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With over a billion monthly users, YouTube has become the second-largest social media platform behind Facebook. Who knew that cat videos and Gangnam Style could evolve into something so powerful? Companies and entrepreneurs are seeing this popularity and are selling on YouTube to help generate more revenue.

With so much promotional opportunity, failing to have a presence on YouTube may be holding you back. We know that the big boys such as GoPro and Nike are utilizing the platform to increase brand awareness and sales, but what about using Youtube to sell your products as an entrepreneur?

Are you starting out on YouTube, considering your own YouTube channel, or wanting to take your current channel to the next level and drive sales?

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Take a look at our 5 of our favorite entrepreneurs who have found success by selling on YouTube:

1. Mia Connor

Mia Connor is an award-winning makeup artist who uses YouTube to post simple how-to videos. She creates useful content that teaches visitors how to use her products. These videos then link directly to her store where you can purchase her full Beauty Master Class. By providing useful content followed by a soft sell, she is driving informed and convinced traffic straight to her beauty products.

2. Kayla Itsines

If you’ve heard of BBG, or have seen a sharp increase in fitness videos and pictures on your Instagram feed, you can blame Kayla Itsines. Through the power of video, Kayla Itsines completely transformed the fitness industry by creating the most popular virtual personal training program. Through short workout clips posted to YouTube, Kayla Itsines successfully leveraged the platform to gain millions of subscribers to her program.

Betty Givan-Betty’s Kitchen

Betty Givan found her claim to YouTube fame by sharing her family recipes on the platform. She started Betty’s Kitchen in 2009 with no intention of turning it into a business. Soon, she discovered how powerful YouTube was as she began connecting and engaging with users all around the world. With over 165,000 YouTube subscribers, Betty Givan has successfully used her videos to send viewers straight to her site to sell her cookbooks.

Lily Singh

Lilly Singh, also known as SuperWoman on YouTube, has built a community of more than 9 million subscribers. Singh is a stand-up comedian and motivational speaker who is using the platform to sell pre-order sales of her book, How To Be A Baws. Through comedy, strategic placements, and entertainment, Lily Singh is becoming one of the most popular and successful YouTube stars selling directly from the platform.

Michael Dubin-Dollar Shave Club

If you have any sort of online presence, you have probably run into Dollar Shave Club’s viral video “Our Blades are F**cking Great” where CEO Michael Dubin comedically describes why his blades are “so f**cking great”. In the first 48 hours after the video was posted to YouTube, about 12,000 people subscribed to Dollar Shave Club. Michael Dubin is the perfect example of how one entrepreneur’s strategic use of YouTube led him to become an extremely influential and successful business.

Now that you’ve seen the best of the best, it’s time to start selling yourself!

Check out our YouTube playlist for tips and tricks:

Draft up a strategy to create high-quality, relevant content that is valuable to your fans and customers alike.

  1. Make sure you are including links in your videos directly to your products (here’s how to do that: sell on YouTube) in order to drive traffic from your YouTube channel directly to your products.
  2. Make sure it’s easy for users to get from your video to their purchase.
  3. Start recording, uploading, and selling on YouTube today!

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