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Born on the beaches of Sydney, our aim is to change the way people and businesses sell online. Selz is about making selling online seriously simple. Our blog has all the tips and things we find interesting about selling online.

The idea

Our key philosophy is that selling and getting paid should be simple. Selling products online or digital downloads from a blog, website, or social networks like Facebook or Twitter should be easy. We want people to be able to build a business from their audience.

That’s why our blog contains all the tips, tricks, and things we find interesting about how to sell online. Plus helpful posts on how to sell ebooks from your blog or website, how to sell on Facebook, and how to sell digital downloads. Plus anything else we think is relevant and interesting!

Who are we?

There’s a lot of talent behind Selz. We’re a diverse, agile, passionate and hard working bunch lead by successful serial entrepreneur Martin Rushe.

The Selz Team