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Choosing ecommerce features for your business is tough when you’re just starting out. As you continue to build your business you get a better sense of what you’ll need, but you never know how the economy or demand for your products might change.

No one wants to start over with a new platform. You want ecommerce features that are flexible enough for what you need now. You also want options that will keep your business strong no matter what the future holds.

Selz offers a range of plans for every business. Let’s talk about the Selz ecommerce features that will help you grow your business on and offline.

Advanced Ecommerce Features: Choose the Right Selz Plan for You

Your Selz Free Trial
Basic Features for All Selz Paid Plans
Standard Plan Features
Advanced Plan Features
Do-It-For-Me Professional Plan

A man works on his ecommerce business from home using the Selz professional plan, Do-It-For-Me

Your Selz Free Trial

The Selz free trial is special. Unlike most other platforms, you can start selling online with Selz the moment you sign up and add a product. 

You also have the option to try the features of every Selz plan, free of charge! The credit card you add when you choose a plan won’t be charged until you’ve completed your 14-day trial.

Something to keep in mind, your transaction fees will remain at the free plan level of 2% throughout your trial, but that will go down to 0% the minute your trial ends and your paid plan begins. 

Many of our merchants use their free trial period to perfect their online store and product listings or to experiment with the exciting sales channels you have access to. 

Ecommerce features on the Selz Free Plan

Sellers looking for a simple and effective way to sell online use our free plan. 

With this option you can sell up to 5 products from a free Selz domain. You don’t have the option to design an online store, but you can add buttons or widgets to your existing site or blog. 

You can also post products to social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter directly from your Selz dashboard. You can’t personalize the look and feel of your ecommerce site with the free plan, but it does make it easy to sell online.

If you decide to stick with the free plan and your sales start to take off, take a look at how transaction fees are affecting your bottom line. 2% transaction fees don’t sound like much, but keep an eye on it. 

In many cases you can keep more of your profits by switching to the basic plan with 0% transaction fees. You can also save on card processing and other third-party fees when you select a paid plan.

Basic Features for All Selz Paid Plans

Selz packs a ton of value into our basic plan. The basic features go far beyond basic, making this plan an effective starting point for most small businesses. Our basic plan is especially effective for microbusinesses or entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

Let’s get into some details about the basic features included in all Selz paid plans.

Where can you sell with Selz?

There’s a lot of buzz online about omnichannel and multichannel selling, but what does it really mean?

Our team spends a lot of time talking to our merchants, so we have a pretty good idea of what works best no matter what niche their products are in. 

Pair Google Smart Shopping with Selz Do-It-For-Me for business growth

For example, we know the businesses that sell clothing tend to do really well on Instagram shopping. We’ve noticed that eBooks and music tend to sell better from an independent website or blog. Many of our Selz merchants combine services or digital products with physical products and they see a lot of traffic from native Facebook shops

Pop-up events and farmers’ markets are an exciting spot to sell with our point-of-sale system. If you’re not familiar with point of sale, this sales channel lets you take advantage of on-the-spot in-person sales.

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Selz and Square point of sale answer the question what is point of sale with ease and simplicity to grow your business

Every paid Selz plan lets you sell from these exciting channels:

  • Your custom online store
  • Add products to any website or blog with embeds like buttons and widgets
  • Free WordPress plugin
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Shopping
  • Square Point of Sale

The more channels you sell from, the more opportunities to introduce people to your products and brand!

Staff accounts

When you’re starting out it may be tough to imagine the day you’ll be ready to hire a helping hand. But even if you just bring on a temporary summer intern, staff accounts are a helpful feature. 

Staff accounts make it easy to offer dashboard access to anyone who wants to help without sharing more of your financial information or customer data than you absolutely need to.

As your business grows and you find the need to create more individual departments or specialized roles, this feature helps you share only the most relevant data with each member of your team.

Our basic plan lets you add two staff members to your Selz team.

Ecommerce features to highlight your brand and products

Selz themes

Many people sign up with Selz to build a custom online store. Selz makes this process simple with our professional themes. Best of all, there’s none of the stress that comes with choosing between paid or free themes, since all of our theme designs are included in our paid plans.

Our drag and drop store builder makes it simple to customize every page of your online store with colors, images and layouts that make your brand stand out. 

Every Selz theme gives you the option to add important pages to your site, like About Us, Contact and landing pages. Every Selz store also includes a built-in blog. This is a really great feature if you want to maximize your site for SEO (search engine optimization).

Custom domain

Another way to make the most of your online brand footprint is a custom domain. Whether you’ve already got a branded custom domain or you want to purchase one, our basic features let you customize your domain and make it easy to match your new site with your brand.

Who can you go to when you have questions?

We get constant compliments from our merchants about how easy it is to set up and use the Selz platform. That said, you never know what will happen when you add that first image to your theme or you make your first sale! 

It feels good to know that no matter where you live or what time it is, there’s a caring person to walk you through any questions or issues with Selz! We offer 24/7 support with both chat and email. You’ll have a dedicated account manager as well as the clear instructions we regularly add and update in our Help Center.

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Selz offers 24/7 customer support to help you quickly grow your business

What else does your small business need to excel?

Many startups rely on spreadsheets and workarounds to manage business processes on a budget. That’s just not necessary with Selz. 

Customer analytics

Our basic features include customer analytics directly from your Selz dashboard and free Microsoft and Google analytics integrations.

Selz apps include time-saving integrations and automation tools

Apps and Integrations

That’s not all! We’re dedicated to being an all-in-one solution for your business and we’re constantly adding important apps and integrations that make it easy to run your business effectively.

From time-saving accounting apps to social proof integrations, you can build out your business in a way that’s both smart and cost-effective.

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Sync sales with accounting

Show me the money

As your business grows, finances become more important and often more complicated.

To help on this front Selz offers multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Selz Pay. This makes it hassle-free for you to accept payments online right away. Even better, your profits can be directly deposited into your bank account on a schedule that works for you.

Selz pay is the chosen payment gateway- one of the custom ecommerce features available on Selz ecommerce for business growth

Fees can take a big chunk of your sales, and our paid plans can put less stress on your wallet with 0% transaction fees and reduced payment provider and card rates for every paid plan.

Global tax settings

Taxes are a headache for most everyone! Selz takes care of the tough stuff for you with features like global tax settings. This feature means that you won’t have to memorize the tax laws for your California customers or your Danish customers. It’s all taken care of for you.

And all paid plans come with real-time fraud protection for every transaction in your Selz store.

What is bandwidth anyway?

One of the most powerful ecommerce features Selz offers is unlimited storage, bandwidth, products and customers.

The advantages of unlimited products and customers for your ecommerce store is pretty obvious. These options mean that your selling skills are your only limit when it comes to putting products out into the world and finding people who love them!

Selz dashboard is where you run the ecommerce for your small business

Storage and bandwidth can be a big investment

If you’ve ever used a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, you know how quickly your file sizes can add up. As those file sizes grow, what was a small monthly fee can get pricey fast.

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your site can handle. Unlimited bandwidth is a huge asset. It means that when your social media post goes viral or your Black Friday sale gets national attention you can be confident that your site will be ready for those all-time highs in transactions and downloads.

Basic features for digital products

Unlimited bandwidth is also a big benefit for anyone selling digital products. Download speeds vary, and there’s nothing worse than losing a sale because of a dropped connection. With Selz, you can trust that your site can handle all of your digital products with ease.

We offer unparalleled digital product features with every plan, for no additional cost:

  • Fast downloads
  • Automatic digital delivery 
  • Automated product updates
  • Video streaming and rentals
  • Download limits 
  • Digital products security
Digital security is essential when you're selling digital products. Choose Selz ecommerce solutions for digital product selling

Secure digital file delivery

We are very popular with digital product sellers because our team is ahead of the curve in anticipating and responding to their unique needs. This includes secure file delivery and protections including PDF stamping for eBooks and download limits for streaming video rentals.

Marketing fundamentals

How you promote your products is the final piece in the small business puzzle. You want to outpace your competition, so you need to make decisions that will meet customer expectations and help your brand stand out.

Discount codes

It’s easy to offer hot sales with discount codes from your Selz dashboard. Whether you want to add a discount code to an email or add a banner to the homepage promoting your most popular products. These are just a few of the many ways you can offer coupons and special offers to your customers.

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Discount code illustration from Selz ecommerce for business growth

Are you concerned about abandoned carts? If not, you should be! Cart abandonment rates are high for every online business, the rate can be as high as 70%! But Selz offers a simple solution that can help you close sales that is built-in to every paid plan.

This is just a high-level overview of the basic features you have to customize your buyer experience with Selz! Now, let’s level up and talk about our standard features.

Standard Plan Features

There are a few reasons our standard plan is our most popular. In addition to the incredible value of our basic features, our standard plan can grow your business with even more options for security and stability.

You can see how comprehensive our basic features are. Let’s talk about what we’ve added to our standard plan.

First off, our standard features let you add five staff members to your Selz team. You’ll also receive priority support from our Customer Success team. So, what else does a growing business need?

Tax invoices

Tax invoices are usually an arduous step-by-step manual process. It’s time-consuming and requires intense attention to detail. It’s an incredible benefit that this feature is built directly into the Selz standard plan, where all your sales transactions are happening.

Selz and email marketing integrations are the best place to start for email marketing 101

Custom receipts

How do you show your customers you know them before you have a chance to get to know them?

One of the most effective strategies to increase profits is the upsell. Our merchants have found success using custom receipts to add popular items that show regular customers what else they might be missing!

Custom fields

Personalization is essential and is the best way for a small business to get an advantage over big businesses in ecommerce. Our custom fields feature gives you a chance to collect the information you want with each transaction, paving the way for more personal communication. 

With this feature you can send birthday offers to loyal customers, customize product deliveries, offer one-of-a-kind gifts and more!

Selz license keys are easy to add and easy to use, which is why you should use Selz e-commerce for digital downloads

License keys 

You may not be familiar with license keys but they are essential for digital security if you’re selling software and apps online.

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Advanced Plan Features

As you can see, there’s a ton of value in the basic and standard plans. The remaining features that are available only to our advanced customers are small in number but pack a powerful punch! 

Our advanced plan is for growing small businesses, and that means staff accounts are important. This plan lets you add 15 staff members to your Selz team and offers priority support.

Powerful savings

If you take a close look at your card processing fees you can see the value of investing in the Selz advanced plan. Card processing fees are at the very lowest rate for advanced plan customers. And third party fees for other payment processors are only .5%! 

Selz ecommerce features include reduced fees so you can keep more of your profits

Advanced features for physical products

If you’re scaling a business selling physical products you need to make the most of your resources. There are a couple of essentials any small business should have in their toolbox for this and they’re ecommerce features on the Selz advanced plan. 

Real-time shipping rates

There’s nothing more important than setting accurate expectations when you’re connecting with a customer for the first time. And shipping is complicated! Most of the shipping process is out of your hands and out of your control. Advanced features like real-time shipping rates are a game-changer for getting the return business you need to thrive in the long run.

This feature makes it simple for you to give your customer the specific details they’ve come to expect when they’re purchasing online. 

When a customer is making a purchase they won’t get the same message as everyone else, but a custom estimate for their order. This gives them the information they need to trust your business, no matter what else might impact the timing of their package delivery.

Searching for Selz and how to print shipping labels? Selz has everything you need for shipping and fulfillment success

Connect label providers

It’s no problem to print and stick labels to your products by hand if you’re selling 10 or 20 products a week. But what if sales jump overnight?

When demand outpaces your ability to fulfill orders you lose customer confidence and exhaust yourself in the process. Label providers like Shippo take care of the labeling process for you and also often have great options to help with fulfillment! 

In addition to being a smart way to scale, label providers can offer you invaluable data. This information can help you make better decisions about new product offers, customer discounts and more!

Do-It-For-Me Professional Plan

Some business owners want to manage every step and detail. But some of you think more big picture. You have incredible ideas and products. You have a strong business sense and you know how to sell, but you just don’t want to build your site on your own. 

You have an idea of what you want and you want a professional to nail down the details. That’s why we offer Do-It-For-Me.

Selz Do-It-For-Me is a professional plan that offers ecommerce expert help

Your DIFM team at Selz includes:

  • Ecommerce and social selling experts
  • Professional web designers
  • Expert developers
  • Marketing pros

Our experts will set up your ecommerce site and add the new features and channels that make sense for your business. You’ll always have an account manager who will monitor and optimize your site for you. We send regular updates and provide the data you need to ensure small business success. 

Sign up for your Selz plan today!

We hope this overview of the Selz plans has been helpful for you! If you have any questions about our plans and features, reach out. We can’t wait to work with you!

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