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We’re over the moon with our affiliates that have taken to social media, their websites and email promotions to promote Selz! Thank you for all of your hard work.

We wanted to highlight a few of our favorite promotions to give you some ideas on how to pitch Selz to your own customers. Check out our rockstars below for inspiration, and get started with your own sales. If you haven’t yet signed up for our kick-ass program, you can do so here.

The Rogue Ginger:

The Rogue Ginger used a Selz banner in her sidebar titled “I Support” to show her followers the brands she supports.

It Must Be My Age:

It Must Be My Age, a fashion and beauty blogger also uses a Selz banner to promote Selz. It’s in her sidebar on the homepage and stands out to get maximum click throughs!

Kairos Social:

Kairos Social used an entire blog to pitch Selz to their followers. He writes about why he uses Selz on his own site and encourages his followers to use Selz too. He uses banners on his blog and sidebar to drive the message home and catch the reader’s eye, making it quick and easy for them to click through to Selz.

Buzzworthy Products:

Buzzworthy Products makes it their goal to talk about products that are worth being talked about. They posted a blog about Selz as a review of the product, and use their affiliate link whenever they mention Selz directly.

The Business Classroom:

The Business Classroom took to social and told their followers about Selz. They explained why they used Selz and how it works in their own words, what a great recommendation.

Thank you to all of our wonderful affiliates for getting the word out about Selz. We hope you find inspiration in these posts and find a way to recommend Selz to your followers. Of course, if you’re a little lacking in the motivation department, you can always find pre-written copy and images in our Best Practices Guide. Happy Selling!

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About the author

Molly Corless

Molly Corless

Molly has been marketing for small startups for over 5 years. From marketing automation to Facebook ads to copywriting, Molly has figured out the key to growing a business from the ground up. She lives in rainy Portland, Oregon with her dog named Hamms.


  1. Lily

    Reading this makes my decnisois easier than taking candy from a baby.

  2. Shon Hyneman

    Wow! I always read new blogs from Selz, and what do I see? My blog used as an example! Seeing this blog made my day! I’m always telling my clients to use Selz for ecommerce. You are the best!

    1. Selz

      Molly Corless

      Your blog was awesome, Shon! Thank you so much :D

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