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The weekend with Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the most important for online businesses. It’s the peak selling time of the year and signals the start of the holiday season.

But what are you going to do to boost your sales after Cyber Monday, after the big weekend has finished?

Don’t waste precious time staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration and the orders to come in. Make the most of the start of the holiday season.

To help we asked some of the top blogging and online marketing experts for their most important tip on how to grow your business after Cyber Monday.

We insisted that they give us just one tip! The best one. Here is the awesome advice they gave.

18 Expert Tips for Boosting Sales After Cyber Monday

1. Use Twitter as a simple and effective way to create awareness

Building followers on social media is a key way to attract traffic to your website. Twitter is often underestimated as a simple and effective way to create brand awareness and get people to click through to your online store. Bigger is better!

2. Offer extended discount

“People always hate missing great Cyber Monday sales. To boost revenue after the Black Friday shopping weekend, offer an extended discount. It doesn’t need to be as good as your Cyber Monday deals, but it does need to be better than your general sales. It will make people feel like they can still get something special, and that should help you generate another week’s worth of increased revenue.”

Kristi Hines is a Freelance Writer and professional blogger. Kristi’s blog covers tips for professional and business bloggers on online marketing, SEO, social media and web analytics.

3. Find the hot button for your audience

“The best way to increase traffic and conversions is to find out what the hot button is with your readers and audience – what biggest problem are they trying to find a fix for? Offer valuable help or solution that’s relevant and catered specifically to them.”

Carol Amato is former eBay power seller and leading affiliate marketer. She’s passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs to build online businesses.

4. Knowing your audience interests is key to reach them

Social listening is one of the greatest benefits of the connected era. Use a tool like HootSuite to set up keyword tracking across social networks for all the terms related to your business so you can see what people are discussing, what they’re saying about your products and industry and what people are talking about in the wake of Cyber Monday events.

Knowing where your audience’s interests lie is key to reaching them, and seeing what’s being discussed at this time can be a compass, of sorts, pointing to what’ll be popular in the lead-up to Christmas.”

Andrew Hutchinson is an accomplished freelance writer, content creator and digital strategy consultant.

5. Apply the 80/20 rule to your promotion and content effort

“It’s normal to see website traffic slowing down during a holiday. The best way to revive your traffic afterward is by focusing on the 80/20 rule. If you have 10 hours available a week for your blog, focus on writing content for your site for 2 hours and promotion of that content for 8 hours.

Most bloggers do the opposite and wonder why they get traffic slumps.

When you focus on promotion, through a combination of blogger outreach, social media, posting on forums and blog commenting, you will get steady traffic that keeps your blog humming year-round.”

Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging helps beginning bloggers grow their lifestyle-friendly businesses.

6. Email, Email, Email, Email

“Best Tip: One word answer is email.

Crank up your email newsletter. Start in the days leading to it, collecting email addresses and continue throughout. Then segment your list by customer interactions (buyers, visitors, etc.) and target each group with relevant information.

Your emails don’t have to be sales-related as long as you give a recipient a good enough reason to come back to your site.”

Pawel Grabowski is a freelance copywriter and content marketer for hire. He helps businesses make friends with potential customers online; turn them into buyers and later, brand devotees.

7. Prolong sales after Cyber Monday with a special 24-hour up-sell

“Offer a time-sensitive, 24-hour upsell that will be available the next day ONLY. It will be emailed at midnight and the clock will literally be ticking on the sales page.

Package up a whole lot of goodies from colleagues and create a package that’s never been available before. Then rip it down at 11:59 PM that night.”

Tim Reid of Small Business Big Marketing has helped thousands of small business owners create something that’s truly irresistible. His weekly podcasts are downloaded by small business owners in over 110 countries, including Kazakhstan!

8. Make repeat followup offers

“My tip for anyone to increase sales after a promotion week like Cyber Monday is to make sure you have followup offers.

For example, I have upsell offers when people go through my product order process. When they do NOT say yes to the upsell offer, two weeks later they get the same offer sent to them via email as a one-day special. It’s important to make repeat offers because people rarely buy on first exposure.”

Yaro Stark has mentored thousands in how to turn their expertise into a profitable online business. His blog is aimed at those interested in entrepreneurship, internet marketing, blogging, startups and selling digital products.

9. Think less about the what, and more about the why

“Knowing why you want to do anything online and tying the reason to being free helps you avoid any slump. Practical tips are ignored when you’re inside of your comfort zone, so think less about what you need to do and more about why you’re doing it. When your love of being free is greater than your fear of doing uncomfortable stuff, you knife through the slumps that occur on your journey.”

Ryan Biddulph is the author of the Blogging from Paradise eBook series. He’s also a blogger, coach and internet lifestyle junkie.

10. An email list is the most effective way to generate sales

“The most effective way I’ve found to generate sales is to build and make use of an email list. With a targeted email list, you can send emails/offers any time you need a boost in sales (of course, in moderation). If you’re looking for a boost in sales now and you don’t have your own email list yet, you can develop affiliate relationships with others who have a list that is a good fit with your target audience.”

Marc Andre runs Profit Blitz. Marc helps others that want to learn how to earn a living online and build profitable websites.

11. Extend your special offer for the entire week to VIPs

“For businesses looking to increase traffic or conversions after Cyber Monday consider extending your special offer for the entire week to VIP clients. Your email list platform will rate your most engaged clients. Segment them out and send them the VIP week-long offer the day after Cyber Monday.”

Sarah Grear helms her business as a copywriter, speaker, and author turning online lookers into buyers by making an emotional connection with her writing.

12. Speak to the heart of your customers by listening first

“Speak to your current and prospective customers, ask them what their biggest frustrations and problems are. Listen very carefully, take notes and use their exact words in your copy.

Not only will you have GOLD copy that converts like crazy because it speaks to the heart of your customers, but if you have listened well enough you will have a solid / product or service that will convert extremely well also.”

Nathan Chan is the publisher and editor of Foundr Magazine, a digital magazine for young entrepreneurs.

13. Network with your peers and niche influencers

“One of the best ways to gain exposure and increase traffic to your blog or website is to interact with others in your niche or industry, especially influencers.

Commenting on their content, sharing it via social media, or even emailing them are ways to get on their radar. You can also feature them or their content in your blog posts and let them know.

Either way, networking with your peers is one of the best ways I have found to bring a new audience to your site, increase your exposure and grow your business faster than you could do it alone. As you already probably know, it’s not what you know that counts!”

Ashley Faulkes is an Online Marketer and Web Designer who works at MadLemmings. When he is not on the internet, he can be found in the Swiss Alps hiking, yodeling or pulling a rabbit out of his hat.

14. Be creative with extending your discounts after Cyber Monday

“One of the best ways to boost engagement and sales post Cyber Monday is to extend any discounts or specials you offered on the services or products you offered. Most businesses will end discounts on Cyber Monday so when you continue yours well past Monday it will you stand out that much more. Give your promo a fun name like, no matter what it is, just be clever and even bring some funny to it.

Here are a couple of ideas…

  • A sale for people that were too busy to buy on Monday, a sale for people that hate Mondays, a sale for anyone that forgot it was Cyber Monday.
  • Put together images, videos, etc… to promote and play off the “fun” name, just be creative, the more creative the more it will get seen and shared.
  • Launch your promo on say Monday at 12 midnight and continue your push for 3-7 days following Cyber Monday.

Sharing your updates thru email and social media for 3-7 days will help keep attention on you and your business well past the holiday and help soften the transition things back to your regular scheduled programming :)

Leading into and post-holidays are a great time to show your clients and potential clients that you are “real” and have a personality, so let it shine.”

John Paul Aguiar is a social blogging entrepreneur that shows bloggers, entrepreneurs and small business owners how to use blogging and social media to better grow their businesses.

15. Be visible while your competition hibernates

“Blog traffic tends to slow during holidays, so many bloggers take it easy once December rolls around. Take advantage of this opportunity by increasing your promotional efforts. Be visible on Twitter and Facebook while your competition is hibernating.”

Kevin Duncan runs Be A Better Blogger, where he uses his very particular set of skills to help people become the best bloggers they can be.

16. Swipe and share this holiday season

“Holiday weekends are great for shopping, family-time … and swiping and sharing from a mobile device. Especially towards the end of a long weekend. Schedule and publish content and status updates with images and messages easy to share, driving traffic back to you.”

Mike Sansone helps small businesses build a better business presence online and offline so they can be more findable and engaging.

17. Create a real visual buzz for sales

“The smartest way to keep traffic is to make sure your blog is working for you – organic search that happens while you sleep is every business owner’s dream.

Also, leverage visual social media to garner attention and more traffic. Pull out deals, testimonials, tips, news, and quotes from your blog posts into visuals; share these on Instagram and other platforms at the same time for a real visual buzz.”

Jo Gifford mentors solopreneurs to work in smarter, creative ways and to get their message out to the world.

18. You have 364 other days to grow your business

“Don’t worry about losing traffic or sales on Cyber Monday. It’s just one day of the year, and you have 364 other days to grow your business. If you have nothing to offer for sale, that’s ok! Sit back, enjoy reading about other people’s offers, and remember that this one day won’t make or break your business.”

Rebecca Tracey is the head at The Uncaged Life. She helps people flaunt what they’ve got and get paid for it like a BOSS.

Now it’s over to you

Help other people you know to grow their online business by sharing these expert tips with them. Go on do them a good turn, it only takes a few seconds.

Let us know in the comments below how you plan on boosting your sales after the biggest sales weekend of the year.

About the author

Geoff Austin

I talk and write a lot. Some of it about ecommerce, selling online, startups, SEO, digital marketing.

Currently, head of analytics for an automotive business in Sydney, facilitating a culture of data-driven decisions. Delivering data-based insights and intelligence.

Chauffeur to twin daughters and a pizza chef master.


  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Geoff!

    Thanks so much for the shout out!

    Each person’s tips resonate with me. I enjoy hearing about cyber listening, or tuning into feedback offered on social networks, on blogs and through email marketing. When I cleaned the wax out of my ears and listened, darn did this online bit get easier.

    Keep up the great work Geoff!


  2. Kat Bourgeois

    So often articles like this are too generic and fail to get specific about the tools to use to accomplish the suggestions given. I really appreciate that you had experts who gave real world advice, elaborated on how to get follow that advice, told me the tools to use, and covered ideas especially valuable for businesses like mine that offer services – job search consulting – along with the products. Thanks, I’m inspired!

  3. Geoff

    It’s fantastic that people are so willing to share their experience and expertise with others. As always Ryan it’s a pleasure to get your contribution. I’m always a little envious though, as you’ve got the online bit nailed and seem to be living in a new beautiful part of the world :)

  4. Geoff

    Hi Kat, thanks for the comment. Glad that you found the expert’s advice useful. Often selling services online gets overlooked as people talk mostly about selling retail products. So good to hear this helped. I hope it sparks an idea that brings in extra business for you ~ Geoff

  5. Adrienne

    Hey Geoff,

    What a great share and fabulous suggestions. Sorry I wasn’t able to participate but looks like you got some awesome advice here.

    I really agree with them all but I like what Sue said that we need to focus more on the promotion aspect of our content to keep attracting the right visitors to our site so they’ll show an interest in what we have.

    John Paul had some great ideas about extending it before or after with crazy headlines for those that don’t do these particular sales or forget all about them. You know, people like me! LOL!!! Yeah, I’m not a big buyer gal so I usually ignore them because everyone is having them. But when they aren’t on the designated “sales days” then that’s what grabs my attention.

    Awesome advice and I’ll be using some of it myself to help promote my new course.

    Thank you Geoff for this great roundup and I’m off to share this with my readers.


  6. Marc

    Hi Geoff,
    Thanks for including me in this post, I appreciate it. There are some great responses here that can be a source of plenty of ideas.

  7. Geoff

    Hi Adrienne, great to hear you liked the advice. Yeah sorry you weren’t able to participate this time. I know how busy you’ve been with the successful launch of your new course. You’re definitely on the list for the next one, hehe.
    Glad you especially liked Sue and John Paul’s awesome tips. Here is to extending Cyber Monday all the way to Xmas :) Thanks for your support ~ Geoff

  8. Geoff

    Hi Marc, you’re welcome. Thanks for contributing your tip. You’re right there are plenty of ideas here for extending Cyber Monday.

  9. Reginald Chan

    Hey team,

    When I saw Carol posted this on Google+, I knew this was it!

    I particularly like the extended sales which is awesome and smart. Good stuffs and keep it up!

  10. Carol Amato

    Hey, Geoff,

    First of all, thank you for the mention in this wonderful round up of expert, I really appreciate that and am so grateful to be included. It’s going to be a lot of fun connecting with several of the folks on this list I don’t already know – so excited to get to know them.

    I sure like Ashley Faulkes’ tip #13 about networking with peers and niche influencer. I’ve ramped this up in the last 6 months and have seen a big improvement in traffic and conversions.

    Bookmarking and sharing with friends – thanks for putting this valuable resource together.

    Have a great weekend.
    – Carol Amato

  11. Geoff

    Hi Reginald, the extended sales idea is a top one. I hope you’ll share the results if you try it :) Geoff

  12. Geoff

    Hi Carol, thanks for contributing your tip. So often running an online business, whether it’s full time or part time means you’re working on your own and it can be difficult to know what to do or try. I always find it helps my creativity and inspiration to get some practical ideas and suggestions from other people. So hoped this list would help others with some new ideas. The building the audience is definitely one of the biggest challenges. Glad you found Ashley’s tip valuable, networking does take time and effort, but it does pay dividends. Thanks for sharing, cheers Geoff

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