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Blogging is a powerful way to reach a wide variety of people these days. We’re all connected, plugged in and looking to improve our lives in deep and meaningful ways. Therefore it’s no coincidence that blogs focusing on improving your health and wellness, are constantly on the rise. With the increase in popularity, how are you going to monetize your health blog?

If you run a health and wellness blog, you might be wondering how you can tap into the huge potential available from selling your own products. The market’s there, after all, you just need a simple and efficient way to distribute your goods and services. This post will show you exactly how to start an online store.

Choosing a product that fits with your audience

First let’s look at the type of product you’re thinking of selling. It might be that your goods come in a physical form such as clothing, paperback books or DVDs. Similarly you might want to sell an information product like a webinar, video, eBook or a coaching service.

These are all incredibly viable options for any health blog. People are always looking for additional ways to improve their health, therefore your audience will be primed to receive those goods.

You’ve probably got a few ideas already up your sleeve. If you’re super savvy you might have a product in the works. The key to your overall success however, is going to be where and how you sell those products.

Tap into the power of selling from your blog

Your health blog is already swelling with the hustle your blog posts create. You’ve most likely got multiple streams of traffic from organic search, social media updates and other bloggers linking to you. So why not tap into that audience directly from your blog?

Why not start make money from your health and wellness blog. Ask yourself could your health and wellness blog become a business? Look at how you can add value to your audience, can you take some of your most popular content and convert it into an eBook.

Setting up is as easy as:

Creating an account on Selz for free
Creating and uploading your first product
Publish it to your blog

Plus there’s multiple ways you can integrate Selz into your blog, so that it looks and feels just the way you want it.
Using individual buttons
After creating a product, click on the item and select “Share”. Navigate to the “Buttons” tab. This will show you three different button options you can use. Select the one you prefer, customize the colour and further customization options and then copy the code generated.

Navigate to the post or page where you’d like to show your button and paste your code into the html window of the editor below the image of your product. This is an example of how the buy button looks on a post.
Using a widget
After creating a product, click on the item and select “Share”. Navigate to the “Widget” tab. This will show you a preview of how your widget will look. Select your theme – either light or dark, customize the colour and further customization options and then copy the code generated.

Choose a text widget if you’d like to display a widget in your sidebar and paste the code and click save. Alternatively if you’d like to display the widget in a post or page, simply paste the code into the html window of the editor.

Embedding a store
Selz also makes it incredibly easy to embed your own simple store within your website. This is great for displaying multiple products all in one go.

The best way to do this, is to navigate to “Store” in the top right menu of your Selz account. Click on “Share Store” to your right. Select the “Embed Store” tab and you’ll see some customization options including button and link colors.

Embedding is easy. Simply create a new page on your website and paste the code generated into the html window of your page editor.
Create an online store
For more control over the look and feel of your store, you can also choose the StorePro app in Selz and choose a store theme. StorePro enables you to customize or create a theme for your store by editing the CSS. This is ideal if you want a good looking store with little effort. You can then attach your store by adding a link to it store from your main blog menu.

Here are more details on using Store Themes and Step by Step instructions on using Store Pro.

The benefits of using Selz

There are multiple benefits for choosing to sell your products and services from your health and wellness blog this way. These include:

Being simple, quick and easy to use – your store can be up in minutes.
Everything is taken care of – hosting, reliability and security.
It doesn’t impact your current site’s hosting or theme. No need to pay for SSL.
You can give your users a professional checkout experience.
You have the additional option of offering PayPal as payment.
Can track orders.
If you’re hosting Video classes there’s no bandwidth and no storage limits to worry about.
You can link to email tools like AWeber or MailChimp using Apps.
Your payment processing is taken care of and paid into PayPal or Bank account if in Aus or US.
Ultimately all of this gives you complete control over how and where you sell your products. You can build
Taking the next step

Keep your audience coming back with your content and now you can offer free content as well as premium paid content. Neil Patel, says up-selling content rather than just providing free content is a growing trend in the blogging world. “Very rarely can a blog make a five figures a month on ads” explains Patel. Extend your blog’s brand into products and you could easily be on your way to making money from your health and wellness blog.

See for yourself how easy it is to add a store to your health and wellness.

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