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In the saturated eCommerce environment, you need to stand out. Personal branding is akin to a neon sign stuck to a roadside establishment. It is the primary identification feature, which humanizes a business for the consumer market.

Personal branding also makes you more credible, earning you the coveted social proof. Subsequently, the more social proof you win, the more customers will flock to your business in droves. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends, acquaintances and even unknown people over companies.

Here are six tips you can learn from the most influential entrepreneurs about personal branding:

Richard Branson, Virgin Group

Running a business does not necessarily have to be “all work and no play.” The visionary Richard Branson’s playful persona is evident in his leisure and travel brand.
Branson is quite active on Twitter where he once described himself as a “tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist, and troublemaker… Dr. Yes”.

Tip to learn: Use social media to create a personal identity that reflects your brand and your true self. Be visible and readily accessible to the consumers and the employees. A stronger personal brand is only possible for networking and socializing.

Research also shows that 82% of people are more likely to trust a brand if their senior executives are active on social media.

Steve Jobs, Apple

Apple has a cult following, and this did not happen overnight. Steve Jobs not only launched the most innovative devices, but he also gave them a sleek, elegant look, which found its appeal amongst the masses. People rush to get their hands on the recent releases often because they come in limited-edition colors and modern designs. His attire, comprising of jeans and a black turtleneck, was simple and unique. His products also channeled simplicity, user-friendliness and a consistent feel.

Tip to learn: Aesthetics are important in personal branding. People remember the image you create and immediately associate it with your product.

Jessica Alba, The Honest Company

The actress ventured into the business world to fill a gap, i.e., the absence of chemical-free, non-toxic products for childcare and household cleaning.

Her role as a conscientious mom made her an ideal brand ambassador who wanted to raise her children in a pure environment. People established immediate trust in her brand because if she was using those products on her children, they must be safe and toxin-free. Consequently, the company is now worth $2 billion!

Tip to learn: Find a common, relatable ground amongst your target demographic and continue to hone the relationship until you see results.

Jack Ma, Alibaba

The rise of the e-commerce website, Alibaba, to the ranks of Amazon and eBay, was phenomenal and unexpected. Jack Ma has an intriguing childhood story that makes him relatable. He rode his bike for several miles every day to interact with the English-speaking tourists and learn the language. His persistence is evident in the success of this organization.

Tip to learn: An intriguing personal story can catapult your branding efforts. Share publicly what motivated you to launch your business and what was the trigger behind your idea. People remember stories so use it to increase brand association.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Email marketing is another useful personal branding technique. The design layout can speak a lot about your brand’s personality, whether it is simple, flashy or dull. Amazon has one of the smartest emailing strategies. They personalize every email using all the available information about the customer. It goes to show that the company is passionate about customer service. They handle each client personally, instead of dispatching a bulk of unimaginative emails.

Tip to learn: Win over your customers through a meticulously designed email marketing campaign. Make your emails a trademark feature of your business, as it is one of the most effective communicating media

Brain Test, an MCI testing application, saw phenomenal results of their email marketing campaign. They acquired multitudes of clients and generated substantial brand awareness.

Sheryl Sandberg,

Sandberg earned a net worth of over one billion from her book “Lean In” and founded She became a household name for breaking through a male-dominated industry. She was initially the COO of Facebook, but her book made a public persona and “leaning in” became the new phrase for self-confident, assertive women in the workplace.

Tip to learn: An excellent way to create a famous personal brand is to stand out from the crowd and carve your distinctive niche.

Bottom Line:

The key to a generating a strong branding identity is to develop a comprehensive plan as early as possible. This allows you to portray a consistent image across all your marketing channels. A useful personal branding technique can help you evolve and grow your company.

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