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There are countless resources to create an eBook online. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where to start!

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 23 tools and resources to create an eBook. Included in our list are tools and resources to write, edit, design, create and sell your eBook.

23 eBook Tools and Resources for Any Book Maker

Writing and editing eBooks tools
Productivity eBook tools
eBook resources for bookmakers and designers
eBook tools for conversion
eBook tools for selling online

A busy eboook maker looks at useful ebook tools that can help her write and sell more ebooks with Selz ecommerce

Writing and editing eBooks tools

1. Evernote 

is a cloud-based workspace to write notes, to-do lists, and drafts. I love it for brain dumping any and all of my ideas! Capture quotes and ideas, too.

2. Scrivener 

is a tool for helping you finish your first awkward draft of any long, difficult document. I asked Dawn Casey-Rowe about her experience writing her latest ebook and she said “Scrivener was the best $45 I ever spent.”

3. Hemingway App 

helps make your writing bold and clear. We use this tool all the time with blog posts, guides, and even emails. What I appreciate the most about the Hemingway App is that you can improve your writing every time you use it.

This Hemingway app example shows you how this tool works.

4. Grammarly 

helps you write better by catching grammatical errors that Word can’t. Since Grammarly is installed to your browser, it helps improve your writing across all channels, whether you’re writing your first draft of your eBook in Evernote or you’re writing an email to an editor.

5. Reedsy

Find freelance editors with a click of a button.

Productivity eBook tools

Timer applications can help you break up writing time more effectively

6. Pomodoro Technique 

is a common strategy for productivity, especially in the world of modern entrepreneurs working for themselves. We all want to do more with less time and this technique can help you do that.

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7. Egg Timer 

is a free cloud-based tool that can work together with the Pomodoro Technique. Choose how long you want to set the timer for and click go. You can also set a timer on your smartphone.

8. Time Out Free for Mac 

is a Mac application to provide micro-breaks. Taking breaks throughout your day has been shown to increase creativity. For the sake of your eBook, please give yourself some time to break off from it. You will come back to your writing refreshed and your eBook will be better for it.

9. Coffitivity 

provides coffee shop ambiance without having to leave your home. If background noise helps you be more productive, Coffitivity will work wonders for you.

eBook tools and resources for the bookmaker and designer

10. Canva 

is a free cloud-based design tool. Use it to mock up your eBook cover or to create your social media marketing designs. Canva is truly endless in the value it provides.

11. My eCover Maker 

helps you make 3D eBook covers if that’s your jam. If you want something easier than Photoshop and you need something quick, My eCover Maker could be a good choice for you.

12. 99 Designs 

creates eBook covers sourced from their community of designers. All you need to do is submit a brief of your eBook and how much you’ll pay. Once you’ve done that, they’ll provide you a handful of designs that you can choose from.

Ebook designers work together to create the perfect ebook cover

13. Unsplash 

uploads 10 high-resolution photos every 10 days, which can be used for anything.

14) Pikwizard 

is another free image site, boasting beautiful free stock photos. Any images downloaded on Pikwizard can be uploaded to Canva to create a custom eBook cover or marketing designs.

15. PicJumbo 

provides totally free images for commercial and personal works.

16. DeathToStockPhoto 

sends out 15 high-quality lifestyle images to your email every month.

17. eBook cover design by ebook launch 

creates eBook covers for those who don’t want to design their own covers.

18. Upwork 

A collection of designers can help you design your perfect ebook to sell on the Selz ecommerce platform.

can help you find a freelance graphic designer for your eBook.

eBook tools for conversion

19. Online convert

converts your finished eBook into a readable file across different devices. Convert your PDF into .mobi if you want to sell a Kindle version of your eBook. You may also want to offer an ePUB version of your book, which this tool can help you do, too.

20. Innodata 

converts your eBook and also offers translation services. If you’d like to offer an interactive version of your eBook, or take a print book of yours and make it digital, Innodata can help you do that.

Calibre is a effective tool to format your ebook before you start to sell it online

21. Calibre 

is a free resource for converting your eBook.

eBook tools for selling online

22. Selz

helps you sell your eBook directly to your readers while keeping over 95% of your hard-earned profits. Sign up for a free 14-day trial today and start selling your eBook online.

23. Amazon

provides a platform to sell your eBook to a large marketplace. While it’s smart to self-publish your eBook with a tool like Selz, offering your eBook on a marketplace allows your content to reach an audience who may not know you yet.

Utilizing the many eBook tools and resources above make it simple for a bookmaker to create an eBook.

Writing, productivity, editing, designing, converting, and, of course, selling. Where will you start?

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Kristen is also the Founder of Lagom Body Co., a multidimensional skincare and lifestyle brand.


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