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In this article we’ve created a features release overview for Selz ecommerce. This article will give you a comprehensive look at the evolution of ecommerce and how we work to meet customer needs and expectations.

Some features have different names today, but the platform is still as simple to use today as it was in 2013. Our team is constantly working on updates and new features to grow your business. 

Read here for details on our most recent feature releases and check out our support site for details and instructions on how to add these features today!

May 2016

Selz Now Available in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore entrepreneurs!

We’re happy to announce that we’re now processing credit card payments in Singapore using Selz Pay. Selz Pay can process all major credit cards for you and pay the money directly into your bank account.

If you want to accept PayPal as well as credit cards (which we recommend) you can also connect your PayPal account and get paid using our PayPal app.

Whether you are just starting out with selling online or you’ve been selling online for awhile, Selz provides a robust set of tools for marketing and selling your products online. 

You can easily sell directly from your own website using our Buy Now buttons and widgets or create your very own professional ecommerce store. Each Selz account comes with a free Facebook store, too.

Selz makes it easy to sell:

  • eBooks
  • digital downloads
  • services
  • documentaries
  • tutorials
  • physical products

Update: Get Paid Daily, Weekly, or Monthly on Selz

Selz enable cart - one more way that Selz makes ecommerce simple and powerful

You can now choose your transfer schedule on Selz: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. You can get paid your way!

We realized that although paying our entrepreneurs out every day worked like a charm for most, some entrepreneurs based outside the US prefer a weekly payout schedule and many even requested monthly payouts.

So, you can now choose the payout frequency that works for you and your business.

Choosing your transfer schedule is specifically for those using Selz Pay to accept credit cards on Selz. If you are using our PayPal app, you are paid immediately into your PayPal account as normal when an order is processed.

Selz transfer schedule options

You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly intervals for your transfer schedule. Here’s a bit more about how that works:

Daily: Get paid daily for your Selz sales. This means we’ll bundle all your sales from today and send payment to you in 7 business days. This means that you can expect to see deposits into your bank account daily if you make sales daily.

Weekly: Get paid weekly for your Selz sales. This means we’ll bundle all your sales from up to 2 days before your transfer day into your bank account. For example, if your transfer day is Wednesday, we’ll include all sales up until Monday in your transfer on Wednesday.

Monthly: Get paid monthly for your Selz sales. This means you’ll be paid for all sales made up to 7 days prior to your selected date into your chosen bank account. 

For example, if you choose your transfer date as the 15th of every month, you’ll receive all orders for payments from the 15th of the past month until the 8th of the current month.

6 New Optimizations at Selz This Month

Selz dashboard is where you run the ecommerce for your small business

We’re always listening to the community’s feedback and have made 6 new optimizations at Selz this month based on your ideas with more to come.

Now, you can offer specific discounts to customers through Custom Receipts and Abandoned Cart emails, switch off file descriptions on your digital product pages, and more easily manage your payment gateways and transfer schedule among other small, yet smart, tweaks.

Here’s everything that’s happened at Selz over the last few weeks.

Easily manage your payment gateways

If, at any time, you need to stop or pause taking payments on your Selz account, you can easily switch your payment gateways on or off.

Offer specific discounts in Custom Receipt and Abandoned Cart emails

You can now switch on specific discount codes within Custom Receipts and Abandoned Cart emails. This means you can offer a specific discount code tailored for:

  • Customers who have abandoned the checkout process
  • Customers who have purchased a product from you

With our discount feature, you can discount orders over a specific amount, offer a specific discount on all your items, offer free shipping, or discount a single item. It can be a very effective way to incentivize customers to come back.

Choose your own transfer schedule

You can now choose the payout frequency that works for you and your business. You can set your schedule to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Turn off file description for digital products

Don’t want to show the file type on your digital product listings? You can easily switch this off.

This means that if you have a PDF, ZIP, or mobi file, etc., for sale, but you don’t want to show this to customers, you can simply switch the File description area off. 

This is especially beneficial for sellers who sell access to membership communities or online courses by providing passwords via a PDF: If a customer expects to be paying for access to a membership community, seeing that they only receive 1 PDF could cause confusion.

Process credit card payments in Singapore with Selz Pay

Last, but not least, Selz is now available to sellers based in Singapore as we’ve added Singapore to our list of countries we now offer credit card payments in. 

We are continuing to review additional payment processors to expand our reach in the future.

April 2016

Start Shipping on Selz Using Our Powerful New Features

Searching for Selz and how to print shipping labels? Selz has everything you need for shipping and fulfillment success

Providing good shipping for your physical products like T-shirts, DVDs, apparel or crafts is an incredibly important part of running your business. That’s why we’re excited to announce our powerful new features.

Ready to start shipping on Selz?

With our new Shipping Plus app, you can now customize shipping rates for your physical products based on destination, quantity, value and weight. Total control and total configurability. Awesome.

With the Shipping Plus app, you can:

  • Create dynamic shipping rates depending on quantity, value, and weight
  • Create weight-based shipping rates on a per-item basis
  • Set rates for special delivery options, like Standard, Overnight, Priority
  • Enable or disable shipping to specific countries
  • Offer free shipping for individual items

It’s easier than ever to start shipping on Selz. 

Ciao Italia! Selz is now in Italian

Offering your ecommerce store in the native language of your buyers is an important part of preventing abandoned carts and doubling your sales. Whether you’re based in Italy – or your customers are – you can now offer your Selz store in Italian.

Whether you are an existing Selz entrepreneur based in Italy or are interested in selling online in Italian, Selz makes it simple.

Per il mio business e vendita degli infoprodotti mi affido a Selz. Nessuno dei miei clienti ha mai riscontrato problemi con il loro sistema di vendita e le conversioni sono in continuo aumento. Lo staff è eccezionale! – Alessio Furlan

How it works

Enabling Italian on your Selz store is simple. All you need to do is create a Selz account or log into your Selz account, click on Settings > Details, scroll down the page to Languages and choose Italiano from the drop down menu:

Selz is also available in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and French. Learn how to set your Selz store language.

Why use Selz?

Whether you are just starting out with selling online or you’ve been selling online for awhile, Selz provides a robust set of tools for marketing and selling your products online. 

You can easily sell directly from your own website using our Buy Now buttons and widgets or create your very own professional ecommerce store. Each Selz account comes with a free Facebook store, too.

Update: Storewide Discounts Are a Go!

Discount code illustration from Selz ecommerce for business growth

We’re excited to announce you can now offer your customers storewide discounts. No more creating discounts on a per-item basis. 

Instead, you can create a single discount code which applies to all your products. More sales and time to do the work and less time doing admin.

Whether you want to offer free shipping for all orders over $50 or discount a single item for a 3-day sale, Selz makes it super simple for you to create incentives for your customers.

What you can do with Selz storewide discounts

Whether you want to discount or offer free shipping on orders over a specific amount, offer a specific discount to all your items, or discount a single item, it’s now easier than ever. 

You can set an expiration date for your discount, too, making it easier to automate your online marketing and create a custom code to track where sales are coming from:

Discount types

Discount types are still $ off, % off, totally free, or free shipping. Consider offering your customers a spring or summer discount with the new storewide discount feature.

Get started with storewide discounts

Enticing your customers to buy from you is easy when offering special discounts. Plus, discounts show you where your customers are coming from, giving solid numbers to your marketing efforts.

Storewide discounts is a feature for all sellers, no matter what plan you’re on. Find out how to set up your storewide discounts and increase those sales today.

New Feature: Free Stock Images

Making a good impression on your customers before they even buy is an important part of selling online. 

One way to create a professional online store is by using professional photos in your carousel and hero images, so we’ve partnered up with Pexels to offer free stock images for your Selz store. Win win.

Beautify your Selz store with free stock images

Selz themes are versatile and professional for your ecommerce website

Your Theme now comes with a free stock image library to beautify your store in a super simple way. 

You can still upload your own images if you like – it’s totally your choice.

Adding professional stock images is a surefire way to impress your customers and stand out online. 

March 2016

Woohoo! We’re Moving to Daily Payments

As of March 2016, we’re stepping up the pace and moving to daily payments.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how important cash flow is.

No more waiting til Friday: Now you’ll get paid every day.

We used to batch payments to you every Friday for sales made in the previous week. This meant that in some cases you might be waiting up to 10 days for the proceeds of a sale.

As of Monday, March 14th, we’re going to pay out every day. Every payout is for sales made seven business days prior.

You don’t need to do anything — we’ll automatically switch you over to daily payments as of March 14th. These changes are for sales paid for using credit cards and for payments made direct to your bank account. 

We’re super excited about this change because helping you to grow your business is what we’re about.

New Feature: Post Purchase Redirect

Introducing our new Post Purchase Redirect feature: This super-simple yet amazingly versatile addition to your Selz checkout is perfect for a whole range of uses.

For a few brief moments after making a purchase, you have your customers’ undivided attention. Making the most of it can be extremely rewarding. 

We’ve long been touting the benefits of using features like Custom Receipts and adding buyers to your mailing list to enhance those feel-goods after a buy. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve come up with another simple and effective method.

Here are just some of the places that you could be directing your customers after they’ve bought from you:

  • To a custom thank you page on your site
  • Back to your storefront for more shopping
  • To a secret page on your site with exclusive content
  • To a download page: Perfect for giving away a free digital product like an ebook or video
  • To a social media page for encouraging engagement
  • To a specific product listing in your store
  • To a shareable page for encouraging awareness on social media

The great news is that, like all our features, it’s simple to set up. You can be redirecting your buyers in about a minute.

Multiple Images are Here!

We see thousands of beautiful products with slick branding being sold through Selz, so we’re super excited to release optional Multiple Images on all product listings. Now you’ve got even more of a chance to show off your products and services.

With Multiple Images you can show your customers every angle, every variant, and every glossy photo. Front and back, top and sides – you’ve got it covered.

For sellers of physical products, this feature is essential. If you’re selling digital or service products, then you’ve got even more opportunity to show off stunning screenshots and branding.

You can add video or audio previews to still images and screenshots to really enhance your offering and drive sales home.

The new Multiple Images feature is simple to use and included in all our plans. We hope you enjoy it!

New Feature: Custom Fields

We just released the ability to collect Custom Fields from your buyers at the checkout. 

Whether you want to collect a birth date, phone number, gift details, delivery info, Twitter handle or anything you can think of, now you can do it easily with our Custom Fields feature.

Many of you have asked for Custom Fields to collect extra information from your customers during checkout without having to personally follow up with them. 

As entrepreneurs, we know you’re busy, so this feature makes it super-efficient and convenient to collect valuable additional information at the point of purchase.

Our Custom Fields feature is totally flexible. It can be required or optional for buyers. You can enable and disable different Custom Fields, depending on business needs.

There are 6 types of Custom Field available:

  • Text: A buyer can enter text
  • Number: A buyer can enter a number
  • Date: A buyer can select a date from a date picker
  • Checkbox: A buyer can check one or more checkboxes
  • Toggle: A buyer can toggle one or more switches
  • Radio: A buyer can choose from multiple options in a radio button list
  • Dropdown: A buyer can choose from multiple options in a dropdown menu
  • Use Custom Fields to collect your buyer’s phone number.

This feature will also integrate flawlessly with any embedded stores, items, and widgets.

February 2016

Important Feature Release: New Store Editor

User experience is everything to us at Selz. We’re constantly looking for new ways to give you a smooth and beautiful experience when you’re running your business online.

Your feedback told us our old Store Editor wasn’t as intuitive as we’d like. So a few months ago, we set about improving the experience to make it quicker and simpler for you to spin up beautiful stores and pages.

We’re really thrilled to release our all new Store Editor today and we think you’re going to like it.

First up, here are some of the things we didn’t love about our old editor:

  • Having to refresh the window when saving changes and losing your position within the editor as a result (that sucked)
  • No way to preview on mobile devices like phones and tablets
  • Adding and editing pages was confusing
  • Parts of the window being blocked by the editor sidebar

We think we nailed all these nasties and much more besides. There is always (always) room for improvement. But we think our all-new store editor is pretty awesome and here are some of the reasons why:

  • The store is now displayed in a frame, meaning that your store loads independently of the editor controls
  • Easier navigation to the pages you want to edit via the editor rather than by having to click the page in the store
  • When you make a new page, the store frame will load it so you can add content straightaway
  • Desktop, tablet and phone preview modes with tablet and phone horizontal modes too (based on iPad and iPhone resolutions)

New Feature: Skip to Checkout for Embedded Items

We felt the need, the need for speed.

Getting to the checkout as quick as you can shouldn’t be a drag. You want your customers to be able to easily pay for what they want in that second they decide to buy from you. 

We know that if you’re embedding your button into a sales page in your site, then you’re probably embedding it there because you already have all your product info and images there. 

In that case, there’s no need for them to go through it again once the click that Buy Button. They’re already converted!

So, we’ve made it even faster for your buyers to pay you, by adding an optional ‘Skip to checkout’ feature for all embedded buttons and widgets. 

New Feature: Selz Invoices 

Nobody likes to think they’re paying the taxman more than is needed. That is why we are excited to announce the Selz Invoices feature for plans and apps.

We’re pleased to say you can now view and download a tax invoice for any Selz plan. 

January 2016

Update: New ‘Simple’ Theme Styles and How to Use Them

We’ve always loved to keep things simple, but we also know that you love having options when it comes to the way you can make your store look and feel. Now you can have the best of both worlds with our new theme styles.

Our ‘Simple’ theme styles are our go-to choice if you want a slick, clean look for your store. All the usual powerful features are here. 

Social integration, custom colors and fonts, secure payment processing, carousel banners, a blog and the ability to add content pages, all within a beautiful and simple to navigate storefront.

Now, we’ve dished out 3 new styles for this theme, so you can easily get the look that you want. 

Ready to make your store look amazing!

December 2015

New feature: ‘Email Delivered’ status

Selz and email lists go together for strong ecommerce conversions

Wondering if your customers are receiving their purchase receipts after they buy from you? 

Transparency is key when you’re running a business and we didn’t want to leave you in the dark about what kind of experience your customers are having. 

Don’t worry, we have you covered with our new ‘Email Delivered’ feature.

We’ve made it easy for you to know whether or not your customer has received their purchase receipt. Now, if a customer lets you know that they didn’t get an email confirming their purchase, you can check out what’s happened.

There are 3 status’ that you could potentially see in your dashboard:

  • Email delivered
  • Email bounced
  • Email flagged as spam

What do I do if my buyer says they didn’t get their purchase email?

If an email has bounced, then it can be for a few reasons such as the buyer has entered an incorrect email address (check the spelling), their inbox is full, or they had an issue receiving the email at the time that we sent it.  

If an email is flagged as spam, then it’s likely that the email is just sitting in your buyer’s spam folder.

Selz Says Hello Vietnam!

We’re excited to announce that Selz is now available in Vietnam!

Now, our amazing feature set is available to entrepreneurs in Vietnam and we’re delighted to expand to this thriving region of super savvy online sellers. 

Now you can create a beautiful ecommerce site, or integrate our seamless checkout into your existing website or blog. 

November 2015

New dashboard changes

We just released some cool upgrades to your dashboard. As you know, we like to keep everything simple, but we also know that you absolutely LOVE having an at-a-glance understanding of your business, your sales and your growth. 

We’ve added more information to your dashboard but as always, have kept the UI simple and intuitive. Less clicking around for you means more time spent on doing the things you love.

Once a month app billing

We’ve also further simplified the way you pay for apps. If you already have more than one app there will only be one billing date per month. 

We’ve taken the first app billing date in the month and this will be your only billing date each month. All your apps will be billed at one easy-to-remember time.

The Unlimited Items app

We’ve just introduced the Unlimited Items app which gives you to the ability to fill your store to the brim! Jump over to the apps page to snap this one up – perfect for sellers with larger product suites and a more professional retail presence. 

Selz Says Hello India!

We’re excited to announce that Selz is now available in India!

Now, our amazing feature set is available to entrepreneurs in India as well as surrounding countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka (just in time for Diwali). 

Selz Says Hello Russia!

Selz Says Hello Indonesia!

Selz Says Hello Brazil!

We’re delighted to expand to these thriving regions – now you can create a beautiful eCommerce site, or integrate our seamless checkout into your existing website or blog. 

All you need is a PayPal account to get started selling digital, physical and service products for your business.

Optimization: Address Collection

You know how we love our feedback here at Selz, so when you said you wanted a sleeker checkout process for your buyers, we listened. 

We’ve now made a change to our address collection feature so that if you aren’t collecting sales taxes or require shipping for your products, you can choose whether to collect a billing address or not. 

This means a quicker purchase flow and higher conversions – sounds good to us.

October 2015

New Feature: Manage Dropbox and Kindle Downloads

selling digital products

When you’re selling an eBook or tutorial online, you want to have control over how it’s distributed. That’s why we’ve created a way to manage Dropbox and Kindle downloads. 

This new feature gives you peace of mind about how your digital products are being consumed while allowing your buyers to choose their download method of choice, depending on the product.

How Managing Dropbox and Kindle download works

Limiting Dropbox and Kindle downloads helps you offer your buyers a way to save your product to Kindle or Dropbox, or neither! 

Your buyers will still always have the option to save to their computer (unless you are streaming a video tutorial), so providing an option to save to Kindle or Dropbox can be a good choice for your business, depending on the products you sell.

Selling eBooks or digital guides?

If you’re selling an eBook through Selz, we always suggest sellers allow their buyer to send your eBook directly to Kindle. This makes the buying experience more smooth and they can read their new eBook on the device they prefer.

Selling fitness videos or tutorials?

If you’re selling fitness videos, art tutorials, or any other digital product, allow your buyer to download to Dropbox for viewing now or later. It also provides a safe place for their product to live in case their computer crashes.

6 Simple Selz Features That Could Double Your Sales

No doubt you’re already loving your Selz store and growing your business. Did you know that Selz has a bunch of little-known features that you could be using double your sales? 

We design everything with your sales and customer’s experience in mind, so check out these tools to see what improvement you can make to your store today. 

Abandoned Cart

Did you know 68.53% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale? That’s a whole lot of dollars that you’re missing out on! 

Luckily, you can win back customers by sending customizable email reminders with the Abandoned Cart app. 

Customers receive a professional, friendly email from you that reminds them they didn’t finish their order and are provided with a link so they can quickly complete their unplaced order with a few clicks.

Other Abandoned Cart benefits:

  • Recover lost sales and generate more revenue
  • Automatically contact customers to complete their purchase
  • Fully customizable email templates

Shopping Cart

This one makes perfect sense: the more your buyers can put in their cart, the more they’re likely to purchase! 

The Shopping Cart app will see your order values increase by up to 50%. More sales for you and happier customers with a more streamlined purchase process. It also means you can create friendlier, more practical pricing around shipping by having a flat rate per order rather than per item.

Other Shopping Cart app benefits:

  • Customers can purchase multiple products in a single order
  • Automatically calculate shipping rates for multiple item orders
  • Multi-currency support
  • No setup required: just install and you’re ready to go


Sell more to the 143 million PayPal online shoppers by giving them the choice and peace of mind of using our PayPal app. 

Using PayPal in addition to major credit cards can increase your sales by 25%. Your customers will be able to purchase using their PayPal account and you’ll get paid direct into your PayPal account.

Other PayPal app benefits:

  • Buyers can use PayPal to purchase without leaving your site
  • Instant payments direct into your PayPal account
  • Payment processing rate based upon your PayPal account

Custom Receipts

Are you saying thank you with purpose? Your next sale is 3x more likely to come from someone who has already bought from you.

The Custom Receipts app lets you send customised email receipts that include suggestions for top selling items, discount codes for their next purchase or you can add a link to your blog or store to drive traffic back to your site.

Other Custom Receipt app benefits:

  • Showcase your top selling items and include a discount code to encourage more purchases
  • Customise the order confirmation emails sent to customers after a purchase
  • Include a personalised message within the receipt
  • Send customers back to your site or elsewhere with external links

Discount codes

Use discount codes to offer an exclusive price to your customers or give them free shipping. 

Buyers love to be given free shipping and love to feel as though they are part of an exclusive group, so the chances of them snapping up your deal are high!

  • 85% of consumers rate free shipping as the No.1 purchase incentive
  • 61% of consumers will cancel their order if free shipping is not offered

Pay What You Want

A more controversial choice, Pay What You Want (PWYW) pricing can be a seriously effective way to increase sales and selling prices. Customers love being given control, so giving them the choice to pay the price they feel is right can empower a fence sitter to take that next step. 

It can also inspire generosity in a sale, with the buyer being held accountable for the value they place on your item: nobody wants to look cheap! 

It’s not for everyone, though. We recommend using PWYW pricing more for digital products like eBooks, video tutorials (pictured below), and guides.

September 2015

New feature: Add a Blog to Your Store!

Blogging is popular and effective for selling online

When it comes to creating an online store that keeps buyers coming back and (importantly) sharing with their friends, a smooth buying experience is simply part of the puzzle. 

Blogs are the de facto way to build engagement with your customers. Now, you can add a blog to your store that is fully functioning and integrated with our cool new blog feature.

Add a blog to your store

As you know, blogging is a great way to boost your SEO and get found online. Stand out from the crowd and add richness and depth to your store with fresh articles as often as you like.

Other blog benefits:

Supercharge your SEO

Showcase your products and share your latest news

Build authority in your niche

Engage and connect with your fans

The Abandoned Cart App is here!

An incredible 63.85% of customers abandon their carts at the checkout. Those are your customers, too.

Why is this important? Because you work nights and weekends on your business. You bust a gut (and your credit card) getting traffic to your site. You painstakingly guide your visitors to the checkout. Then 63.85% of them just walk away.

At Selz, we’re all about you selling more online, so we’re thrilled to release our Abandoned Cart app which automatically detects abandoned carts and helps you bring them back. We’re convinced you’ll love it.

You’ll have full visibility around who abandoned their cart in your store and what products they were going to buy. Best of all, you’ll be able to send a customized and thoughtfully timed email to your potential customer. 

You can remind them their cart is ready and waiting for them to complete their purchase. You can also opt to send another follow up afterward if the cart remains abandoned after the initial email. You can customize your message as you like.

We’ve already seen huge success in the first 2 weeks since releasing the abandoned cart app: sellers with an extra $600 in their account which would have otherwise been lost to abandoned and forgotten carts. Not bad for just a few dollars a month.

July 2015

Boutique: Our Latest Theme

Boutique is the latest theme out the door for Selz. Install the Boutique theme, and you’re well on your way to having a seriously sexy store.

Boutique is a gorgeous and simple responsive theme. Designed to make the most of your amazing product photography, we’ve pumped it up with full-screen imagery and sliding carousels that display your products in their full glory. 

It’s best for ecommerce stores that have high-resolution images and is perfect for fashion, beauty, and wellness businesses that want to speak their brand through imagery.

As well as the stunning photo display you’ll also get all the usual bells and whistles like the ability to fully customize your colors, add contact, content, and about pages, and hook up all your social media accounts.

  • Fully customizable
  • Full-length category headers
  • Content creation for “About” and “Contact” pages
  • Sliding category and product display
  • Seamless checkout experience

June 2015

New Feature: Checkout V2

We’re all about helping you sell more online by keeping things seamless, simple and beautiful. So we’re super excited to release our new Checkout V2 – our best customer retail experience yet.

Checkout V2 is the result of hundreds of hours of user analysis and feedback. The result is a highly optimized, checkout that looks and feels great. It’s smoother and simpler for your buyer, with a slick, single-point-focus window that keeps your buyers where we want them – on your site.

Don’t be fooled by the design simplicity. Checkout V2 is packed with lots of smarts. For example, if you sell digital products, they will now be made available to your buyers immediately and as part of the purchase transaction.

Checkout V2 means more sales, less abandoned carts, and happier customers.

Here are just some of the things we’ve built into your new checkout experience:

  • New simplified design
  • Improved purchase flow with fewer steps
  • Seamless address changes for more secure payments and delivery details
  • Intelligent email correction (“Did you mean [email protected]?”) to help prevent typos
  • Zip code lookup (for the whole world, ahem, we’re pretty proud of that)
  • Geolocation suggestion to make typing in addresses easier
  • Simplified download page

May 2015

How Google is Making Your Selz Store Easier to Find

Selz is a Google Partner, and the ecommerce solution for business growth

Sound the alarm people, Google’s done it again. As of April 21, their latest search algorithm changes (i.e. the way that they rank sites) have made it so that if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re about to get bumped down the list, and rightly so.

With most internet usage happening on smart phones and tablets these days, it makes sense that being mobile friendly is something that needs to be part of your strategy when it comes to creating a website. 

Think about your own internet usage: sure, desktop still dominates traditional workplaces, but in our leisure time we’re scrolling down that little screen like there’s no tomorrow, adding apps that help us with every aspect of our lives from eating and sleeping to finding a partner (we’d swipe right for you). 

The success of social media – particularly mobile-focused applications like Instagram, SnapChat and WhatsApp are proof that we all want to hang out on our phones. On the bus, on the couch, walking the dog.

Clearly, we want to get more done on our phones. We want to work, look for real estate, find recipes, connect with our friends, shop and read. Unlike our old analog phones, screen real estate is getting bigger, with ‘phablets’ like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy Note starting to dominate sales. 

In developing countries, mobile is often a neat alternative to desktop – these expanding markets are huge users of mobile web – India’s mobile web use drastically overshadows laptop and desktop usage and is growing 9% year on year.

In the past, mobile was seen as secondary to web – build the desktop version first and figure out later how to optimise it for mobile. To be fair, that worked, and for a very long time. 

But savvy designers who understand their users have taken advantage of the gradual change to mobile, pre-empting the demand and making it just as good, if not better, to access information on a phone as it is on desktop. It’s now time to conceptualise web design with mobile in mind from the start. Both need to be beautiful and both need to be a functional, seamless experience.

When it comes to ecommerce, the numbers are just as compelling. We know that around 1.65 billion people around the world are accessing social media via mobile, and that social media is a driving force when it comes to who we follow, how we find out about brands, trends and products, and who we want to buy from. 

While a large percentage of transactions still occur on desktop, it’s browsing and decision making that happens in the palm of your hand. So, why the drop in converting sales on mobile? We think it’s a lack of seamless, mobile-first ecommerce solutions for online sellers that are safe and secure for buyers and sellers. 

A beautiful, engaging store on desktop turns into an uneasy purchasing experience if design is clunky, text is clumsily spaced, and you’re asking your customers to type in their credit card details into a field that hangs off the screen.

While the changes Google is making may seem harsh to those that aren’t up to speed just yet (sorry bout that, Fortune 500 companies!), there’s no better way to urge site owners into 2015 design standards if they want to keep their place on that all important first page of Google results. 

Lucky for you, if you’re using Selz, you’re already ahead of the game. We put mobile front of mind from the beginning. From your product listings to your storefront, everything is mobile and tablet responsive. We don’t have a mobile app, because really, we don’t need one.

Apart from the obvious – does it look and feel good on your mobile – you can run your site through a check by Google here to see if your site is mobile friendly.

So what do you do if your site isn’t mobile friendly? The bad news is that you will need to make some pretty big changes if your site is a few years behind. The good news is that there are a lot of pre-existing solutions and templates that you can use to achieve your mobile best.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Move to a responsive design, or mobile first template. If you’re wanting to create an online store, Selz is the best solution for mobile ecommerce. For a regular site or blog, make sure you choose a template that works for desktop or mobile. WordPress has a great selection of beautiful templates that we’re loving!
  • Avoid using flash (hello, old school). If you were thinking about it, stop. It’s bloated, not compatible with IOS, and is simply out of date.
  • Keep things lightweight in terms of file sizes and use CDNs where possible.
  • Use appropriate button click areas and text sizes. Also, consider spacing that will work for both desktop and mobile.
  • Design in the mobile browser for immediate understanding as to what works, what looks good and what doesn’t.

Onto you!

March 2015

Breathe Life into Your Sales with “Colorado” – One of Our New Website Themes

‘Colorado’ is the stunning new addition to our website themes. It was designed especially with creatives, artisans and retailers of gorgeous products in mind. We’re in love with its crisp, bold lines!

Whether you’re just starting out, or are established and looking for a fresh look for your store, Colorado fits and grows with you. Add content pages, beautiful categories, and enhance your SEO so your buyers can find you more easily.

And Colorado is our most connected website theme yet. Adding media like photos and video is a breeze – simply drop in a link and you’ve got YouTube and Vimeo videos, or pop in high-quality pics from Instagram and Twitter. Cool.

December 2014

Content Pages on Your Selz Store: Customise Your Font and Add Text, Images and Video

We know that having a gorgeous, easy to use store is one thing, but sometimes you need more than just a store to get your point across. 

To make a real connection with your potential customers they’ll need to know a little more about you than just your prices and products, so we’ve added Content Pages. 

By adding content pages to your store you’ll also benefit from better SEO, so more customers can find you, and you’ll also go that extra mile in enhancing brand awareness and customer experience. 

You can add your About page, a Contact page complete with contact form, and any other pages that you need to show off your brand or provide any extra information.

You can easily add media from Youtube, Vimeo and Instagram by simply adding a URL.And choose from the full suite of Google fonts to suit your brand in your Theme settings.

Ready to give your store a makeover and engage your customers even more? 

November 2014

Our New Design and Pages App: Making Your Store Even More Beautiful

Looks do matter, especially when it comes to your online business. We want you to look like the professional you are, so we’ve created the Design and Pages app. 

Design and Pages gets your Selz store looking and feeling amazing on desktop and mobile, all resulting in more sales for you and an online home that you can be proud of.

Features include:

  • Fully customizable store design, navigation and pages
  • Add a custom domain for a stand-alone store or link it to your blog or website
  • Choose one of our professionally designed store templates or create your own
  • Set SEO title and description for your store to increase search rankings
  • Professional theme editor to create your own themes

Design and pages gives you a fully customizable online store with pages, categories and everything you need for professional online sales. 

Use it as a stand-alone website with our stunning ready made Themes or customize the theme to blend seamlessly with your WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger site.

Your categories have never looked better – add a cover image to each one and carry through your branding and product presence on every page of your store.

You’ll see gorgeous new product listing layouts to show off your items.

Customise navigation by adding to beautifully presented header and footer menus – you can also choose to display what kind of payment methods you accept in your store to give your customers added peace of mind.

New Feature: Download Limits

Love having a little bit more control over what happens to your digital products after they’re purchased? We thought so, so we’ve created Download Limits.

How do download limits work?

Now it’s simple to set limits to how many times, and over what timeframe a buyer can download an item that they’ve purchased.   

The link expiration days will start on the day of purchase, and download attempts will start from the first time the buyer clicks on the Download button.

The link will expire when the attempts are all used up, or the time runs out – whichever comes first.

Manage expired download limits

We know that things happen, like bad internet connections, deleted files, and forgotten deadlines, so we’ve made it really easy for you to reset the download limits for specific customers at your discretion. 

New Feature: Content Editor

We know that you like to be as polished as possible online, and that the perfect looking product listing is a surefire way to close a sale. Unformatted, plain text was never going to cut it for you savvy sellers, so we’ve released our brand new Content Editor to let you style your product descriptions just the way you want them. 

Now you can tidy things up with headings, bulletpoints and links. Paired with a great photo, it’s a the perfect, easy makeover for your product listings just in time for Black Friday an Cyber Monday. And of course, it’s simple to use!

You can go bold, italic, add a link, use 2 different heading sizes and even bullet or number your points. The result? Clear product descriptions that are even more gorgeous than before.

Why not give it a whirl and tidy up those tired product listings? 

October 2014

New Feature: Product Updates Are Now Here

Perhaps you have a product with ever changing content, or you’ve simply updated an old product with a new file. By using the Selz Product Updates feature you can add, remove and switch files, and send an update to your previous customers. 

New Feature: Multi-file Uploads

Digital security is essential when you're selling digital products. Choose Selz ecommerce solutions for digital product selling

If you’re selling information products, tutorials, or any other digital product that requires you to deliver more than one file then this one is for you. 

Selling multiple files under one digital product is simple with our Multi-file Uploads feature. You can easily add them all to one product listing and sell your videos, PDFs, brushes, audio and more up to 15GB all in one bundle.

August 2014

New Feature: Bigger, Faster Uploads

We’ve got some exciting news for everyone selling digital downloads, especially large downloads like videos or video tutorials. We are delighted to announce not only bigger uploads but faster uploads.

Thanks to the feedback from our awesome community, we improved the way you upload files to Selz in three cool ways:

Faster uploads

Uploading large files is now quicker as we’ve greatly increased the upload speed.

Set and forget

Uploads will now automatically resume if your connection drops out, so you don’t have to restart or keep your eye on the progress.

Size does matter

The maximum file size has been increased from 4GB to a whopping 15GB.

We’ve also spruced up things for your customers and increased our download speed so they can get your digital products faster.

What are you waiting for? Now it’s even easier and quicker to sell large digital downloads. 

Happy Selling!

Payments to US Bank Accounts Now Available

Thanks to feedback from our community you can now get paid into your US bank account, so it’s even easier for you to access your funds. Our schedule is still the same as before: get paid next Friday for any sales made this week.

July 2014

New Feature: Shopping Cart App

We’re super excited to introduce our Shopping Cart app. Here at Selz we’re always looking for ways to make selling online easier and more effective, and a major part of that is making sure that we make things easier for your buyers too. Now your customers can purchase multiple items in one transaction and combine shipping which will make life easier for them and boost sales for you.

Ready to take your ecommerce site to the next level? 

February 2014

Selz analytics include in-platform analysis of sales, conversions, traffic and more with direct integrations

New Feature: Analytics Dashboard

Want to keep track of where your sales are coming from and your business growth? Our advanced Analytics Dashboard feature has got you covered.

Keeping a regular eye on your analytics is a crucial step toward understanding what selling techniques are working for you, and how your customers behave. Now with Selz, you have that information at your fingertips so you can grow your business to new heights!

January 2014

New Feature: Discount Codes

If you love your customers as much as we love ours, then chances are that you’ll want to let them in on special deals or prices from time to time. Now you can! We’ve built a funky little feature that lets you add a discount code to your product. 

Then, all you have left to do is share the specific discount code with your customers! Happy selling!

November 2013

How to Sell Your Products with our New ‘Pay What You Want’ Feature

We launched a new pricing option for your ecommerce website where buyers can pay any desired amount for your creation!

Here are three reasons why you should give ‘Pay What You Want’ pricing a try.

Your followers, fans, and customers want you to succeed more than you may realize. Allowing them to pay a little extra for your product if they want to will boost your profits, and most importantly, give your customers a warm and fuzzy feeling. You’ll also lay the foundation for a trust-based relationship with your followers.

It removes the sometimes challenging task of setting the “right’ price. If you’re offering a new product, particularly a digital one, it can be hard to know what your ideal price point is. 

All you need to do is set your minimum to ensure that you’re making a profit that you’re happy with and that you think will attract your ideal customers, and then use ‘Pay What You Want’ to allow your buyers to choose a price they’re happy to pay. 

You’ll get an idea of what the best price for your product is, and you can either move on to a fixed price product after a certain period of time, or raise your minimum to match the average sale price.

You’ll probably make more money. Most sellers that try out ‘Pay What You Want’ find that their products sell above the minimum asking price.

Why? Because, for the most part, people like to add value wherever possible. And if they choose to pay a little more, then they get to decide on the value of your product. The option of adding a few dollars (or more) to an asking price makes buyers stop, think, and then purchase with purpose.

September 2013

New Security Feature: PDF Stamping

Sell PDFs as digital downloads with Selz ecommerce for business growth

We’ve taken security one step further with our PDF Stamping feature. By stamping each copy sold with the buyers’ name and order number, you’ll be preventing illegal sharing of your product as well as adding a personal touch. 

Your PDF will be stamped with the buyer’s name, so it can’t be duplicated anonymously. 

Peace of mind in just one click.

Video and Audio preview

If you’re selling film, music, or anything else that would benefit from a video or audio preview, then we’ve got you covered. Now you can choose to add an audio clip or video preview to your Selz listing. It’s just as easy as adding a photo. 

You can now drop in a Youtube or Vimeo link too, to make things even easier.

How to Add a Store to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site, and if you’re working it right, it’s where your fans are hanging out and signed up to see what your next move is. 

It makes a lot of sense to also make it a place where your fans can purchase from you. Now you can easily sell on Facebook by adding your Selz Store to your Facebook Page. You’re only a couple of clicks away to selling directly to your fans.

July 2013

Selz ecommerce had a different look in 2013, but the platform is still easy to use and start selling online

Custom Colored ‘Buy Now’ buttons are now here!

Down to the smallest details, your site should be showcasing your brand to your audience. And there’s nothing worse than a garish ‘Buy Now’ button sitting on your otherwise classy site, right? Purchasing from you should be a seamless, on-brand experience, so that’s why we have enhanced our ‘buy now’ buttons and widgets to be color customizable!

The Selz Overlay: Sell without Leaving Your Site!

Our clean widgets and buttons now have an option to open an overlay right on your blog or website. This greatly increases the user experience of your customers as they won’t need to leave your website to pay. Win!

If you have any questions on how to implement these incredible Selz features on your site, check out our support site.  

You can also always send an email to our support team at [email protected]

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