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It’s not enough to know how to do something, you should want to be the best at it. I am hoping you feel that this is all the more true when it comes to making yourself money. In order for you to become an exceptional affiliate marketer, you have to do what most people aren’t doing. This includes putting the time in to analyze and address nuances in your marketing that will boost your sales. But enough abstract talk—below are five concrete ways you can increase your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

Believe in what you are marketing.

This is the main reason why I disagree with people that make a distinction between referral marketing and affiliate marketing. How can you effectively get sales for something you have never used or don’t understand? Of course, it is possible, but it is not effective. Believe in what you are marketing and its attraction will become apparent to your audience. You won’t even have to try to sell someone on what you love about a product; they’ll already see your enthusiasm for it and want to get some of it for themselves! If you consider how many consumers read reviews before buying a product, this should make sense. Your personal interaction with the product or service is a testimonial to how great it is and will create more sales for you.

Add tracking to your website campaigns.

Unfortunately, there is no standard for what this tracking is called. Some call it SID tracking while others call it MID, but despite the lack of consensus on its name, you definitely need it. Adding tracking to your website campaigns will tell you which ones are effective and which ones aren’t.

For instance, you can name your banner ad “banner” and your blog link “blog” so you know which one generated more clicks/sales. This is useful for you to maximize your website earnings. Why keep a poor sidebar campaign up if it’s performing better as a banner ad?

Perhaps a different campaign would do better in that sidebar space. Analyzing your campaigns is the only way to get an accurate picture of how they are performing and ultimately get the most money out of them. To add tracking to your campaigns, you will have to contact your merchant since each one implements them differently.

Number 3: Keep your ads updated.

It’s easy to “set it and forget it” when it comes to ads. Unfortunately, that is not always the best strategy for ensuring consistent sales. If you leave ads up that are years old, chances are their conversion rate won’t be anywhere near what they should be. You don’t want visitors viewing your campaign as outdated since that will decrease your clicks/sales. Keep your ads updated to keep interest high in the ad and your site overall.

Number 4: Don’t lose your site visitors.

Let’s face it. We all put a ton of effort into getting people to visit our websites, but once they are there, what do we do to ensure that we don’t lose track of them? The simplest way to keep track of your site visitors is to get their email address for an opportunity to send an email campaign at a later date. Why continue only chasing new site visitors to view your ads when your tried and true customers actually look forward to hearing from you? This is a tremendous resource for you and could actually turn out your highest conversion rates. Keep your site visitors interested in your message and you will turn them into loyal customers that trust your insight on products/services related to your field.

Number 5: Find the solution to your customers’ problems.

One thing that creates a lot of sales conversions is a solution to a problem. What is a problem that your customers have that you could solve for them? This might take a bit of research on your part, but ultimately this will prove invaluable for both, you and your customers.
For example, examine the post “Baby Registry Basics” from Lucie’s List. This sweet woman has solved the problem of wading through the torrent of advice and “must haves” thrown at new mothers regarding what they “need” to put on their baby registry. With pages of honest reviews, pictures, personal anecdotes, and helpful links, this post feels less like a sales pitch and more like a knowledgeable mother hen guiding her chicks through one of the most overwhelming times in their lives. Go the extra mile to solve your customer’s’ problems and you will see a dramatic increase in your commissions as an affiliate marketer.

Being a knowledgeable affiliate marketer with a greater understanding of how to turn leads into clicks and sales conversions will increase your passive income dramatically. The final piece to this puzzle though is to know which affiliate program you should join. The next post helps you analyze different affiliate programs to see which ones are the cream of the crop and which ones you are better off without.

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Kathleen writes from Western North Carolina. In her free time (which is rare), she enjoys camping with her family amongst the mountains that she calls home.