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As a freelance designer, you earn your income by selling your time. If you want to scale your business, you’re limited to two options: work more hours, or raise your prices.

But sometimes neither of those options are feasible. And as any freelancer knows, diversifying your income streams is the key to job security when you’re self-employed. If you get sick or suddenly lose a big client, it will pay — literally — for you to have other sources of income, especially if they’re more passive and don’t require your direct input.

Why work for the man, when you can sell your design work direct?

How can you quickly and easily create passive sources of income, when you’re busy working for clients?

Selz makes it easy to set up a shop to sell digital products and its easier than you might think.

With Selz you can either embed individual items into your existing design blog or quickly create a great looking store that is attached to your blog.

The setup is simple and takes just minutes without requiring you to change your existing blog theme, website, or hosting.

Benefits of Selz

Selz allows you to create a beautiful-looking online store, or sell individual items on your existing blog in just minutes.

Using our Store Pro app means you can choose from a range of store themes, or use the intuitive store manager to edit the CSS to fully customize the look of your store.

Selz is ideal for selling digital products on your design blog. Each product you sell can include multiple files, each up to 15GB in size. You can have video trailers for products,  stream MP4 videos,  or automatically download to dropbox.

There are no bandwidth or storage limits. So you don’t have to worry about your own hosting getting throttled.

And it’s all automated, so whenever a customer purchases an item, the download starts automatically. Talk about a truly passive source of income!
More benefits of Selz

Simple and intuitive setup allows you to start selling in minutes
No need for expensive premium themes or hosting plans
Professional-looking checkout processes payments with Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal
Secure SSL checkout provided by Selz
Built-in analytics to see which items are selling
Link to email services like MailChimp and AWeber to build your list and get more leads and prospects from your digital store
You can also limit the number of downloads a customer can make – giving you that extra peace of mind
What kind of design work can you sell with Selz?

What can you sell on your design blog? It depends on who your audience is and what they want.

Are you blogging for fellow designers? They’d love professional design tools like Photoshop brushes, textures, icon sets, fonts, or templates.

If you’re blogging for potential clients, you can sell them pre-made graphics, themes, and templates, and then upsell them on customization services.

Another option is to sell premium tutorials. You can do these as e-books, streaming video, or even combine them together in one premium kit, since Selz allows multiple file uploads for each item.

Selz also makes it easy to sell package and sell services. They can easily make the choice to purchase your services and pay immediately right on your blog, encouraging them to commit quickly to small projects.

How to add Selz to your design blog

There are several ways to add a store to your design blog. You can:

Add “buy now” buttons to your website
Add a full widget with preview images or video and product description
Embed a simple store into your design blog
Create a fully-featured online store, and link to it from your design blog

Here’s how you can start selling from your design blog in minutes:

Create a Selz account: To get started, go the and create your account. You can either create a new username and password, or log in with your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus account.
Add an item to sell: Once you’ve logged in, click the “Sell an item” button on your dashboard, and choose whether it’s a physical product, digital product, or a service.
Enter details: Enter the details of the product, add a preview image or video, and upload any files you’re selling. You can name a price, or let buyers name their own price, and even limit the quantities available (a great feature so you don’t oversell services). Add a detailed description, up to 500 characters. Click “next” to continue. (Don’t worry, all of this information is editable if you want to change some details later.)
Share your item: On the next screen, you’ll see options for sharing your product. You can share a link via social media, or grab the code for a buy-now button or widget to embed in your design blog.

Setting up an online store as a graphic designer
You can use the Store Pro app to create your own awesome looking store that can then be attached to your design blog.  This is a fantastic way to add a store without impacting on your blog.

To open your store: Once you’ve added all the items you’d like to sell, you can use the Store Pro app to set up shop. Click on “Apps” at the top of the page, and then choose to install the Store Pro app.
Customize your look: Once Store Pro is installed, click on “Themes” at the top of the page. You can choose one of the pre-designed themes, or click “More” to code your own by tweaking or editing the CSS. When you’re done choosing your theme, click on “View” to view your store, customize your theme colors, and add your own logo. When you’re ready click “Publish” and your store will be live.
Link to your design blog: Grab your custom store URL (find it by clicking on “Store” at the top of your Selz dashboard, or modify it by clicking on the “Settings” gear icon), and head on over to your design blog. You can also opt to get a custom URL for your store by installing the Custom Domain app. Once you have the URL, you can add the link to your design blog in the main menu, within a post, or link to it with a widget in your sidebar.

You’re done – you’ve now got your own stunning online store attached to your blog.

A no brainer – start building your passive income now

Building a passive stream of income from your blog is a great supplement to your freelance design services, and will also help you to gather leads and build up your client base.

Follow the above steps, and you can start selling on your design blog in just a few minutes!

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