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SEO, or search engine optimization, can feel daunting, especially as a new business owner. From creating products, to sending out newsletters to your audience, and scheduling social media posts and content, SEO can feel like just another task to your already robust to-do list. Besides that, it can feel like a total mystery, which doesn’t inspire you to do much with it. We are going to shed some light on the subject and give you some simple SEO lessons that will get your content recognized.

SEO is crucial for getting your content in front of more people. Why? Because, over 1 billion unique searches are conducted monthly on Google as of February 2015. That’s a huge number! By upping your SEO game, your chances of being seen in results is a lot higher. To see how many searches are happening right now, check out Internet Live Stats, which is a live counter of Google searches happening around the world right now.

Last week, I sat in on Liz Lockard’s webinar on how to create content that both your ideal clients and Google will love. The webinar, cohosted with the ever insightful Tara Gentile, helped demystify some of the biggest difficulties we perceive of SEO.

Here are the 3 simple SEO lessons from Liz Lockard you need to know

First, SEO is the art of getting found on Google and other search engines
I’m the first to admit that SEO is not my favorite thing: nothing about it sounds fun, simple, or exciting. But, the way Tara and Liz spoke about SEO as an art made me feel excited, because it changed the way I looked at SEO: from something mathematical and boring, to something with artful potential and creativity. When Liz said that SEO is the art of getting found, it made a whole lotta sense, since over 1 billion searches happen every month online. As Liz mentioned:

The goal with SEO isn’t just more traffic—it’s more of the RIGHT kind of traffic.

Second, SEO doesn’t need to be hard; you just need to know who your ideal buyer is
If you don’t know who is buying your product, or who you want to be buying your product, it’s pretty difficult to write copy, create products, and craft SEO that speaks directly to them. The key here is to identify exactly who your ideal buyer is.

To figure out, or hone in on your ideal buyer , ask yourself:

  • who is buying your product or service?
  • where do these individuals live? When do they need your product / service the most?
  • why are they buying your product? (Don’t know? Survey your past customers and clients!)
  • what are they struggling with the most? How does your product help them fix their problem?
  • who can you help the most with your product / service? Why? How?

Once you’re able to answer these questions, you’re able to laser in on your ideal buyer and what they’re searching for, literally.

Lastly, the only keywords that matter are the ones your ideal buyer is using

We can bet potential buyers reach out to you often, whether that’s through an email to find out more about a product, a Tweet (or retweet!) in response to something you posted, or a Facebook page comment. Every time you hear from a potential, or existing customer, start collecting the exact phrases they use. Something Liz stressed was that our ideal buyers are communicating with us all the time and showing us exactly what type of phrases and copy resonates the most with them. If you want to tap into your ideal buyer community, it’s crucial that you’re listening and tracking what your potential buyers are saying. Liz suggests creating a document or notebook where you can track what your ideal buyers are saying, verbatim. After the webinar, I started doing this myself for the Selz content creation by creating a new Trello board titled Target Market Word Dump for SEO & Content Ideas.

We suggest creating your own Word Dump, whether that’s recorded digitally, or on a piece of paper. By collecting this information, your SEO process becomes super simple as your buyers and clients are doing the heavy lifting for you: they’re telling you exactly how they want to be spoken to.
Onto you!
What’s the biggest takeaway you’ve learned from this post? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

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