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Could you use a little more money in your bank account? Ready to make a big investment in your business and need to up your cash flow? There are lots of reasons you might want to boost your sales.

Heck, I just love figuring what works for gaining new prospects and creating new customers.

Some of the simplest ways to boost sales of your product are hiding right under your nose. Here are 5 of my favorites—the actual techniques I use when I’m looking to make more sales happen of my books, programs, or membership community.
1) Make your message matter.
The biggest mistake I see creative entrepreneurs making is that they focus their sales message on what matters to them—not what matters to their prospective customers. Marketing and sales is all about connecting to the people you want buying what you create. To do so, you’ve got to speak to them in their language, answer their questions, and acknowledge their frustrations.

The easiest way to do this is to ask yourself: What question are my customers asking right now that this product is an answer to?

Be ruthless. Don’t settle for the questions you wish they were asking. Probe their social feeds, look back through customer communication, and find the real question.

Action Step: Edit your product description to lead with this question and its answer.
2) Remind your people you have something for sale.
Another big sales problem stems from assuming that, once you’ve told your prospective customers about your product once, they know about it.

Savvy marketers follow-up. Again and again and again. Just the other day, I was surprised to find out that a few ardent followers of mine didn’t know about a key offer. It was a wake-up call. I needed to get more aggressive with marketing that product.

If you released a new product last year, last quarter, or last month, I guarantee there are people in your audience that don’t know about it.

Action Step: Send an email update with a direct pitch for this product.
3) Create a Thank You offer.
The moment someone signs up for your email list is one of the moments they are most highly engaged with your brand in their entire life cycle with you. You might think that you need to woo them (with some automated content or your regular blog posts) before you can make them an offer. But if you wait, there’s a good chance you’re leaving money on the table and not giving your new fans exactly what they’re looking for.

I recently used LeadPages to create a landing page for a new Welcome Gift for subscribers on strategies for growing your influence. As soon as someone signs up for that Welcome Gift, they’re directed to a thank you page that offers that $5 off my book, Quiet Power Strategy.

I used Selz marketing features to create that discount and populate the thank you page with a link to a checkout page with the discount already there. No code needed!

My rate of sales has nearly doubled in the time since I implemented this. And, I know that more people reading my book leads to more people purchasing much higher ticket offers down the line.

Action Step: Identify a discount you could offer to new subscribers and use your thank you page to make the offer.
4) Ask your happy customers to talk about your product.
I get it. It can be intimidating to ask people for help. The thing is, your happiest customers would love to do you a favor—and all you have to do is ask.

Use social media, email marketing, or your blog to ask your customers to share their experience with your product with their friends and family. You can even use Click to Tweet to pre-populate a tweet and make it really easy for them.

Customers respond best when you give them a prompt for how to share your product. Don’t just ask them to share, pose a specific question. How is life different for them now? What particular frustration has your product alleviated? What have they been able to accomplish with the help of your product?

Action Step: Craft a blog post, email, or social media update asking your customers to share their product with their friends and family.
5) Spread your influence.
While there are plenty of sales waiting for you in your existing customer base, you have to spread your influence and get in front of new audiences if you want to really boost your sales.

In my Quiet Power Strategy™ coaching program, we talk a lot about the media and how to use it to up your influence. One of my favorite tips is simply to create a media hit list: the 20 media outlets you’d love to see your name or product featured in. They can be blogs, magazines, television shows, podcasts—any media outlet where you’re getting in front of new prospective customers is fair game.

Don’t be afraid to think big either.

Keep in mind that the media is in the business of using experts and influencers to create content for their audiences. They want to hear from you and they’d love to tell your story. And, you do need to present yourself as an expert.

One easy way to present yourself as an expert is to come up with your “creator of,” “founder of,” or “author of” byline. For instance, when I use this byline, “Tara Gentile is a business strategist who…” I get a very different media response than when I use this byline, “Tara Gentile is the creator of Quiet Power Strategy™.” It might be a subtle difference to you, but it makes a big difference in how journalists, producers, and editors see you and your business.

Action Step: Create your media hit list and pitch a story to one of them.

The beautiful part about sales is that it really is in your control. The more you reach out to potential customers, the more potential customers you attract, and the more you connect their needs with your products, the more you’ll sell.

Tara Gentile is the author of Quiet Power Strategy and the founder of Kick Start Labs, a micro business resource library and support community. Get her free guide to growing your influence—even if you’re not the self-promotional tip—by clicking here. Follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.

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Kristen is also the Founder of Lagom Body Co., a multidimensional skincare and lifestyle brand.


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