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Who doesn’t want to run their own business with cool coworking spaces like these? With low monthly fees, engaged communities, and convenient (+interesting!) locations, coworking spaces are hubs for creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to connect with like-minded people and get work done.

If it’s time to get out of your house, or out of your country, one of these cool coworking spaces around the world will give you a change of scenery and perhaps boost your happiness, too.
Bali: Hubud

Hubud is Bali’s first coworking space. All about collaboration, Hubud promotes the ‘new way of working’ and a diverse community of creatives, techies and entrepreneurs.
Thailand: Kohub

Kohub is located in in Koh Lanta, Thailand. Who wouldn’t want to work among the jungle, beaches, and sun? With accommodation, lunches, and conference facilities, Kohub really has it all.
Thailand: Punspace

Punspace in Chiang Mai has two locations full of reliable wifi, hot seats (yeah!), and private meeting rooms.
Cape Town: Open

Open is Cape Town’s shared workspace to cultivate community and networking. With loads of chairs and space, it’s perfect for working or hosting an event.
Sydney: Hub Australia

Hub Australia boasts locations in Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Giving you full access to all locations, a membership with Hub Australia gives you freedom to roam. With community events, it looks like a cool place to meet like-minded people in a location that works best for you.
Germany: BetaHaus

BetaHaus Berlin boasts a colorful space to work with a woodshop, cafe, meeting rooms, and an arena. I love their vibrant design, plus they host events for personal development. BetaHaus has locations in Barcelona, Sofia, and Hamburg, too.
France: Coworkshop

Coworkshop is a sleek, simple, and community-oriented coworking space in Paris, France. Come and go as you please, paying for the time you spend in the space at the end. This space is ideal for those who don’t want to commit to a membership.
Spain: Talent Garden

Talent Garden touts itself as the most creative space for digital professionals. Located in Barcelona, it’s a space for people in the creative, tech, and digital industries to connect and grow.
New York City: Projective Space

Projective Space is a curated community of creative and innovative individuals in NYC. Not like other coworking spaces where you simply sign up for membership, Projective Space requires you apply for membership. PS has a lot of exciting partners and perks, making it ideal for start-ups.
San Francisco: Parisoma

Parisoma in San Francisco is all about cultivating an experiment-focused culture. With events and classes, Parisoma is perfect for life-long learners of the community.
Hawaii: The BoxJelly

The BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first coworking space. With a true aloha vibe, the people at BoxJelly are welcoming to all types of coworkers, whether you want to drop by for the morning, sign up for a month, or just check out the scene.
Hubs + Resources
Not all coworking spaces are standalone spots. Some are part of a bigger network through WeWork and Impact Hub. Find a desk below anywhere in the world.

Find a desk

Impact Hub


Surf Office

With boundless opportunities for cool coworking spaces, you’re bound to find somewhere to get things done. Whether you’re writing an ebook, masterminding a new course, or laying the foundation for your startup, there’s bound to be a community for you. Where will your work take you next?
Which of these coworking spaces would you love to work from? What about it do you love? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Torill Bye Wilhelmsen

    Awesome list! I´m creating a co-working space in my little mountain village in Norway now for opening in 2016, so it´s very cool to see how others have created a creative and social environment around the world. Thank you!

  2. Kristen

    Hey Torill, thanks for stopping by! A Norwegian mountain coworking space?! Sounds incredible.

  3. Kristen

    Hey Anne, definitely! There are countless more coworking spaces around the world, so it’s worth doing a little digging depending on where you may travel and work from. Another great resources is Any ideas about where you might head next?

  4. Anne

    Awesome! Very useful, especially for international nomades… I will sure use that list.
    Thank you :)

  5. Iris

    Nice list! I’d love to know the criteria you used to determine “coolness” factor. :)

  6. Kristen

    Hey Iris! Thanks for stopping by. Location (hello, Bali, Hawaii, SF, and Paris!), convenience, and a thriving community base were the biggest factors in determining the ‘cool’ factor for these coworking spaces. Plus, the available tech… lifestyle… tools… I’m daydreaming now :P

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