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In this article, I’m going to cover how to design a brand that becomes a magnet to your ideal customers and how to continue providing value to your audience via your email list, social media, and your sales funnels. You are going to learn exactly how to build a relationship with your customers and serve your audience so you can sell to them with everything you got.

Setting down the foundation to attract your ideal customers is half the battle in becoming an online selling pro. If you want to take this to the ultimate next level, continuing to build the relationship with your leads will keep your favorite customers (who need you most) coming back for more and more. Selling online is all about maintaining and growing that relationship with your ideal clients that you worked hard to attract over time.

Now that you have the basics down, we’re going to cover how to continue to attract and build a deeper relationship with your audience to take your online business to new heights. The relationship truly doesn’t stop after your ideal customer signs up for your email list, gets your free ebook or checklist, or even buys your first product. You want to always lead with value and keep the relationship going, no matter what. Remember, this is a long-term relationship, not a summer fling.

Once you have or you are on your way to having your ideal client defined, you open up so many more opportunities to serve them in a more profound way. You can truly understand what challenges you can help them overcome with your products and services once you take a step inside their world.

Remember, only you have that special zone of genius and your audience needs you and your products. You’ve now learned how to define them and here you’re going to learn how to keep attracting them and keep creating content that is so value-packed they can never ignore you.

Step 1 – Creating a brand style that attracts your ideal customers.

When you have an online business your website and brand design accounts as your online storefront. It also represents your entire first impression and that is exceptionally important when people are making buying decisions online. This is why creating a consistent brand that will make your ideal clients fall head over heels in love with you is vital.

You want your brand design to serve as a tool to attract your ideal clients even more. The reason we are covering this as one of the first steps is that this is one of your brand’s most valuable assets when it comes to selling online. It’s what your ideal client will see first when they stumble upon your website, marketing materials, or social media accounts. They will even see this before they digest all of your copy and other text.

Brand design consistency is also important in building trust and brand recognition. You want your most favorite customers to be able to spot you in a sea of other online distractions. For example, if your post was in your customer’s Pinterest feed would they be able to recognize it as your brand? If they are and they love your content, they will quickly click through to read your latest blog post. If not, it may be overlooked in the crowded land of Pinterest.

Your brand style will develop over time but here’s exactly how to get started so you can be on your way to creating brand consistency. Your brand design starts with a consistent font and color palette. This then leads to your logo design. This will serve as your brand design skeleton. You want to keep these consistent to build trust as I said before. But not only that, you want to have this clear brand guide so it will save you time in creating your marketing and other brand materials. You plug in your fonts and colors and then you have your marketing masterpiece that will attract your most favorite customers.

Let’s start with how to create a visual brand yourself if you don’t have a designer in your back pocket. You can do this if you already have a brand that needs a makeover or if you are starting from scratch.

Defining your own personal brand style preferences
If you have a personal brand, define your own personal brand style preferences. This will be a clear expression of you and work to attract the customers who can relate to your style. The more of “you” you put in your personal brand the more your customers will appreciate your authenticity. This will also serve you so that you will be able to put yourself out there in a way that feels more genuine.

You don’t want to suffer from website shame which means you are afraid of putting yourself out there because you dislike your website or brand design. Making more sales is all about putting yourself out there in a candid way. When you have a brand style that you love, you will feel more at ease at putting your brilliant products and services out into the world. Trust me, I see how intentional brand design makes this happen all the time.

Defining a brand style that attracts your ideal audience
The second part of creating an effective brand design is creating a brand design that directly attracts your ideal audience. This means once you’ve defined your ideal customer, you should analyze and research what online and offline places your ideal client loves to hang out. This could be their local favorite shops, design blogs, social media platforms, events, favorite brands (in any genre), etc. From here, see what visuals surround them so you can get a good idea of the common visual themes that they love and are frequently putting themselves in.

Once you have stepped inside their world see what they see, and you can determine what visually turns them on then write down a couple key descriptive words that describe what style you are going to create from this. Obviously, never copy another brand and make it your own but use this as inspiration to create and design a brand that will attract your favorite customers.

Here we talked about 2 vital aspects to creating your brand style to draw your ideal clients and customers in. I want you to keep both your own personal and ideal client’s style preferences in mind. You may see some major similarities between the two. If not, then try to marry the two styles to create a contrasting look. This will serve to both attract your ideal customers and keep you feeling excited about your brand and putting it out there.

Remember that visuals are vital in engaging your customers to buy, interact, and follow your brand. Don’t worry about not having a perfect brand when you are just starting out. A brand design with intention behind it is much better than a brand with random things mushed together just for the purpose of looking good. With an intentional, beautiful brand, you’ll become a sales magnet to the people who truly need you the most.

Step 2 – Create content that builds an ongoing relationship with your ultimate ideal clients

In part 1, we talked about creating free, consistent content to attract your ultimate ideal clients. Here, in part 2 we’ll be going deeper into what content or lead magnets will truly get your customer ready to buy from you. Continuing to build this relationship will get your audience coming back for more consistently. Creating this type of free, valuable content doesn’t stop after one free ebook, checklist, webinar, or any other content upgrade has been delivered to your lead. It’s ongoing, value-led content that will make your audience fall in love with you and the unique value you can bring them.

Research what ongoing challenges your audience face
When you are creating this type of consistent content keep in mind the extreme value you are going to provide your audience. I want you to really research what type of challenges your audience is having and how you can create something that genuinely helps them. If you lead with how you can serve instead of doing something purely for the sales than your numbers will reflect that in a positive manner.

Building this type of long term relationship via your valuable free content is about continuing to serve your audience during their journey. One of your products or services may have helped them with one challenge but as they advance they may need your help with something else. Take a journey inside their world or even ask a couple of your customers personally what they need help with. Then you can keep creating this type of solution-based content that will guide you in building a more extensive relationship with your audience and customers.

Strive to create focused content that 1. Genuinely helps them and 2. That offers them a bit of your genius that you will then offer in your paid product or service. Always lead with helping your leads and the rest will follow naturally.

You can continue to grow as a business as your audience grows. This is the most exciting part about online business as it is always changing and there is so much room for creativity that you don’t ever need to stay stagnant. Keep taking that journey with your ultimate ideal client so you can keep creating content that leads into products and services that will blow their mind and get them to the next level in their business, life, or anything else you can help them with.

How to keep freebie hunters away
An issue I’ve seen in my own business and other’s is keeping the “freebie hunters” away. These are the people who will join your list just in a search for the next freebie. They don’t really care about your product or services, which is totally ok and fine for these people to join your list. They may unsubscribe or unfollow once they get what they want and that’s ok too. We can’t avoid them completely, but we can do our part to attract the people who will actually be interested in our products and services as well as the freebies we’re giving away.

To focus more on attracting interested buyers you can create content that is focused on your end paid product that you are pitching to sell at the end of your freebie. You can do this by giving away a module in your course, or something else that is more product focused. This type of content will attract people who are truly interested in a deeper relationship with you whether that’s through buying your product or hiring you as a service provider.

Step 3 – Use your email list and social media platforms to create an engaging relationship with your audience

In order to keep an ongoing relationship with your leads and audience, you will need to give them a place to connect with you on an ongoing basis. The best way to do this is through your email list.

You can also do this through your social media platforms but your email list will be the most beneficial asset to your potential customer relationship. This is because your email list is the only thing you own. If Instagram or another social media platform disappeared one day, you wouldn’t have your followers or audience available to you anymore.

Although this is true, building an audience on social media is important to engaging your audience, giving them a peek into your brand and zone of genius, and what you have to offer. You can also utilize social media to grow your email list by guiding your followers to sign up to receive your lead magnet.

Use social media to grow your list
Create an extremely enticing lead magnet and put this in your social media bio so that when your leads stumble upon your profiles they know exactly what to do to and where to get more from you. This is a simple way to funnel your social media audience into your email list.

From there, you can deepen the relationship by showing up in their inbox on a consistent basis with information, guides, and offers that they cannot resist. You want to give them a reason to not only join your list but to stay and open your emails.

It is ok if you get some unsubscribers. It happens often – don’t become discouraged as this is just filtering out the people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer them.

Use your email list to nourish your relationship with your audience
Create such enticing and helpful information that when the time comes to launch your product or share the news about your new service that your audience will be ready to buy. Give them an inside look into your brand and business by offering consistent email content. You want to use this avenue of communication as a way to prime your audience into what you have to offer in the future.

Email marketing is powerful to engage with your audience even further than social media allows. You can think of social media as the initial step into your relationship with your potential leads and audience. If someone quickly glances at your content there and they like it, they are likely to follow you. Continue the relationship by guiding them to your email list. From there, you can continue to serve them and then pitch your product or service to them. By this time they have already had multiple points of connection with you and you have primed them for your brilliant offerings.

Step 4 – Set up authentic sales funnels

I know that sales funnels can seem intimidating, but they don’t have to be. They also don’t need to be sleazy or inauthentic as most people see them to be. Setting up a sales funnel for your product or service is purely attracting the right people to the right product for them and their needs.

But let’s back it up a bit if you don’t know what a sales funnel is. A sales funnel is a process you take your customers through to guide them to buy your product. This starts with free, or a low-cost, but value-packed, offer that leads into a sales pitch for your end product or service.

Start with an insanely valuable free or low-cost email series, course, or ebook
The initial free or low-cost offer is a lead magnet to attract potential customers who would actually be interested in buying your product or services. For example, you can create a sales funnel that starts with a free challenge or mini-course that relates to your end paid products or service. You would then end or mention your paid product throughout offering your insanely valuable free or low-cost content. It is best to keep this as an ongoing series of delivering content so you continue to build and develop your relationship with your lead and potential customer.

Online customer relationships are rarely a linear event. Because the online world is so vast and anything is available, online consumers want to make sure they trust you wholeheartedly before they buy. This is why just slapping together a sales page doesn’t quite work in this age and time. There’s nothing wrong with this. It actually phases out the more sleazy online marketers and let’s the real value-led online sellers have a space with their audiences.

Here’s how to start setting up your own sales funnel to attract your favorite customers that are ready to buy. Start with something that your audience truly needs. I want you to really think about their challenges and concerns that they deal with. I also want you to relate this to your product, but this can either the lite version of your product or a way to educate your audience that they actually really, really need your product to solve their challenge.

When you are setting up this initial content, focus more on the value you can provide. Think of it this way – if you were the ideal customer, what is something that would excite you so much that you would share the heck out of it to all your friends and colleagues?

The best way to deliver your sales funnel
You can set this up in a free ebook, e-course, video series, etc. Keep in the mind what the best way to deliver it both for you and your audience is. My favorite way to set up sales funnels is through an email series. This allows you to get lessons out and straight into your potential customer’s inbox. They can either digest it as you deliver it or easily go back to it when they have time.

You don’t need to hide the fact that your free content leads to your paid product or services. Remember, you are running a business and your audience knows that too, so don’t feel bad for pitching your product at the end. Funnels are purely to guide the right people to the right product. It’s a way to create a clear path for potential buyers to get to know if your product or service is right for them. You can sell with a genuine heart for serving instead of simply making another sale.

Step 5 – Plan, test, analyze and don’t give up!

There’s really no such thing as failure in the world of online selling. It is only collecting information and altering your process based upon that. Our last step here is for you to create a clear plan of action.

Instead of trying everything and hoping one thing pans out in your favor, go all in on one clear sales plan. Once you go all in and put this into full effect, take a step back and analyze the results. Did your sales increase? Did your list grow? Did your social media platforms increase?

If the answer to these questions weren’t what you were hoping for then create a new plan and go all in. Repeat, repeat, repeat! Obviously, put some time into this and don’t give up after one day. Give the necessary time to test your efforts. This will be different for every plan but definitely don’t give up after a week.

Becoming a pro at online selling takes perseverance and patience as most online business success doesn’t come overnight. Once you find a plan that works for you, the possibilities are endless to serving the people who truly need your brilliant products and services.

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