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If you’re looking to seriously grow your business, focusing on the small stuff that shapes your day is the first positive step you can take. All the small stuff is what shapes your life, anyway. Shaping your day-to-day life can keep yourself on track to your business goals.

We first make our habits then our habits make us – John Dryden

Last year we worked with lots of fantastic entrepreneurs. Impressed by their online marketing and sales, we noted which 3 mindful habits we observed across that group. Here are some of our suggestions for smart habits for sticking to your business goals.

1) Make thinking time.

Modern life is reactive and interruptive. We’re all focused on doing that we easily forget to take time to simply… think. Did you know that Oprah Winfrey has two “thinking sessions” of 20 minutes per day where she sits calmly and reflects? It seems to be working for her.

Another common theme among our top sellers is they ‘defend’ time every day to think. This quote from Warren Buffet says it all:

I insist on a lot of time being spent, almost every day, to just sit and think. That is very uncommon in American business. I read and think. So I do more reading and thinking, and make less impulse decisions than most people in business. I do it because I like this kind of life. – Warren Buffet

2) Seek mentoring.

It’s pretty commonplace these days to have a mentor (plus, we think they are a great idea). They aren’t meant to be all-knowing: it’s not like you need to catch up with Oracle of Delphi or Dr. Spock every week for coffee. In fact, being able to articulate the boundaries of their knowledge and experience is a key quality of a good mentor.

The major benefit of a mentor is perspective. Running a business can be all-consuming, so you need someone who can give you perspective. That key ability, to be able to put things in perspective, often comes with experience and age. So often, good mentors are people who have been around the loop a few times and learned some life lessons – often the hard way.

Mentoring relationships can be formal or informal. Free or paid. Many of our super-sellers have arranged mentoring relationships for themselves and often share just how much they value them.

Small business, you can give them capital, but what they often need as much is mentoring, advice, and help with their business plan – Karen Mills

3) Streamline your daily task list.

If it doesn’t get written, it doesn’t get done. Daily task lists are surely the greatest return on time invested ever invented. But, there are some simple ways to make sure your daily task list is really working for you.

Try writing it the night before: The end of the day is often calmer than the morning and it can help you think about tasks with greater perspective.
Assign time estimates: Don’t give yourself tasks unless you have genuinely considered how long they are going to take to accomplish.
Break tasks down into manageable chunks: By all means, make a note of your bigger strategic objectives so you’re reminded of the bigger picture. But, there shouldn’t be any tasks on your list which take more than 3 hours.

Making time to think quietly about your business and life, seeking out a mentor, and streamlining your daily task list are 3 productive and smart habits to get into for bringing your business goals to life.
What are some habits that have helped you grow your business? Leave us a comment below.

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Kristen Runvik

Content strategist and holistic herbalist with experience in collaborative content creation and strategy implementation, multidimensional and highly creative content development, ecommerce growth, and medicinal plant, flower, and herb expertise.

Kristen is also the Founder of Lagom Body Co., a multidimensional skincare and lifestyle brand.