommerce because it is dominant online. Will this always be the case? Time will tell.

Considered by many to be one of the best ecommerce landing pages, this website uses an image carousel and many calls to action to attract site visitors to every pitch they have.

This structure could be too much, but they use categories to their advantage, making it a cinch for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

The facebook landing page is familiar to billions around the world and is one of the best  ecommerce landing page examples

The Facebook landing page focuses on a single CTA and uses clear copy to share the value of the platform. They’ve reinforced the brand on the landing page, letting the images and videos on other platforms sell their product. For more multichannel selling tips, check out this article.

This is one of the best ecommerce landing pages because it is simple, direct, and encourages action

One of the best-loved landing page examples, this site uses a single CTA and prominent logo to communicate their offer. 

This website was also early to the personalization party. They regularly update the logo on the landing page for holidays, important birthdays and historic innovations.

Sometimes you have to throw best practices out the window

Look no further for great landing page design than this international icon

Looking for the right ecommerce landing page examples for your niche? This popular website centers around a single call to action- to download her latest album. The featured image encourages you to scroll down for more images that build hype and intrigue around the latest release.

If you sell services online it can be hard to create a landing page design that communicates your offer, but this landing page example nails it

It can be difficult for a business to educate visitors about a new or complex product. This site was early to the delivery services game and uses to the business services game. The designers use an interesting combination of text, photography and illustration to educate first-time visitors about their services.

If you want to customize your site for your business, check out the Selz Theme Kit.

If you want to sell fashion you need to think like the big fashion sites in your landing page design

If you sell clothes online or a mix of jewelry, cosmetics and clothing, it can be difficult to create an effective landing page. You want prospective customers to see everything you have without giving them too much information, which is why this is one of our top ecommerce landing pages. 

Every niche is looking for the best ecommerce landing pages for inspiration, have you checked out this landing page?

This tight landing page shows season specials, reinforces the brand and uses great photos to appeal to their niche. Talk about multitasking!

Authors need great landing pages too, and this landing page example shows one of the top authors off - use this for inspiration to grow your business with Selz

When you’re writing eBooks it’s important to have a stellar landing page for your fans. We like the use of photography and emphasis on the writer on this landing page example. The site also shows why this writer is an authority in her field. So, think about ways you can show credibility with your ecommerce landing page.

Keep it simple, but bright

The best ecommerce landing pages grab attention and hold onto it. This site does that with color.

Landing page examples that shine use color in a smart way. This landing page really pops because of their unique color choices.

Find a way to communicate your offer in a unique way and your ecommerce landing page will be a success

When you start with the basics you give yourself more options as your business grows. This website starts with a neat CTA and landing page design, which gives them room to share the story and mission of their business.

There are so many ways to create a landing page that it's helpful to see the best ecommerce landing pages for examples and ideas

Great ecommerce landing page examples should put your audience’s wishes front and center. This business knows that visitors are looking for the most for their dollar, so they use CTAs and language for an audience looking to save money.

It's important to know your customers before you begin designing your landing page, check out this example for a niche-specific site

There are many design trends but it’s important to stay true to your brand. This landing page might not appeal to every web designer, but the bright colors and shapes are just right for their target audience. 

Take a look at this article if you’re trying to figure out your ideal buyer.

What’s right for you might not be right for your customers

Not every online audience is looking for the same experience and younger buyers may want a more action-packed landing page than a Gen Xer

The best landing page will feel comfortable for your visitors. They will have different expectations depending on where they hang out online.

This example may feel a bit chaotic compared to other landing pages, but it’s just right for video gamers who often multitask online.

Humor and pop ups are two tools to add to your design kit when you're looking at the best ecommerce landing pages

There are many ways to optimize the experience of landing on your website. Humor is one. Making people laugh with your copy can be risky, but there are ways to do it right.

Another thing to think about on your landing page? Pop-ups. There are many ways to handle customer chat on a landing page. This is one of the best landing pages because they approach the pop-up problem with style.

There are many ways to highlight your offer and offer a great uer experience with your landing page design, learn more in this article from Selz ecommerce for growing business

A top navigation bar is valuable, but it can make your website feel cluttered. Especially when you want to draw more attention to other parts of your online store! This site shows a background color that blends in. This strategy gives more attention to the rest of the content on the page but still creates a great user experience.

Business is personal

This landing page design shines by showing off customer content

It’s simple to bring a brick-and-mortar business online, but it can be tricky to make your landing page feel local. By adding shout outs to local photographers and using customer content on the landing page, this landing page makes everything feel like it could be right next door.

Every audience wants something a little different, so give them what makes sense based on the online communities they spend the most time in

Many online shoppers spend most of their time interacting with online communities. Live streaming video on your landing page can help pull viewers in the minute they land on your site. It can also keep them there for longer than the average visitor. 

If you're selling digital products online you need to think about your landing page design in a different way

B2B and B2C are different worlds in some ways. When you’re creating B2B SaaS products, it’s important to use language and images that align with business priorities. 

Make the unique solutions your product provides a priority on your landing page. Make it clear how customers can try or purchase your digital products.

A successful business is always trying new things and optimizing every channel for maximum ROI. As you head into your next fiscal year, review these ecommerce landing page examples. See what might work for your business. 

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