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Not all ecommerce solutions are created equal. If you’re looking for Gumroad alternatives, you’re probably familiar with how this particular service works.

Click. Buy. Send. That’s the ecommerce cycle. It’s not that complicated. All you need is an ecommerce solution that helps you process sales transactions. Right? Well, not quite.

Gumroad could be a good choice when it comes to selling online, but it lacks many of the features needed to be a true ecommerce platform.

For instance, it won’t give you a customizable online store, and when you take a closer look at their fees, they may start cutting into your profits.

If  you're looking for Gumroad alternatives and are trying  to  find an ecommerce platform that fits your needs from Selz, the ecommerce platform for growing business

So if you’re looking for a full ecommerce platform that is as easy to use as Gumroad, consider Selz. It’s a simple and powerful solution that has innovative features that Gumroad simply doesn’t have. It’s also affordable and has the tools and resources to help grow your business.

This quick guide will highlight the differences between Gumroad and Selz so you can make an informed decision on which ecommerce solution is best for your business.


Gumroad home page for an article about alternatives to gumroad from selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

Gumroad was founded in 2011 with creators in mind, making it simple for creative entrepreneurs to connect with their customers directly. Gumroad is an “all-in-one solution” designed to place the emphasis on the product. It has become a popular platform for artists, designers, authors, and other creative entrepreneurs.

How Gumroad Works

Gumroad is an easy solution to use and lets you sell in a wide variety of places like blogs, social media, and websites.

You list your product on the Gumroad dashboard and you’ll get a link that you can share. You can also set up a widget to integrate on your own website or have a Gumroad landing page.

With Gumroad, you can choose to send your customers directly to a single product page, or to your entire profile where they can see multiple products at once. According to Gumroad, “if you make stuff for people to buy — Gumroad is for you.”

Gumroad also has a new feature called Discover that recommends your products to customers who buy from other Gumroad sellers. If you enable the Discover feature, your products may be recommended on receipts and download pages. This feature adds an extra 10% to each sale’s processing fee, which brings the free plans price to 18.5% per sale.

gumroad alternatives

However, there are a lot of features that Gumroad doesn’t offer, which may cause you to miss out on important sales. There are lots of reasons people are looking for alternatives to Gumroad, and this lack of innovations and features is one of them.

Selz, ecommerce for growing businesses

An image of the Selz home page for this article comparing Selz to other ecommerce platforms

Established in 2013, Selz has offices in the United States and Australia to cover world time zones. Selz offers a simple and powerful solution for online stores, blogs, existing websites and social selling. Business News Daily also calls Selz the “best ecommerce software for digital downloads.”

How Selz Works

Like Gumroad, Selz helps you make sales on multiple platforms (social media, blogs, etc.). Unlike Gumroad, Selz offers sellers a comprehensive set of small business features, not just a landing page.

The Selz platform allows you to create an entire customizable eCommerce website with ease. Here are some examples of actual Selz users selling from various sites:

Selling from a Selz Store

You can create a custom ecommerce store with their easy-to-use drag and drop store builder.

Creating Sales Opportunities on Your Blog

You can add a Selz widget on your blog or current website to sell products and videos. Selz lets you sell up to five products for free with buttons and widgets!

You can see how simple it is to add a product to your site here:

Social Selling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

With the explosion of social media, ecommerce solutions have found new ways to connect with potential customers. Selz offers a free Facebook store, Instagram shopping, and connects directly to your favorite social platforms. This makes it easy to sell directly from your social media profiles.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Gumroad, let’s keep looking at what Selz offers that Gumroad may not.

Gumroad alternatives: What can you sell?

If you’re looking for alternatives to Gumroad, it may be because you have found that you can’t sell a certain product on Gumroad.

While Gumroad could be a great option for physical or digital downloads, your options are limited to just that. Let’s take a look at the type of products you can sell using Selz vs. Gumroad:


  • Physical products (crafts, beauty, clothing, etc.)
  • Digital products (eBooks, videos, apps, etc.)


  • Digital products (eBooks, videos, apps, etc.)
  • Services (coaching, consulting, etc.)
  • Physical products (clothing, equipment, etc.)

Gumroad does not allow sellers to sell any type of service, which may limit your online store’s potential.

For example, you may be selling pre-made nutrition plans as PDF downloads, but one day decide you want to start doing one-on-one nutrition coaching with some of your customers.

With Selz, this would be an easy option as you have the ability to sell your services like live sessions alongside your digital products.

If you were using Gumroad, you would not have this option and will find yourself searching for Gumroad alternatives in the future.

Alternatives to Gumroad: Pricing

Now that you know a little about what Selz and Gumroad offer, your next question is probably about the price. That’s a smart way to compare ecommerce solutions and find affordable alternatives to Gumroad.

However, the ecommerce game is all about features.

Price certainly matters as every ecommerce solution offers different features for each level of their service.

So to really compare Gumroad and Selz, we have to break down each plan to see what they offer and understand what you need to make your business succeed.

We’ll start by seeing what types of plans each service offers and then move on to a features comparison.

Selz Pricing

Selz has a free option and three paid plans available. While still extremely affordable at $29 per month, the Selz Basic plan has unlimited items, no transaction fees, and a low processing fee.

Annual Plans

Selz pricing for details about Selz the ecommerce platform for growing business

Gumroad Pricing

Gumroad’s pricing structure is different from Selz. Gumroad only offers two plans: free and a premium option. Let’s take a look at these two plans:

gumroad pricing for an article about alternatives to gumroad

The Bottom Line

Price wise, Selz and Gumroad both offer a free option and one or more premium options.

Gumroad’s free plan comes with an automatic 5% fee for each transaction. Gumroad’s processing fees are also higher, at 3.5% compared to Selz at 2.7-2.9%. These fees will make a big difference as your business grows.

For some, this difference may be enough to make a decision, but for others we need to dig a little deeper. We need to compare the features from two plans and dive a little deeper into Gumroad’s Discover option to see if it’s really worth an extra 10% per sale.

Gumroad alternatives: Features and resources

A good ecommerce solution is one that helps you grow your business, not just process your sales.

To get an idea about how these two platforms stack up against each other in terms of helping the seller grow, let’s look at the features each platform offers.

These are the basic features that come with any Selz plan:

  • Staff accounts
  • Unlimited storage, bandwidth & customers
  • Buy buttons and widgets
  • Fully customizable online store
  • Advanced analytics
  • Customer management
  • Facebook store
  • License Keys
  • Discounts codes
  • Secure digital file delivery
  • Global tax settings
  • Real-time fraud protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited products
  • Professional Themes
  • Pages & Blog
  • Apps & Integrations
  • Custom Domain
  • PayPal
  • Shopping Cart
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Abandoned Cart

Here are some of Gumroad’s professional features:

  • Online page
  • PayPal
  • License Keys
  • Discount codes and subscriptions
  • Customer accounts
  • Analytics

While this gives you an idea of the comparable features of Selz and Gumroad, each platform has a few standout features we need to investigate.

Selz has a robust set of features for digital sellers that are valuable for most small businesses. This is yet another reason why lots of people have started looking for alternatives to Gumroad.

Let’s take a closer look to help you decide what your business needs.

Gumroad for Digital Products

Gumroad is a popular platform for digital product sellers because of its ease of use and low price. Their Customer Library feature is also a great option for digital sellers because it lets them create a personal space to access their favorite files. Gumroad also offers a chance to recruit and manage affiliates for your brand in the platform.

They offer on-demand streaming, video rentals and automatic digital delivery. Many of their sellers also say that the platform is best for people who sell just a few digital products. It can be difficult to scale and manage your business with Gumroad as you add more digital products.

Selz for Digital Products

Selz also makes it quick and easy for digital makers to start selling, and it’s the top choice for digital professionals. Check out these comments from recent Selz reviews:

“I love how easy it is to upload my digital products, and the ease of my customers receiving them.”

“Great platform for managing, selling, and delivering digital products.”

Selz also offers a range of powerful features to scale your digital product business. These are just some of the ecommerce features Selz offers digital sellers:

Automatic delivery

Selz automatically and securely delivers digital downloads and file updates. This saves you the time and effort of sending them to customers yourself or setting up a manual delivery system.


Selz makes digital product security a priority. Check out Three Secrets to Secure Digital Product Delivery to learn more about protecting your digital products with Selz.

Selz license keys are easy to add and easy to use, which is why you should use Selz e-commerce for digital downloads

Ecommerce site builder

A website is a powerful sales tool and Selz makes it simple to create and build a professional brand. They also offer a range of professional services for SEO, paid advertising, and more. You can choose from a wide variety of professional themes, and customize your site to attract customers.

Shopping cart

The streamlined shopping cart and payment gateways make it simple to shop and pay for products.


Measure your store’s performance with a direct Google Analytics integration. Track your visits and sales, and gather data to make the most of your marketing.

Ease of design

While Gumroad does allow you to build landing pages, here’s what one user reports:

“Virtually no options are given for the design of the sales page. Take their design or leave it–only minor tweaking is available.”

So, if you simply need a landing page for your store, no problem. But if you’re looking to take your ecommerce store and turn it into a true website, then Selz may be a better choice.

Selz offers a full store builder – meaning they have a drag and drop designer that allows you to create and customize your website exactly how you want it.

Content blocks let you add anything you want: music, videos, photos, blog posts, maps, and more. Selz gives you the opportunity to have your entire website dedicated to your business without web design or coding knowledge.

You can see how it works here.

Extra resources

Whether you’re just getting started selling online or you’ve mastered the art of ecommerce, it’s always helpful to be on a platform that provides the tools and resources you need to continue to grow and learn.

Both Selz and Gumroad have blogs dedicated to providing the guides and tools you need as an online seller. Let’s take a look at the resources these blogs provide:


The Home of Selz's blog FounderU for an article about Selz vs. Shopify. Selz is the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

Selz has a Help Center and an extensive blog for sellers called FounderU. The Selz blog is organized into categories dedicated to helping you in the specific areas you need.

Some content for creative businesses includes:

How to Sell Artwork Online (and Keep the Profits)
48 Creative Business Ideas (That You Can Start Today!)
How to Sell Jewelry Online in Seven Simple Steps
How to Start a Photography Business in 4 Simple Steps

From learning how to sell ebooks to tidying up your email marketing skills, Selz has you covered.

The Selz blog also provides in-depth interviews with successful founders, detailed guides, and long-form series from experienced writers. If you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, you will have these helpful tools delivered right to your inbox every week.


gumroad blog for an article about alternatives to gumroad from selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

Gumroad also has a help center and a blog for sellers. Gumroad provides helpful content and guides for sellers along with success stories from some Gumroad sellers.

While both platforms provide a space for learning and inspiration for its users, the Selz blog outperforms Gumroad’s blog in terms of organization, ease of use, and depth of content.


Customer support is essential for an ecommerce platform which is why some online store owners are looking for alternatives to gumroad

Even the most tech-savvy person on the internet still needs support sometimes. There’s a new type of technical support being offered by tech companies these days, which often provides little to no service unless you’re a paying user. When you’re looking at the support system behind Selz and Gumroad, there is a stark contrast.

Support at Gumroad

Gumroad has email support. That’s it. You can email them at [email protected] For some people, that’s probably enough. They do also offer a help center, which has a few articles with common problems.

As a less-techie person myself, this doesn’t quite cut it for me. This minimal support is a major challenge for people looking for alternatives to Gumroad recently.

Support at Selz

Selz customer support, while mostly online, offers 24/7 live support. You can not only reach the help desk from [email protected], but they also offer a live chat feature where you can chat with a customer service rep within your dashboard.

Selz support usually responds almost immediately on chat, and email responses are almost as fast. The 24/7 support is helpful too, since you and your online customers live all over the world.

They’ll even give you a rundown of the whole Selz system to help you get started. These sessions are incredibly helpful.

In addition, Selz offers ecommerce coaching services. Running a successful online business is all about the details and it can take some time to learn it all. Selz experts can help you ramp up your business quickly and effectively.

Ecommerce coaching with Selz is a chance to work with an expert ecommerce coach

The Bottom Line

The major difference between Selz and Gumroad is that Selz has vastly more features that help businesses grow.

Both can be used to sell physical products, digital products, pre-sales, and rentals, but only Selz can be used for services.

Selz offers a fully customizable online store while Gumroad only offers a landing page.

Selz doesn’t offer a subscription option but does offer staff accounts. Gumroad’s Discover feature is cool but carries a hefty price tag that may not be worth it.

Not to mention, when it comes to customer support, Selz is the only way to go here. If you think you’re going to need a little extra help, Selz is your best bet.

Choosing a Gumroad alternative comes down to what features you need to grow your business and increase sales.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Gumroad Alternatives

Gumroad isn’t a bad choice and is certainly capable of handling sales transactions. Although it can have higher processing fees, it does have a free option that can be used on a wide variety of platforms. Their biggest innovation, the Discover feature, is costly but may give you a few more opportunities to sell your products.

But if you’re looking for alternatives to Gumroad, Selz is an innovative ecommerce solution designed to help you grow your business.

Let’s take a look at a few more of these features.

  • Staff accounts offer security and functionality to your business processes as you grow and scale.
  • You can add up to 25 product images to your items to show your customers every angle, every variant, and every glossy photo. Front and back, top and sides – you’ve got it covered.
  • Google Shopping directly connects your online store to an enormous digital marketplace
  • Zero transaction fees, more payment processing options, and lower processing fees
  • Gumroad lets you sell physical and digital products, but isn’t equipped to sell services.

Selz is continually updating our platform with helpful resources and new features to help their sellers grow.

So when deciding on an ecommerce solution, the question is, do you stay with an adequate product or do you choose an ecommerce solution that is as dedicated to your success as you are?

This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  1. Tara Storozynsky

    Hi Alain, thanks for reading FounderU, and for your feedback. This is a priority in our development pipeline, and we’re hoping to have a solution for users very soon!

  2. Alain Pernot

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  3. Tara Storozynsky

    Hi Roger, glad to hear that you’ve find an eCommerce platform that suits your needs!
    We believe that a low cost paid subscription plan quickly pays for itself, when used by merchants with a significant amount of sales. Platforms such as Gumroad take incredibly high fees from sales, while ours stay on the lower side with a simple monthly flat rate subscription fee. These fees can quickly add up to a total much higher than our tier pricing, depending on the volume you are selling.
    Thanks for commenting!

  4. Roger

    Your free option only allows 5 listed products ( How many products can I sell using Gumroad’s free option? No limit.

    I notice you don’t list your free options in this article, either. Perhaps that’s why?

    Selz: No subscriptions.

    Selz: No affiliations. Except for affiliating with Selz.

    Why should I choose Selz? You don’t offer what I need at a price I want to pay. Gumroad does.

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    The two items are decisive I just used gumroad as a customer/user, disliked the customer interface usability. I googled alternatives as I am about to start a consulting fitness combat sports store and the two issuues mention above are key to my decision. Subscribtion & affilliation options.

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    Any news about the affiliation feature?

  9. Kristen DeCosta

    Hi Aaron! Subscriptions are a feature we are definitely working on! Thanks for you input, we will pass this note along to our engineering team :)

  10. Aaron W.

    The lack of subscriptions is the only reason I haven’t left Gumroad for Selz yet. Subscriptions are my bread & butter. I can count on them providing monthly income regardless of how other products are selling.

    I sincerely hope Selz implements a subscription feature in the future.

  11. Kristen DeCosta

    Hi Marco,

    Being straightforward and transparent is a really important part of our culture at Selz and it’s good to be acknowledged, so thanks. Now, onto Merchant Affiliates (that’s what we call them). We 100% hear you. It’s one of our most requested features and the good news is that it’s now under active development. We want to do it right. Which means making it super-simple for you and for your affiliates and for their customers – and that’s why it’s taking a little longer. But we think (humbly) it’s going to be awesome when we release and, as ever, we would really love to get your insight and feedback!

  12. Marco Cevoli

    Being a review published on Selz website, I found it very honest. However, there is a single feature that Gumroad offers and Selz doesn’t, that might be a show-stopper for many sellers, like myself: affiliation. Currently (I know it’s on your roadmap), you can’t create affiliation links on Selz, but you can create them on Gumroad in a pretty straightforward way. I hope you implement this feature soon.

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