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If you are someone selling their products online, whether those are physical products, digital products, or services, creating a high-quality product listing is key.

Remember, it’s not only what you do to create your item listing, it’s also how you share it with your audience afterward. There are many steps to get the most out of publishing a product for sale.

If you’re reading this post, you likely feel a bit overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done with a product listing. Or, you simply need a good outline of what should be done with any item you want to sell online. Because, hey, you want product listings that stand out online and are received well (and bought!) by your audience.

Here are the steps we suggest for rock-solid product listings.

Image of a product photo lovely jar and flowers for an article about what you need to do before and after you publish a product listing online with Selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

Before You Publish Your Product Listing

1. Decide what you want to offer

Before listing a product, choose what type of product you want to offer. Do you want to offer 1-1 services? Do you want to create a digital product like a guide or Ebook? Or, what about creating a physical copy of your book or guide? This is a simple – yet crucial – first step to any product creation.

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2. Choose the right ecommerce platform for your product

Not all ecommerce platforms are equal, and the success of your product listing depends on choosing the right platform for your needs. Selz is the ecommerce platform for growing businesses. In addition to the features that most ecommerce platforms offer, Selz has an edge on digital products and 24/7 customer service.

3. Create a brand for your products

Building your brand sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Designing a logo and choosing the color palette, images, and talking points that you want to describe your business is fun and important as you start to sell online.

4. Come up with an effective product title

Once you know what you offer, think about the ways your product improves the lives of your customers. These benefits can be used in your product listing title and description. Need help coming up with a product name? Check out this post for ideas.

5. Write a compelling product description

The way you describe your product will be a chance to connect with your customers emotionally, and to build trust. If you don’t feel confident in your writing ability, get help from a professional. Sites like Fiverr have freelancers who work for reasonable rates to help you with your product listings.

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6. Prepare a product listing photo or video

Once you’ve decided what you want to offer, begin drafting your product preview photo or video. If you’re offering a digital tutorial, creating a video preview is a smart idea for showing your buyers what to expect.

If you’re offering an ebook or other digital product, add an on-brand cover photo. You can use marketing tools to create beautiful images.

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7. Create a simple content marketing plan

Social media marketing, content, and email marketing are a must, especially for selling directly to your existing community. The people who’ve opted into your email list, including the readers of your blog, will want to hear from you regarding your new products, announcements, and blog posts, so schedule in supporting content over the next month.

8. For digital products, prepare your digital file

If you sell digital products, not only do you want your product listing cover photo or video prepared, but also your digital product file. The digital file is what we’ll automatically deliver for you once you make a sale.

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Create Your Product Listing

9. Create a new item listing

Once you’ve decided what you want to offer, head into your Selz account and create a new product listing. You can pick from digital, physical, or service. Choose the appropriate item category for your product.

10. Choose your quantity

Digital products are best set up for unlimited quantity. This means that buyers can purchase your product for as long as the item is listed on your store. Digital item quantity should only be limited if there is a timeframe or other specific boundaries that must be put in place.

For physical and service items, list the quantity of product you have or are willing to offer right now in your product listing.

11. Consider different pricing options

Besides setting a regular price for your product, with Selz you can also enable an original price, pay what you want, or add a discount.

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12. Choose the right price for your product listing

What’s the value your product provides? Consider all different pricing options so that you aren’t pricing your product too low or too high. You can choose any price, even giving away your product for free. Pricing can be one of the most difficult aspects of a growing business, especially with products and services.

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13. Consider creating a discount code

Discount codes are great for engaging with a specific community. Selz gives you the option to create unlimited discount codes for your products. Consider creating a discount code specifically to share with your email list, your Twitter community, or your Facebook community.

14. Add SEO

When you are almost finished with your product listing, add your SEO keywords. Using search engine optimization is the best way to make sure interested customers can find your product listing online.

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15. Publish your item listing

Once you’re finished adding all your item details, you can finally publish your product listing. Hurrah! Nice work, friend. Your item is officially listed in your store. View your store to see your new item in all its glory.

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After You Publish Your Product Listing

16. Embed the item button or widget on your website or blog

If you use Selz, you can embed buy buttons or widgets. Embedding lets you add your new item listing to your website, social media, or blog post.

17. Schedule your item for sale on social media

Take a few moments to schedule your new product listing into your social media schedule. Using a Buffer account, you can schedule out your social media messages in advance, which is important for selling products online.

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18. Tell the world

Follow your content marketing plan to get the word out about your new product listing. Bring the specifics of your product listing to life. Share details with your readers like how the product was made, how they can use your product, and how it can change their day-to-day. Show how your product can impact your customers positively.

If your new Ebook is a healthy eating guide, write supporting social media shares, blog posts, and email newsletters about your favorite recipes, tips, and guest posts if you wrote any. Make sure to remind your followers that your product is up for sale with a p.s. at the end of your email listing or blog post.

19. Share your item on social media

Now that your product is live and ready for sales, share your item on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for optimum impact. Next, pin your item’s image or video with rich pins on your Pinterest account. This will build interest and engagement in your community.

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Colorful lip products for an article about what you need to do before and after you publish a product listing online with Selz the ecommerce platform for growing businesses

20. Send out an email newsletter

If you opted to create a discount code, share it with your newsletter list with a quick email. Don’t know what to write in your email? Give them all the details in the email itself with a link to the item or send a quick email with a link to your sales page.

21. Track your analytics for sales

Last, but not least, watch where your customers are coming from. Are they coming from a direct source (like the URL from an email?) Are they coming from a Facebook store? Twitter? Take note as your content marketing plays out to figure out where to nurture your customers more. Your analytics will show you where your customers are coming from and gives you insight about how to move forward with marketing your business online.

With this list, your next product creation will be a breeze. Just getting starting? Post your product listing on Selz with a free 14-day trial. Looking for a resource to remember all the details for each of your growing list of products? Bookmark and come back to this post every single time you publish a new product listing on your Selz store for an effective, simple strategy for selling online.

Is there anything you’d add to the list? Any fun discounts you provide? How do you decide on pricing? Sound off below.

This post was originally published in November 2015 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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