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With the advancement of technology, no longer is there this impossible barrier between you and the world when it comes to your business. Now, thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of things to make and sell online and make money out of it!

Are you an artsy person who wants to learn how to make a living doing what you love? Are you a creative who wants to work how they want, when they want? Are you broke and need a way to make some extra cash! Why not make and sell something online?!

And with Selz, selling is easy! You can choose from a number of themes to make your online store stand out from the rest without all the fuss! All you have to do is start creating!

10 Things to Make and Sell Online Today

1. Pillows
2. Coasters
3. Candles
4. Picture Frames
5. Bath Bombs
6. T-Shirts
7. Jewelry
8. Sweets
9. Art
10. Photos

Check out these ten things to make and sell online and make a profit off of RIGHT NOW!

1. Pillows

Who can resist a good pillow?! This would be one of the more simple and fun things to make and sell online, for sure! All you need are a few simple tools and you’ll be ready to get your sew on! And why stop at simple pillows! You know you can make and sell pillow covers online too!

things to make and sell online include original sewing projects. Sell digital products with Selz in addition to products like pillows.

2. Coasters

Another great item you can make to sell online are coasters! Coasters can be made from just about anything you like – all it requires is a little bit of creativity! Mix and match your coasters with funky colors, cool shapes, and unique material and you’ll be rolling in the dough! If you’re looking for things to make and sell online from your blog, look into creating some unique coasters.

3. Candles

Candles are great gifts for any occasion – housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthdays – you name it! They are a great option of things to make and sell online, especially if you’re willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs of scents. Candles are a bit more complex to make than the previous items mentioned, but they are oh so worth it! The process is fun and the reward will be great, especially when they start to sell!

Candles are one of the best things to make and sell online with Selz the best ecommerce platform to sell online courses

4. Picture Frames

Ah, picture frames. They hold some of life’s most precious moments. And what better to go along with those precious moments than a custom frame to go around them!

Making and selling custom picture frames on the internet can be a great money-maker because people cherish those kinds of things! Another great gift for any holiday, picture frames that are custom and handmade make the gift just that much sweeter!

5. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are HUGE right now! Bath bombs are super simple and easy to make, but with originality and excellent branding, you could make a killing making and selling these babies online! Mold the bath bombs into cute little shapes, give them bright and vibrant colors, and attractive smells will help you sell your creations like hotcakes!

6. T-Shirts

Are you an aspiring designer? One great way to get your foot in the door of design is by creating and selling t-shirts! Create your own original designs and sell them online or come up with fun catchphrases and print them!

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7. Jewelry

Jewelry-making is a field that is full of people, but if you’re truly passionate, there’s no reason you can’t be a successful online seller. Be sure to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the fashion world and allow your designs to reflect who you are. Originality is key. There are tons of things to make and sell online, but jewelry is always in demand!

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8. Sweets

Food is always in style, especially sweets! Go on and take advantage of those culinary chops and start making and selling some sweet delights on the internet! You could sell special treat baskets for special occasions or set up a virtual bakery and serve customers in your local area! You could even cater! There are so many options for selling food online! Just make sure it tastes good, of course.

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things to make and sell online include delicious sweets like these blue green cupcakes and you can get help from a business coach when sales are slow

9. Art

Perhaps you’re always being asked to draw for friends and family members – you know you can make money off of that, right? Create drawings, set up your online store, and start selling! You can sell novelty paintings of celebrities or quote images, or you can create custom drawings commissioned by your customers!

10. Photos

And last on our list of fun and easy items to sell online are photographs! There are all kinds of places that are always open to taking great stock photos and businesses are always looking for photos to use in their marketing and branding. If you enjoy photography, this business venture should be a breeze and a great way to show your work to new audiences!

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BONUS: 5 more easy things to make and sell online!

1. Baby Quilts

Whether you’re grabbing a gift or inspiring a mommy-to-be, baby quilts are simple to make and an easy way to grab an excited audience. There are a ton of baby quilt patterns and themes you can choose from online, or get creative and think about what your dream baby quilt might look like!

2. Homemade Lotion

Is there anything easier to make and sell? Most people buy more personal care products than they need, and these products are inexpensive to buy and to make! Figure out what makes your handmade lotions unique – brightening, aromatherapy, you name it! Then get your homemade lotion online!

3. Magnets

Thrifting is too much fun, and creating original magnets from old photos, antique buttons, or old toys is just one place to start with this idea! Whether you have a collection of old playing cards or a love of miniatures, your magnets will start selling in no time! Looking for more ideas so you can find your niche? Check these out

4. Healthy Quick Snacks

Healthy eating is all the rage – Paleo, Whole 30, Keto, Alkalinizing. You name it, there’s an eating plan for it. If you have tried one of these diets, you know how challenging it can be to find snacks on the go! You may even have a recipe you love. Figure out how to make your favorite snacks in bulk, and you’re ready to start selling!

5. Wool Dryer Balls

Another place the average person likes to spend without realizing it? Laundry! Wool dryer balls are easy to make and sell online. In addition to helping reduce static, these little beauties are environmentally-friendly and help save money! Don’t stop there, this is just the start for DIY laundry accessories you can sell online.

Mom and son doing laundry for an article about things to make and sell online from Selz e-commerce for online credit card processing

Don’t think that there are just fifteen basic things to make and sell online – there are TONS of options and opportunities to make money! Follow your passion and what makes you happy and just let the money roll in! And if you ever need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to us here at Selz (we’re here 24/7) – we’ll make the process of running your business easy so you can focus on being creative and let us handle all the tough stuff!

Wondering what to do with your great business idea? Check out this video for next steps!

This post was originally published in October 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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