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Staying productive in the middle of the winter can feel counterintuitive. When it’s been gray for days on end, it can be difficult to want to come up with the details for your next digital program and more alluring to binge Making a Murderer on Netflix, am I right? Don’t worry, we have your back with multiple ways to stay productive during this time of year.

With bad weather confining you indoors, it can start to a feel a little cabin feverish. If you find yourself feeling unproductive and distracted by the cold spell, these are some ideas to hone your energy and attention back to your work. Here are 5 ways to stay productive when you have a case of the winter blahs.

1) Move your body, ideally outdoors

Whether you go for a walk around the block or fit in a full-on run, getting outdoors inspires new ideas and increases your productivity. How many times have you come up with a new idea while working out? It’s true that movement inspires us to think in different ways, so bundle up and head outside.

2) Get out of your pajamas and work from a coffee shop

While you’re at it, why not head to the coffee shop? If you always work from your home office (aka your kitchen table), try out the new cafe in your town – even if it’s bitter cold.

Whether you only work on your business during late nights after your 9-5 or it’s your main gig, give your brain some new perspective. Find a coffee shop near you using Workfrom.

3) Take a break

Instead of forcing yourself to push through your latest blog post or ebook draft, give yourself a mental break. Your best writing doesn’t come when you make yourself be creative.

More ideas and motivation come from actually giving yourself time to rest your brain. Try Calm as a way to make space in your brain for more ideas to flow or do some Yoga with Adriene.

4) Freshen up your space

Whether you do most of your work from the kitchen table or a dedicated office space, sometimes you just need to change up the environment. In the midst of winter, there’s nothing better than a fresh bouquet of bright flowers or even a living plant.

Consider organizing your workspace by getting rid of the clutter and removing anything that doesn’t relate to your business, too.

5) Set some deadlines

Adding some structure to your goals is one of the simplest ways to inspire yourself to get things done. Take a look at any upcoming product launches, ebooks, or sales and schedule in some deadlines. Trello is a cloud-based tool to help you stay organized and it easily syncs up with Sunrise Cal + Google Cal, making it easy to remind yourself what needs to be done.

These are just some of our ways to stay productive when you’re sick of seeing the slushy snow and gray clouds. Whether you head to the coffee shop, freshen up your desk, or take a break, it’s time to kick those winter blahs to the side and seek out the ways that help you stay productive.

What are some of the ways you stay productive and inspired during the winter season? Leave us a comment below.

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Kristen Runvik

Content strategist and holistic herbalist with experience in collaborative content creation and strategy implementation, multidimensional and highly creative content development, ecommerce growth, and medicinal plant, flower, and herb expertise.

Kristen is also the Founder of Lagom Body Co., a multidimensional skincare and lifestyle brand.


  1. Stefan Guy

    Just what the doctor ordered! Some great tips here. Thanks for this Kristen, this blog post was much needed!

    1. Kristen

      Hey Stefan, thanks for stopping by :) Glad to hear that these tips may have inspired you!

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