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Working from home really is the dream, but sometimes it can be hard to stay productive and focused without a physical boss to keep you on your toes. As a worker from home, you have the freedom to work from bed in your PJ’s, but sometimes you need the discipline to choose to get up, take a shower, sit at the desk and focus. Here are 7 tips to help get you focused, productive and out of bed while working from home!

1) Get up early: Whether you’re an early bird or not, the saying rings true. You really will get the worm. Getting yourself up and moving early in the day with spark your mind, your body and your creativity! Get yourself in a schedule of waking up at the same time every day to get yourself into a rhythm. Remember, this is what coffee is for. Entrepreneur Ryan Robinson recommends waiting an hour after you get up to even look at your phone as a way of maximizing morning productivity.

2) Eat a full breakfast: I run into this issue all the time. I wake up excited and ready to work (usually because I had a brilliant idea at 3 am), and I simply forget to eat a full breakfast. It’s great to be excited and ready to work, but not so great when your body and brain run out of steam an hour in. It’s a lot harder to come back after a crash than it is to take a beat and have a full, nutritious breakfast. Mom was always right you know, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Get up, get fueled and get ready to attack the day.

3) Write a To-Do List (with a real pencil): As an entrepreneur, your work is typically also your passion. This usually means that you have a million things running through your mind at every second. Start every work day by writing out a to-do list (on a real piece of paper, with a real pencil) so you have tangible goals to stay on top of all day. There really is nothing as satisfying as physically crossing out things on your list.

4) Get outside: Yup, you heard me. Get outside, or at least get out of your house. It’s important to take breaks away from your desk. Remove yourself from work, allow your mind to be free, get some Vitamin D and you’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to rock… and roll, if you’re into that.

There are apps you can use like Stretchclock that will let you set a reminder of when to get out of your chair and move around. Most people recommend moving once every hour, even if it’s just to stretch or grab some water.

5) Create a personalized workspace: While working from bed, on the couch or even in your kitchen while you scarf a sandwich is a great privilege of working from home, your mind may not recognize the difference between work time and relax time. This failure to distinguish work from play can lead to distracted work.

Find a space in your home, no matter how small, that is solely yours and only used for work. Once you’ve got this set up, take a picture of your awesome new workspace, post it on Instagram and show off to all your friends still sitting in cubicles. Make sure you’re spending at least 50% of your day in your office space so that your mind knows it’s focus time.

6) Find Your Go-To Coffee Shop: Working from home is great. That being said, sometimes you need a day to get into a new environment to spark new inspiration. Explore your town and find a coffee shop you love. Find a space where you feel comfortable and focused in (and that plays the perfect work jams…and has the best coffee, obviously). It’s a great option when you are feeling unmotivated. Getting out for a change of pace will positively affect your work.

7) Stay inspired: This is an easy one. The best tip I can give you to make working from home successful is to harness your passion each and every day to stay inspired. Print out your favorite quotes; give yourself a pep talk or whatever you need to do to make every single day productive.

When you’re feeling a little lonely or unmotivated, remind yourself of the freedom you have versus those who have to clock in at their 9-5s. This is why we hustle. (fist bump.)

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Kristen DeCosta is a growth marketer and content marketing specialist turning casual browsers into loyal customers.

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