Want an online store but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars building an eCommerce website? If the answer is yes, then let’s build your own store using Selz and our simple themes!

We’ll show you how to build an eCommerce website in 7 steps, quickly and easily, without any special technical skills or experience.

Building an Ecommerce Website in 7 Simple Steps:

  1. Choose a domain for your eCommerce website

  2. Choose the Right Platform

  3. Design Your Store

  4. Set Up Payments

  5. Add Products

  6. Test the Checkout

  7. Look After SEO and Analytics

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building an ecommerce website
We’ve done a ton of work to make it simple to not only build your ecommerce website, but to turn it into a selling machine. We started with themes – giving you the opportunity to choose from beautifully designed stores to get you started. Then we optimized our store editor – allowing you to fully customize your store by adding blocks, extra features and making it completely unique to your brand. Follow these steps to create an ecommerce website.

Here’s what you need to think about when creating with the best eCommerce platform.

1. Choose a domain for your eCommerce website

Is a custom domain essential for your eCommerce website? The short answer is no. When you register for free with Selz, you instantly get your own sub-domain, like “mysite.selz.com.” This may suffice for your eCommerce website needs. However, if you plan to sell a wide variety of products and develop a brand, a custom domain is the way to go. A custom domain gives your eCommerce store:

Using a custom domain with your Selz store can be accomplished in just a few clicks. If you already have a domain name, you can quickly configure it to your Selz store. If you don’t have a domain name yet, you can purchase and set one up right on your Selz dashboard.

eCommerce website
Here are more detailed instructions for managing your custom domain with Selz.

2. Choose the right platform

This is easy. You ideally want an eCommerce platform that’s flexible and easy to use. Most small business owners don’t want to be bothered with hand coding their website. Business owners and solo entrepreneurs need a platform that they can easily integrate with their existing site. Alternatively, if they don’t have a site yet, they will benefit from a platform that allows them to build a site from scratch, in a few simple steps.

That’s why Selz is a popular choice for many online entrepreneurs. It’s designed to help you create a professional and stylish eCommerce website, at a competition-beating price point. Plus, your store can be easily customized, as you’ll see in the next step.

If you’ve already got a website, you can easily add buy buttons, widgets, or even embed a simple store to any page on your site. If using WordPress for your site, there is a free WordPress eCommerce plugin available for you to use.

3. Design your store

Next, it’s time to design your store. Selz offers a wide variety of customizable, easy-to-use, beautifully designed themes. You can easily demo or preview our themes with your store to make the best choice. Select a theme that represents your brand and allows you to showcase your products in the best light possible.

Selz allows you to add pages, products, blog posts, images, text, videos and more to your online store. This allows you to pique cutomers’ curiosity, and help them feel more comfortable about purchasing products. At the very least, you will want to include an about page and a contact page to help potential buyers connect with you. You can also add video and text onto your pages. Other important items for your eCommerce website include:

  • A photo: People like dealing with real people
  • A store name: Selz uses your account name by default, but you can always change this
  • A logo: For branding and recognition
  • Trustmarks and payment logos: These help people feel comfortable shopping with you and are built into Selz

You’ve already endowed your whole store with a professional, polished look by selecting one of Selz’ themes. Now that it’s installed, you can go ahead and build your store within that structure. The drag and drop store builder makes this process intuitive, easy, and effective.

Check out how our new drag and drop store builder works:

Your store is about to be a transactional hub where you will sell to customers, and build direct relationships with them. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to read our series “Design Your Website To Increase Sales” for more tips and tricks to drive conversions.

4. Set up payments

There are two key aspects of payments for your eCommerce website: how customers are going to pay you, and how you are going to get those payments into your own bank account. In many cases, this means finding a third party payment processor to act as the go-between.

Luckily, when you use Selz, there’s no need for that. It couldn’t be more simple. Selz offers:

  • Secure payment handling
  • Integrated SSL
  • Acceptance of payments from anywhere
  • Payments via PayPal or into your own bank account
  • WordPress eCommerce integration

5. Add products

Now it’s time to add some products to your eCommerce website. Here’s how this works with Selz:

    • Choose your product type (physical, digital or service). If you’re offering a video course, it’s worth noting that Selz has no bandwidth or storage limits and you can upload files up to an enormous 15GB
    • Give your product a name and description
    • Set the price and the quantities available for sale
    • Create a preview of your item by uploading a photo, an audio file or even a video preview
    • Choose from a range of delivery and pricing options, as well as specifying any variants

eCommerce website
It can be tempting to speed through this process, but keep in mind that great descriptions and clear images are proven to convert. Be thoughtful and concise with your copywriting, and check to make sure your images look great. To set yourself up for success, check out 7 Steps to Creating Picture-Perfect Product Images and How to Write Product Descriptions That Drive Sales. Follow these simple guides, and your product pages will be converting customers in no time.

6. Test the checkout

Shopping cart abandonment is the plague of eCommerce websites. Avoid it by:

  • Making sure your website, especially your checkout, works on tablets and smartphones. There are no worries here, as Selz as it’s designed to work on desktops, smartphones, and tablets
  • Enabling customers to purchase multiple items at once
  • Offering free shipping if you can, or being very clear about shipping costs upfront (before customers get to the checkout)
  • Sending cart abandonment emails anytime someone leaves without completing their purchase

abandoned cart emails
In 2017, the Baymard Institute took the average of 37 cart abandonment studies and found that the average online shopping cart abandonment rate is 69.23%. This is an incredible number of carts going un-purchased.

One extremely popular payment option is PayPal. We’ve made it super simple for your store to accept PayPal payments from your customers, using our simple PayPal feature. Yay! With Paypal as a payment option you can take payments from anywhere and give those customers extra peace of mind.

7. Look after SEO and analytics

One thing that is very important in creating your eCommerce website is search engine optimization (SEO). Use the latest guidance on SEO to help people find your eCommerce website, products, and services online.

building an ecommerce website
Track the performance of your eCommerce website with an analytics solution. As well as the business reporting within Selz dashboard, Selz also integrates with Google Analytics so that you can gain deeper insight into how your marketing efforts are performing. This will help you monitor your site and product pages so you can improve them for more sales, reach, and effectiveness.

Extra Credit: Market Your Website

That’s it. You’re done! You now have your own online store.

But, the most important step actually happens after everything else. Once you have created an eCommerce website, you need to promote it to increase traffic and drive sales. It may sound tricky, but it’s actually so simple, because Selz helps you by including:

  • Linking your eCommerce site with Facebook which has one of the biggest audiences for your products.
  • Enabling social sharing for your products – a one-click process
  • Adding customers to your existing email marketing lists (free integration with MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor and more) so you can inform them about new offerings.

Follow these seven steps and you will soon have an eCommerce website that works – in no time at all.


Here’s a recap of what Selz offers for your eCommerce store:

  • Easy store builder so your website is ready in a few minutes
  • Beautiful themes to set up your online store.
  • Use of a custom domain name
  • Multiple payment options, including option of offering PayPal
  • Secure shopping and checkout with SSL
  • Easy customization via content blocks and more
  • Email marketing integration with MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor and more
  • Business automation through hundreds of apps provided by our integration with Zapier
  • Unlimited bandwidth for audio and video

Try out Selz and start building your eCommerce website. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial today to get started!