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These days it seems as though social media has completely swarmed the world of eCommerce. To a lot of store owners, this is an amazing thing, as they now have a free medium to advertise and interact with their audience, something unprecedented to the world of marketing. However, running an eCommerce store’s social media can be a tough task, especially when considering how to stay fresh and on top of things. Not to worry though, as that’s why I’m going to bring you a few tips to using social media to drive sales. Check them out below:

1. Have A Solid Brand

First and foremost, if you’re going to be trying to gain a following, then you’re going to need a brand that resonates with your audience. This is more than just your logo, but the entire personality and mission of your company. Imagine this like a person, someone with a past, present, and future that all work simultaneously together to make them what they are. Quite simply, you have to know the impact you’re trying to create in the world, and why others will care. That’s the essence of your voice on social media, which can be harder to come up with than you might think.

Coming up with your brand is going to require a lot of difficult talks with yourself, as well as knowing why you’re in existence in the first place. However, once you find that, it’s important to take a step back from the amount of investment you’ve put into this. After all, people want somewhat of a human perspective that’s both serious, but at the same time doesn’t take itself too seriously. All-in-all, this going to be one of the most challenging aspects of your outreach efforts, but also one of the most rewarding.

2. Utilize Travel

If you haven’t already started, then utilizing the travels you’re on is an excellent strategy to upping your social media following. Whether it be for conferences, vacations, or even just a day trip to the next town over, taking advantage of the scenery and everything you explore along the way will be great content. As I stated above, people want to experience a human angle to your brand, and one of the best ways to do that is by showing real-life things that you or your team does. Additionally, it showcases a certain sense of authenticity, as these posts show a certain amount of personality you wouldn’t get just showing the average day-to-day. Try to come up with a schedule of when you or your peers are traveling and get them to send a few photos.

3. Don’t Forget Engagement

While you’ve probably heard about engagement before as a marketing term used to describe interaction, the actual execution of that on social media is much more complex than that. Yes, beyond just posting regularly or commenting on other’s posts, the real trick to engagement is making meaningful customer experiences.

The goal here isn’t to have someone buying something right away or just “like” something, but rather have an approach that is about striking up a conversation. Honestly, you may go back and forth with someone who may never buy your product, but if others see that you genuinely care about making a response to them, they’re much more likely to care about what you have going on.

4. Have A Call To Action

One of the golden standards to marketing is having a Call-To-Action, or something for a customer or user to do that’s a quantifiable item to track. For example, having something like “click the link in our bio to read” or “sign up now” are common uses of a CTA on social media. And although some people think this sounds ‘salesy’, it’s actually a strategy noted to work incredibly well. According to data collected by Protocol 80, a CTA to a Facebook post alone raises click through rates by 285%, which is a pretty surprising figure when you consider how simple it is to implement. Try to have an actionable item in your posts, as it will not only give you the ability to track success, but increase the odds of completing a transaction.

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5. Make It Human

While it’s been a general theme of a few of these tips, remembering to stay human while using your brand’s social media will take you a long way. In fact, even having your employees post about your company can provide tremendous benefit. As noted in a study by Nielsen, people are 78% more likely to trust the recommendation of a friend, which is much higher than any other form of advertising. Remember, your business is made of people who hopefully want to see it grow. Let them have the opportunity to do so.


With social media playing such a prevalent role in eCommerce, what are some strategies you’ve considered implementing? Comment with your answers below!

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David Wither

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