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We only launched our Affiliate Program a couple of weeks ago, but we’re already seeing people have success.

We talked to one of those successful individuals to see exactly how he’s using the Affiliate Program to increase his revenue, and to help his own readers boost their business.

Read more about online entrepreneur Moust Camara and how he uses the Affiliate Program on both of his ventures: T-Shirt Magazine and Theme Fiend.

Can you tell us about T-Shirt Magazine?T-Shirt Magazine is an online publication dedicated to keeping up with the t-shirt industry and indie casual fashion. We feature various topics including new t-shirt brands with great concepts, interviews with brand owners and advice on running a clothing business.
How did T-Shirt Mag get started? What’s your user base interested in learning?We started T-Shirt Magazine in March 2008. A couple years before starting T-Shirt Magazine, we actually created t-shirts for our other projects and sold them online. For example, back in ‘07, me and my business partner / brother created a comic book that we planned on publishing. We set up a website promoting the comic, and created some t-shirts (through Cafepress) related to the comic book story and characters.We also created another line of hip-hop related t-shirts to sell. After that short stint, we thought about creating a website that covers the t-shirt industry. We were very much into graphic t-shirts and streetwear, so we wanted to post about all of the interesting t-shirts we were seeing out there. Also, we wanted to create a destination where t-shirt brand owners can learn from each other.

Most of our visitors are interested in learning about the many aspects of running a t-shirt brand, which include getting designs printed, search engine marketing, social media promotion, selling products to retail shops and setting up their own online shop. Shortly after launching the website, we created a new clothing brand, Cashletes, which we still run to this day. From running our own brand, we’ve been able to contribute what we’re learning throughout our journey.

How did you find Selz and why did you choose The Selz Affiliate Program?I found Selz while searching for e-commerce platforms that are built with the liquid templating system. For non-tech geeks, Liquid is a “coding language” used by popular e-commerce platforms for creating shop designs. As the co-founder and lead developer of Theme Fiend, I had already helped build several themes for the e-commerce platforms and I was in search for a platform that was simple and low-cost yet had lots of features. When I came across Selz, I found my answer.

As we will be developing Selz themes for our customers on Theme Fiend, and recommending the platform to aspiring brand owners on T-Shirt Magazine, signing up for the Selz affiliate program was a natural choice.

Why did you think Selz was the right fit for your user base?Since T-Shirt Magazine and Theme Fiend are both in the space of serving new t-shirt brand owners, Selz is a perfect fit. Upon discovering Selz, I made sure to test the platform myself, by creating products, modifying store settings and editing the free themes. I quickly realized that small clothing brand owners would benefit from how easy Selz is to use for setting up and managing an online shop. Also, I knew that our audience would appreciate the advanced features Selz offers (blog, fully custom design, SEO control) at a relatively affordable price.
How do you promote Selz on your website?On T-Shirt Magazine, we will be promoting Selz through articles highlighting why Selz is a great solution for new clothing brand owners. We’ll discuss the benefits of certain e-commerce features that help a brand increase sales or manage their online business more efficiently, and then mention how Selz can help them achieve those goals.

On T-Shirt Magazine, we will be promoting Selz through articles highlighting why Selz is a great solution for new clothing brand owners.

How does the Selz Affiliate program work for you?The affiliate program works out great. Since Selz is a new platform, we get to be on the forefront of building awareness. We’re able to recommend an e-commerce solution that serves as the perfect option for many of our visitors, leading to several new sign ups on a regular basis.

We hope that Moust’s creative ways of using our Affiliate Program gives you a little inspiration for your own blog/website/facebook.

If you need even more inspiration, make sure to go to our Best Practices Guide to get a head start with everything you need. Happy Earning!

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