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The blogosphere is a noisy place, and as creative people it can be hard to narrow down exactly which blogs you want to read, podcasts you want listen to, and newsletters to sign up for. If you’re anything like me, you probably suffer from inspiration FOMO (fear of missing out). You never know which article or post is going to hit you between the eyes with such clarity that it causes you spring into action and create your next masterpiece, right? The reality is, that information overload can be what’s clouding your vision and causing you to lose focus on your own work.

So here are my 5 Blogs that I think are all you need for now. I’ve chosen a few that you’ll find inspiring and refreshing, light rather than heavy, so that you’ve got room to move with your own ideas in the gaps.



Maria Popova is a prolific blogger based in New York with a serious reading addiction. With topics ranging from literature to the universe, but always with a focus on the person behind the work, Brain Pickings is a beautifully quirky place to explore. Think Dr Seuss meets Freud and Carl Sagan.



If you’re looking for someone to set you straight when it comes to your business, Tara Gentile is your woman. Her no fuss, brainy approach to money in particular will help you sort out your business brain and her background working with creative entrepreneurs means that you’ll identify with the problems she’s solving. Lots of practical tips that will change your attitude to earning a living doing what you love (yes, you should be charging more).



Yep, we’ve partnered up with podcast king BlogcastFM, and there’s good reason why. Host Srinivas Rao has a real knack for getting the juiciest info out of his guests, which range from marketing gurus like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki, over to Danielle LaPorte and James Altucher. My favourite thing about it is that you can plug in and listen while you’re walking, painting, coding, whatever it is that you do. Just make sure you keep a notepad nearby – you never know when you’ll hear something that causes a light bulb moment.



Important messages with a twist are what you’ll see on this blog by Gavin Aung Than. Than turns great quotes and speeches from personalities past and present into comic strips – an amazingly effective and accessible combination that make it hard to stop at just one. It’ll make you think about how you can deliver your product with a fresh angle, and it’ll also make you think about the big picture if you’ve been stuck in your creative bubble for a while.

the story of telling


Bernadette Jiwa’s understated and gentle writing style will make you think about what you’re really offering your customers. Her ‘Fortune Cookie Principle’ points out the difference between becoming a commodity or becoming a brand, and the way you choose to deliver your message to the world.

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