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Having a successful fashion blog take commitment and passion. There are photo shoots to set up, website and hosting fees, behind-the-scenes website maintenance, not to mention promoting your blog and building your audience. Even if your goal isn’t to earn a living from your blog, you deserve to get some kind of compensation for all the hours of hard work you invest in it, besides the thanks of your adoring fans. Your fans love your style and want a way to have it directly from you. We will cover what you need to know to make your own online clothes store for your blog.

But successfully monetizing a fashion blog can be tricky.

Slapping some paid advertisements on your blog seems like an easy solution, until you spend hours on technical details and “optimization,” only to find out how little revenue they actually generate.

Then there are sponsored posts, paid reviews, and affiliate links, which — let’s be honest — might come off as a little out of sync to your trusting audience.

So is there a simple, easy, and honest way to make money from your fashion blog?

You provide value to your audience by providing entertainment and information, so why not use that to your advantage? Think about the questions your readers have asked you lately about where you find your clothes, how to find the most flattering fit, or how exactly you modify or upcycle your vintage clothing.

There’s a great way to answer all your readers’ questions while getting the compensation you deserve for all your efforts: Open up an online clothes store with Selz!

What to sell on your fashion blog

No matter what kind of fashion blog you have, there’s something you can create and share that your audience will love and pay for. Luckily, Selz makes it very easy to sell anything right from your blog.

Physical goods: clothing & accessories
As a savvy fashionista, your readers are probably asking you all the time where you get your awesome clothes from. They know that you can build a wardrobe on a shoestring budget with your keen eye for valuable vintage clothing and accessories at consignment stores, yard sales, and flea markets.

With Selz, you can start selling those pieces on your blog, too. (Hey, if Urban Outfitters can sell vintage clothes at a 1,000% markup, why can’t you?)

This is a great way to make money doing what you love: shopping! And you can rest assured that the clothing and accessories you fall in love with will go to loving homes, even if you can’t fit them all in your own wardrobe.

If you’re a crafty fashionista, you can also sell your own upcycled, modified, or hand-crafted fashions on your blog. No need to open up a separate shop on Etsy, where you have to work hard to build up an audience all over again and market your shop. Instead, you can sell your beautiful work right on your own fashion blog, where you’ve already built a readership.

Digital products: Ebooks, PDF patterns, video tutorials
When it comes to digital products, your imagination’s the limit. What do your readers ask you for? Which posts are the most popular on your blog? You can turn those requested items into premium digital products.

For example, if your most popular post is a tutorial on how to find the most flattering jeans, you can create an in-depth ebook guide on the same topic, and use Selz to embed it right in that post. And if you’re not sure how to price it, you can allow buyers to name their own price.

If you blog about your adventures in upcycling, and your readers are always asking you for more details on how you perform your craft, why not create a video tutorial and sell it on your blog? Or if you like to create your own fashions, you could create a PDF sewing pattern or written tutorial.

Selling services: fashion coaching
As a fashion blogger, you have double expertise in fashion and blogging. Why not leverage that expertise to make some money from your blog?

You can offer one-on-one fashion coaching by reviewing a reader’s wardrobe or critiquing an individual outfit. Or give your readers tailored advice on what fashions to wear to a special event, like a job interview, prom, a date, or even their wedding.

And as an expert blogger, you could offer to review other fashion blogs and give them advice on how to improve their blogs and grow their audience.

Selling with Selz

With Selz opening up a store to sell physical and digital items and services is a piece of cake. There’s no technical knowledge required, and you can easily start selling items on your blog in just a few minutes. Using Selz, you can add individual items as a buy-now button or a widget in your blog.

If you’d like a professionally designed store or want to customize the look of your store you can use our app Store Pro. You can choose a theme, edit the colors, add a logo or edit the CSS to fully personalize your store look.

Why using Selz makes sense
Selz and Store Pro are ideal for adding a store to your fashion blog. Here’s why:

  • Quickly set up your store in just minutes
  • Choose a store theme to suit your blog. Or edit the CSS to fully customize the look of your store
  • No need to replace the theme of your blog with an expensive premium ecommerce theme or to go on an expensive monthly plan
  • Secure, professional checkout with a variety of payment options including the option of offering PayPal
  • Built-in order management and store analytics
  • Increase sales conversions with video product trailers
  • No bandwidth or storage limits for digital items
  • Build your email list by integrating your store with MailChimp, AWeber, and more

How to set up shop with Selz and store pro

  • Create an account: Go to, and sign up for your free 14-day trial.
  • Add products
  • Sell individual items: On the next screen, you can share your item via social media, or grab a button or widget to embed in your blog.
  • Customize the look

And you’re done! Now you’re ready to start earning money on your fashion blog with your own online store.

Start your clothes store today

Sign up for free and take the first step to open your online clothes store.

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Geoff Austin

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  1. Patience

    This is really helpful even though my blog is not exactly a fashion blog. I am going to open a store right now for my blog

    1. Selz


      Hey Patience, awesome to hear! Hope you love using Selz.

      1. Kristen Runvik Selz


        Thanks for stopping by, Rekasharma!

  2. Gabi

    Wow this is smart! Now every fashion blogger will be able to easily monetize their sites :)

  3. Jessica Cesley

    Hey very nice psot. Make viewing your products as easy as possible for visitors. If it’s a chore to find something they’re after, the chances are they’re not going to stick around, so make sure you divide your products into sensible categories so visitors know where they’re going.

    1. Kristen Runvik Selz


      Exactly, Jessica! It’s really best to guide buyers to where you want them to go and organizing in such a way that makes sense for them, so it’s easier for them to find what they need. There’s nothing worse than looking for a product you want and not being able to find it easily!

  4. Clara Mason

    Thanks for this informative post; I will keep it in mind as I am planning to start a fashion blog. It has proved o be a great help.

    1. Kristen Runvik Selz


      Awesome, Clara – happy to read this was useful for you. Be sure to bookmark it and come back to it again if you need it :)

  5. Judy

    Sounds like an amazing idea! Do you recommend it for a full store, or is it best for bloggers and artists?

    1. Kristen Runvik Selz


      Hi Judy, thanks for commenting! Creating an online store is really for anyone wanting to sell products and services online. You can be any type of entrepreneur, whether an artist, blogger, coach, writer, etc :)

  6. Elina Smith

    Thanks for sharing these amazing tips for online clothes shopping. I really appreciate it

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      Glad you enjoyed them, Elina :)

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Thanks for reading, we are so glad you found this interesting and helpful!

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Thanks for reading, Jacob! I am so glad this was helpful for you!

  7. Sweta patel

    Hi Kristen,

    You did really good job by sharing such useful blogging tricks. Viewing products for for visitors is really best. Details for selling all kind products and digital are amazing.
    I love to read your article, I am grateful to you.


    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Thank you for sharing these kind words! I am so happy you found this article helpful and useful, that’s always our goals here at FounderU! -Kristen at Selz

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      Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! I am so glad you found the article simple and helpful, that’s our mission :)

  10. Ankit Gupta

    Great tips for fashion bloggers. I just want to add that you can also add discount coupons to your blog, it can actually help you to increase sales. I have done this in my blog and it actually works.

    1. Selz

      Kristen DeCosta

      Great tip, Ankit! Discounts and coupons are a great way to increase sales. Thanks for sharing!

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      Thanks so much for your kind words, Rashad- I’m so glad you found our blog! There is no tried and true way of getting listed on Yahoo News, but some great ways to start are by creating SEO-focused content that provides value to readers and promoting it through social media and other outlets!

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    I really liked your blog, thanks for sharing this useful information with us. I also have a fashion and clothes related website so this blog is very helpful for me.

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      Hi Sherie! So glad you enjoyed our article and found it useful. Best of luck in your enterprise! Thanks for checking out FounderU and commenting.

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