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Our Affiliate Program has been up and running for a few weeks now, and we’ve seen so much success. We’ve noticed one affiliate, in particular, who is rocking the program. Through blogs, website banners and consistent social posts, Shon Hyneman of Kairos Social is truly making the most out of the Selz Affiliate Program.

We wanted to catch up with Shon to see why he chose our program and how he is using it on Kairos Social. We hope Shon’s tips help you to stay inspired as a Selz Affiliate! Check out our chat:

Can you tell us about your business – Kairos Social Media Marketing?

Kairos Social Media Marketing is a consultant/social media management company for small business owners. Many times, small businesses don’t have a social media marketing strategy, that’s where I come in.

How did you get started? What is your user base interested in learning?

I started Kairos Social Media by accident. I began as a relationship coach when social media started to blow up back in 2008. I wanted to learn how to get my YouTube videos and blogs seen online so I started doing research how to market on the internet and SEO.

After purchasing some products on how to market on the internet and reading blogs, I began to get better on how to market online. After some years of learning, people online and friends came to me when it came to understanding social media. I didn’t launch Kairos Social until 2014.

My user base is interested in learning which social media platforms work best for their business. They are also interested in how to get the maximum exposure for their products or services.

How did you find Selz? Do you use it for your own products?

I found Selz through reading blogs from social media experts Jeff Bullas and Ian Cleary. They discussed the best ecommerce sites to use and they referred Selz. I liked what I saw from Selz and been using their services since 2014.

Yes! I use Selz for my products and services! Even when I do consultations for small business owners, Churches and aspiring Entrepreneurs, I tell them to use Selz!

Why did you choose the Selz Affiliate Program?

I use the Selz affiliate program because I stand by Selz brand. I even wrote a blog on why I use Selz (with my affiliate widget on the bottom of the blog). The more consultations I conduct, the more people I can introduce to Selz and tell them about Selz affiliate program. It’s a win-win situation for me, Selz, and my clients!

I use the Selz affiliate program because I stand by Selz brand….It’s a win-win situation for me, Selz, and my clients!

Was it pretty easy to set up your blog about Selz and add the banner to your website?

Yes it was really easy! You don’t have to be tech savvy, just copy the HTML code Selz provide and paste on your website.

Why did you think Selz was the right fit for your user base?

Selz was the right fit for my user base because Selz make the user experience really easy. With the click of a button, the user gets to download the desired product or service.

We love your blog about Selz, have you found a lot of leads coming from it?

Yes! I’ve got a nice amount of leads coming from that blog. I send that blog to people when they ask me about which ecommerce site to use for their business.

(Check out Shon’s blog here!)

How do you use the affiliate program user panel? Do you track how many clicks you’re getting?

Yes, I am a big fan of metrics! So I love to see where the traffic is coming from. It helps me with seeing where my target market is.

How does the Selz Affiliate program work for you?

When Selz first launched the Affiliate program, they made a suggestion that we should blog about it. Since I’ve been using Selz for more than two years, I figure writing about the program and why the user should use Selz would bring massive exposure to my business and land me more affiliates.

We hope that Shon’s use of our Affiliate Program will inspire you on your own affiliate journey! Use Shon’s tips to find your own success within our program!

If you need any help or inspiration, head over to our Best Practices Guide to find everything you need. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always reach us at! Happy Earning!

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