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Squarespace has expanded from a simple website builder to offer ecommerce platform services, but many users are looking for alternatives to Squarespace.

Today, we will compare Squarespace to Selz. Both are compelling ecommerce solutions, with a few key differences.

Selz provides significant alternatives to Squarespace in terms of both functionality and flexibility, so we will be taking a close look at the customer experience that users can expect.

This article will compare the set-up process and day to day functionality of both platforms.

Alternatives to Squarespace: Finding an Ecommerce Platform that Supports Your Business

1. Testing the Waters
2. Store Builder and Themes
3. Selling on Social Media
4. Selling on Independently Hosted Sites
5. Customer Support

Pinterest graphic alternatives to squarespace from sel the ecommerce platform to grow and scale your business

1. Testing the waters with alternatives to Squarespace

Selz and Squarespace both offer free 14-day trials to test the platforms out. However, while these ecommerce solutions are similar, the free trials are very different.

The Selz trial allows you to preview all the features of our Advanced plan, from custom receipts to license keys. This allows new users to get a full, comprehensive understanding of how the platform works and whether or not it is a good fit for them. You don’t even need to enter your credit card until you decide to continue with Selz. You can add unlimited products during your trial, an option available on all of our plans. 

Squarespace’s “free” trial, on the other hand, requires a credit card and an immediate upgrade if you want to perform essential ecommerce functions like adding a product.

If you opt to upgrade for the monthly plan, it doesn’t seem to be refundable. The only way to really test out advanced features (or something as essential as adding a product) during your Squarespace free trial is to sign up for an annual plan for $216, and remember to cancel in 14 days.

This can be discouraging if you’re just starting a business or moving an existing business online. It’s worth exploring alternatives to Squarespace and finding a platform that allows you to start your business and grow at your own pace. There’s no need to immediately commit and pay in advance for a year’s worth of top tier membership.

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is a serious commitment. Many businesses like to try several options to find the best fit for their needs. It’s not uncommon for business owners to change platforms after a few months.

Sometimes this is because they need different features, but it’s often an issue with ease of use or customer support, too. Flexibility is essential to growing and scaling your business over time. Selz is a better choice for merchants who are getting started or still deciding their next move.

It costs $216 to sign up for Squarespace business. Looking for cheaper alternatives to Squarespace? Check out Selz

2. Store Builder and Themes

Both Selz and Squarespace offer pre-designed themes to build your online store. There are many reasons that this approach is successful. It gives you the benefit of a polished, professional digital appearance, without the need to hire a professional developer. Squarespace’s templates are sleek, modern, and very professional looking. They will even recommend a theme for you based on what type of products you plan to sell.

However, within that elegant structure is built-in restriction. It’s not as easy to customize a Squarespace theme as it is a Selz theme.

Selz provides flexible alternatives to Squarespace when it comes to design customization. With a Selz store, the theme is just a starting point. Once you’ve chosen a template that works for you, you can utilize the intuitive drop and drop store builder to rearrange page elements based on your preferences.

You can also edit fonts, colors, sizes, etc. If you’ve already established your branding, this level of customization is the key to consistency. It also allows you to set yourself apart from other online stores.

Looking at Selz vs. Squarespace, both platforms make it very easy to bring a product to life. Descriptions, images, pricing, and variants come together to give online stores a polished and professional look. Both platforms allow merchants to sell physical products, digital products, and services. Squarespace also lets you sell gift cards and subscription services when applicable.

However, maybe you want to embed items from another online store or add some fun content like a quiz or Flash animation. That’s tricky with Squarespace. Beautiful themes leave little room for design error, but they also make custom HTML challenging unless you have a Pro plan.

Selz allows for a great deal of customization. Just grab your pre-existing HTML and plug it in to populate your online store. If you’re just taking Selz for a spin to get a feel for the platform, you can import products from an existing store. This allows you to get a solid overview of how your new store will look and function, without a significant initial investment.

Selz import products - it's easy to move from another ecommerce platform to Selz ecommerce for growing businesses

3. Selling on Social Media

More and more merchants are choosing to sell products through social channels. When it comes to social, Selz and Squarespace both provide fantastic functionality. There are also a couple of key differences.

Let’s talk about taking your products from Selz and Squarespace stores and selling them on different platforms.

Facebook is bar-none the most popular social platform, with over 2.27 billion users. Both Squarespace and Selz let you sell on Facebook business pages and utilize a Facebook Pixel to better understand your audiences’ and customers’ behavior.

Selz takes it a step further and provides a Squarespace alternative with a much more powerful Facebook integration. The Facebook Pixel gives you incredible insight for creating Facebook ads, and you can actually create and run ads through the integration. Our Facebook store makes it easy for you to put the Facebook Pixel’s data to work and streamline your marketing.

What’s more, Selz offers a Facebook Messenger integration. This means that when customers have questions, you can respond quickly with Selz Facebook Chat. This simple communication tool goes a long way in increasing buyer trust on a social platform. It also introduces customers to the people behind a brand! It can be hard to build a human connection with ecommerce customers, so this goes a long way. 

While Facebook is the world’s most popular social platform, Squarespace also caters to growing social platforms. Users can sync and directly share their products on Pinterest and Tumblr. These platforms may not be as commerce-forward, but they’re still a great way to grow brand awareness among specific niches.

Facebook ads from Selz advertising services are optimized for small business advertising success

4. Alternatives to Squarespace: Selling on Independent Sites 

If you’re just starting to build your ecommerce business, you should think about the flexibility of an online business. In addition to selling from a new ecommerce store, you can sell from where you are already established online. What does that even mean?

Let’s say that you already have a successful blog or website. You’ve built a robust, engaged following. Convincing that audience to migrate to an online store to buy your products can present some challenges. 

In situations like this, it’s best to integrate products into the pre-existing domain. Selz makes this possible by allowing users to embed products, categories, and even entire Selz stores.

If you’ve already invested in creating quality, engaging content with WordPress, you may want to look at alternatives to Squarespace.

WordPress is the internet’s most popular content management system. If you’re one of the many WordPress users looking to sell through your website or blog, Selz makes this process streamlined and effective. We even offer a WordPress plugin so that you can easily upload products into posts and pages. This allows you to contextualize your products with content, so your readers convert to paying customers without ever leaving your site.

While it is possible to integrate Squarespace with WordPress, it’s not easy. There’s no integration provided by Squarespace, so you would need to hack a workaround following the many steps outlined in that article. Selz is a superior option for merchants who want to sell from their own site or blog.

5. Customer Support: Selz vs. Squarespace

Little hiccups can have big consequences for your business. These can be caused by issues on your end or platform glitches. In either case, a strong, responsive support system is a crucial component of your ecommerce success.

On the surface, this one looks like a draw. Both Selz and Squarespace claim to offer 24/7 technical support. However, 24/7 support means different things to these two platforms.

Selz customer service has a dedicated team of customer success specialists available via live chat and email 24/7. It isn’t hard to get ahold of them, either. That little purple speech bubble on your Selz dashboard lets you connect via live chat, day or night, weekday or weekend.

Send an email to [email protected] and the team will get back to you promptly. Selz responds to the majority of help emails within an hour, and 48% of those responses are able to resolve customer issues without any additional follow up.

Your success is our top priority. We want our merchants to not only succeed but exceed their own expectations of what their business can do. Whether our team is helping you get the most out of your free trial with a one-on-one consultation, troubleshooting your design goals, or escalating issues to our engineering team, we’re with you every step of the way. We also listen to our customers and use your feedback to consistently improve our platform.

Of course, we’re biased, so we’ll let these reviews do the talking:

rave selz review supports that it is one of the best alternatives to squarespace customer service
Trustpilot review for selz. If you want good customer service, look for selz vs. squarespace

Squarespace’s version of 24/7 customer support is a little different. Live chat is only available Monday through Friday, 4 am to 8 pm EST. Customers complain that the support team doesn’t always follow up in a timely manner. Even when they do, there seems to be a standard level of discontent among users. Instead of actively working to fix issues, customer support redirects users to help articles and support videos. This is one reason that many users ultimately leave the platform and search for ecommerce alternatives to Squarespace.

Scathing review of squarespace customer support. Look for alternatives to squarespace.

Trustpilot review crisitcizing customer support. Look for alternatives to squarespace for better customer support.

Selz vs. Squarespace Summary

Both are compelling ecommerce platforms, with many similarities. We’ve chosen to highlight some of the key differences in this article so that you can compare and contrast and ultimately decide which is a better fit for your business. If you’re interested in selling with Selz, sign up today for a totally free 14-day trial.

About the author

Tara Storozynsky

Tara lives in Portland, Oregon. She writes about the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, after a decade of working in the food, tech, and wellness industries. Her work has been featured by American Artists Watercolor Magazine,, and others. Aside from writing content and copy, Tara is also a social media strategist.


  1. Bryce Patterson

    Thanks for sharing your experience- this is so great to hear!

  2. Sutharshan

    In the past I had tested almost all the CMS and I even left Selz once for another service but I did come back quickly :). Selz is simple, reliable and very efficient that’s why I like it a lot and will never decide again to move on another one. More than everything, the customer service that Selz offer we won’t find anywhere else. And Selz does update their features regularly and you can read so many motivational and helpful articles (like this) on their blog weekly.
    Simply, there is no alternative to Selz because it has a very good team in back who will support you and your business anytime.

    Thanks a ton! Great Service Selz.

  3. Tara Storozynsky

    Hi, Omar! Thanks for reading FounderU and commenting. We wish you all the best of luck in choosing the right eCommerce platform for your needs.

  4. Omar H

    Squarespace definitely has some customer service issues. Thanks for addressing this, I feel like a lot of these comparisons just take 24/7 CS at face value. I’ll definitely look into some of your other features as well.

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