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It’s now easier than ever to automate your store with our new Plus and Pro app bundles, which boast over 30% in discounts compared to installing apps one by one. Last week, we also announced our lower transaction fees (hello 0% and 1% fees!).

What this means for you? It’s easier than ever to take payment online from your existing websites and blogs for a lower price and more functionality. And, with more functionality comes the ability to automate your online marketing and sales. By using our Plus or Pro bundles, your store can be automated for the holiday season and beyond.

In this post, we’ll cover Plus and Pro bundle apps, forever free features, and little-known tips and tricks to automate your online marketing during this holiday season, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones and more money in the bank. Sounds super sweet to me. Let’s get started.
Customize your Abandoned Cart emails.
This is the easiest ways to recover potentially lost sales. Instead of your potential buyers simply clicking ‘X’, never to look at your product again, abandoned cart emails automatically follow up with the potential buyer to gently coax them to buy the product.

These emails are customizable and come with every Plus and Pro App Bundle. We also help you track recovered sales right within your Selz account:

Read more about the Abandoned Cart app here.
Enable all payments on your store.
Giving your audience the opportunity to purchase with a credit card or PayPal account makes it easy to close the sale. If your buyers are anything like me, PayPal can be easier to close the sale because I don’t even have to get up to find my purse. Instead, I can simply log in to my PayPal account.

Plus, giving your buyers the opportunity to choose their payment method is a surefire way to make them happy since not all buyers like PayPal, regardless of its convenience.

Read how to enable both cards and PayPal on your store. The Plus and Pro bundles include PayPal.
Embed a buy it now button or widget to your existing website or blog.
This is a no brainer, but can sometimes be so obvious that it’s looked over. Even if you redirect your audience to your free Selz store, embedding a buy it now button or widget to a blog post or standalone sales page can increase your sales. Keep it classy like Tara Gentile, who embeds her ebook widgets to her ‘Books’ page.

Enable your Shopping Cart app.
All Plus and Pro bundles come with this app and it’s a no-brainer to enable it not only for the holiday season but anytime. The Shopping Cart app allows buyers to purchase more than one item at a time, which is crucial for you if you sell more than one item.

By enabling the Shopping Cart, your audience will add multiple items to the cart. If they don’t check out straight away, we’ll send out an Abandoned Cart email on your behalf.. just don’t forget to configure your emails!
Customize your tax invoices.
With every Pro plan comes the Tax Invoices app, giving you the opportunity to provide your buyers with a tax invoice immediately post-purchase with no work from you. The invoice is generated and delivered to your buyer, giving you one less thing to do before your holiday party.

Learn how to configure the Tax Invoice app here.
Connect your email marketing list.
Use Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or AWeber? Grab the API from your email marketing account, install the applicable app in Selz, add the API to your Selz app settings and all buyers will be added to your email marketing list of your choice. Linking your email marketing list is free for all sellers, regardless of your chosen plan.

While you’re at it, schedule a few email marketing campaigns for the next couple weeks. Need ideas? Check out our basics to email marketing guide. If you need help adding your email marketing list to your Selz account, click on the links below:

How to connect AWeber
How to connect Campaign Monitor
How to connect Mailchimp

Spruce up your pages with a holiday theme.
Consider adding holiday copy to your store using the Design & Pages app. If there is a homepage enabled on your chosen theme, switch it up to something holiday themed, and announce any discounts or new items you want to focus on selling. Both the Pro and Plus bundle come with customizable storefronts.
Verify that tax settings are set up correctly.
If tax is enabled, we’ll collect sales tax on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about calculating it yourself. Makes for a sweet, simple sale. Hop into your store settings to ensure tax is switched on and ready to roll. Not sure where to look? Check out this support article.

Onto you!

With the holidays already upon us, it’s extra important to automate your store for peace of mind and more money in the bank. Using a few of these tips, apps, and features, you’re on your way to a peaceful and productive holiday season.
Tell us, what are you going to do with your extra free time now that you automated your store? We hope it includes eggnog, mistletoe, and family fun.

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